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championsonward's Journal

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Welcome to Champions Onward
**DISCLAIMER** The characters here belong to the WB/UPN/FOX/JOSS WHEDON, and also characters that were created by the writings of Anne Rice and of Jeff Tellier

We do not represent the opinions of the creators or actors of either of the series, Buffy or Angel or any novels written by Anne Rice, or of the works of Kevin Williamson and the WB's Dawson's Creek.

We are simply fans who love to write cette characters in our own, unique fashion.

championsonward created by: railroad_spike

Graphics designed by: angelbuffy. With much appreciated thanks to willowgraphics and to voodoobanshee.
The Plot
championsonward takes place after season 7 of Buffy and season 4 of Angel. The potentials all lost their power when the Sunnydale hellmouth exploded, and team angel declined Wolfram and Harts invitation to take over the firm. The potentials will realize that they no longer have strength, and two of them, Kennedy and Rona will not like the fact that they are weak again and will devise a plan to kill Buffy and Faith. Willow will have already scorned Kennedy as her lover. With the exception of Kennedy, Rona, and Julianna Kirkland, all of the potentials will be killed, after finding out too late, that they have no powers, by a group of vampires in a warehouse in Los Angeles, that they chose to fight.

The Sunnydale gang heads to the Hyperion hotel with team Angel and it will become the headquarters for their operation. They will fight evil in LA and also in Cleveland, where a hellmouth still exists.

Drusilla is still a baddie and will possibly ship with Leonardo. An old and legendary vampire from Rome sired in about 1750...right around when Angel was. Leonardo was sired by Dracula.

Dracula too will eventually make his way either to Cleveland or Los Angeles. Lindsey will come back to take over as C.E.O of Wolfram and Hart after Angel shunned the position. He will team with Kennedy and give her an upgrade of sorts and will continue to answer and try to please the senior partners in making now Angel and Spike's lives as tough as hell so that when the next apocalypse comes, that they might both be corrupted, but especially Angel.

Lestat and possibly Armand and Louie will also be joining the fold to make Buffy and companies’ lives miserable from the Anne Rice world..and there will be potential for OC's in the future to come along because baddies..are, well....good.

Eve will not exist, nor will Hamilton and Lilah is dead.

For the good guys, Connor will at the start be at his 'new families' home..which occurred right before Angel declined to accept W&H's offer. He will be slightly less ahteful of big daddy, but will still have angst.

Cordelia will be in a very temporary coma, but will awake because of a spell by Willow, only to find that Cordelia's mind had been corrupted in her sleep by a Wolfram and Hart spell, which brings Cordy back evil and instantly makes Angel lose his soul. They will wreak havoc amongst their 'friends' for a while.

Julia Kirkland, a potential who got full slayer strength for the big Sunnydale fight will stay with the team in LA, after losing her powers and eventually get powers in another fashion. She will likey form a close partnership with Oz, who will return to LA with his new band, wit a chance to make it big, only vampires take that chance away and leave only him remaining.

Xander will receive a glass eye already before the comm starts, and after the Angelus/evil Cordy reign, will lose it, be handled by Buffy, rather painfully because of what he tries, and will decide, until more tragedy and danger befall him, to make it on his own, without his friends.
Riley will have dumped the army and Sam and arrive in Sunnydale after hearing about what had happened there and find that the team is in LA....he will ship with Willow ..likely, and with him, he brings a big surprise for everyone in LA, bundles of cah that he pilfered from some cartel members; which will come back to haunt him and others, later on.

Gunn will likely ship with Fred to start, but after something tragic happens to Fred, he will likely form a bond with Faith.. He and Faith, and the others, but he, Faith and Giles will be the first to encounter Mondevici, the powerful ruler of the Cleveland hellmouth.

Wesley could ship with Fred....obviously, Illyria never came about and Fred is well, until she is violated by Angelus. He will move to comfort her, while Gunn's tendency to grab the bull by the horns, may make him lose points with Fred. Wes is back with team Angel now after the Jasmine bit....despite having feelings of ill-will and in fact murder towards either Angelus or Angel, like Gunn will, after Fred is hurt.

Connor will eventually be brought back to his new identity and will be resentful and powerful, but will come around to love his father

Lorne will also still be at the hotel and he will bring in clients via his anagogic abilities at local karaoke bars. A major return to Pylean arc will be in store for him and probably Andrew, and potentially many others out of our heroes.

Cordy will eventually ship with Angel. They are evil together and that spell is broken in the strangest of ways and devised that ay by Lindsey, only that ay will allow Angel to be with somebody that he loves sexually, forever, but how long will it take Angel and Cordy to figure that out? Giles is too old to ship(j/k), but will be the leader of the managerial and research side of things at the Hyperion along with Wesley. Something in an original could pop up for Giles down the road.

Spike is non-corporeal, briefly, but will be brought out of the amulet whn Buffy and Faith face bullets at the hands of Kennedy and Rona and will end up taking all of the bullets for them, but surviving and he and Buffy will grow incredibly close. Rona will be killed by Faith in this attack and Wood will leave Faith, leaving her with anger, that Gunn will help her deal with.

Miami will become a hotbed of activity as the heralded Vault of Sarupezza is there, with a neckalce inside that makes vampires impervious to death like the ring of Amarra, only it increases their strength as well. Leonardo will get his hands on it at the same time Gwen(hired by Wolfram and Hart) does. Drusilla will be with Leonardo, after they meet in Miami, where she now lives and the Groosalugg, who had become an enemy of Leonardo and would have tried to stop him on many occassions and failed, will come a calling with an interested party in the Necklace of Sarupezza, The Immortal, who will shake things up in both LA and Miami.

Dawn will go to college in la, after finishing high school, that is..she will get into little mishaps that will require everyone's attention. She may ship with Andrew, and possibly Connor.

Willow will join the home team after dumping Kennedy. She will likely ship with Riley, although anything’s possible. She is not afraid to use her good magicks and will at many points in the story.

Gwen will be sired, armless by Drusilla, after Leonardo tortures her because of the necklace of Sarupezza. Justin and Rory, powerful and charismatic vampires will engage in their own European war over the death of Brandy, Rory's former lover from the old days and Justin' co-sire and current lover. Brandy's death will be what ultimately sparks the fued, which will lead Justin and Rory into a position where neither want to be, which will eventually make them like Spike an Angel, only in a very different way.
Zenia, with Mondevici's help, will kill D'Hoffryn, assume his powers and eventually, bring back from the newly dead, her friend, Anyanka. She and Anya will be troubling with their casted wished towards all of the white hats and Zenia will spurn Mondevici, who loves her, because of his womanizing ways and may add to Xander's downward spiral, which will please Anya to no end, her now hating the scoobies and lusting for a return to evil.
Thank you all, post well, post often and with the cast assembled, this should be one of the busiest comms in LJ, as well as one of the best. I will do my part in that by adding new and fruitful storylines and arcs as time goes by.

The Cast
The Slayers or Potential Slayers:

Buffy Summers: angelbuffy

Faith Lehane: faith_and_hope

Julianna Kirkland: Left Los Angeles

The Brains of the Operations:

Rupert Giles: backintweed

Wesley Wyndham-Pryce: _wes_pryce_

The Undead and Souled Muscle:

Angel: shanshu_angel

Spike: railroad_spike

The Rest of the Muscle:

Connor Reilly: superhero_son

Charles Gunn: loaded_gunn

Riley Finn: finn_rileyfinn

The Groosalugg: DECEASED

Robin Wood: OPEN

Gwen Raiden: DECEASED

Big White Hats on:

Willow Rosenberg: _willow_magic

Xander Harris: powerless_scoob

Cordelia Chase: parting_gifts

Dawn Summers: little_niblet

Lorne: lornegreen

Winifred Burkle: quietkindocrazy

Daniel Osbourne: pretty_much_oz

Andrew Wells: storyteller_one

Heather Haynes: not_shy_heather

Gray Hats on:

Harmony Kendall: OPEN

The Immortal: truly_immortal

Pacey Witter: great_paceydini

Justin Jensen: no_fear_justin

Rory Bronson: rory_the_rage

The Resident Baddies:

Joey Potter Witter: josephinevamped

Kennedy: _dark_potential

Lindsey McDonald: ethicallydeviod

Drusilla: ripe_wickedplum

Mondevici: mondevici

Leonardo: vmp_leonardo

Dracula: impaled_drac

Zenia: deadliest_wish

Anya Jenkins: vengeancy_anya

Lestat De Liouncourt: OPEN

The Rules
1) There aren't posting limits, per se, as long as the posting is frequent and doesn't hold any of the other writers up. The mod will speak to you if he feels that the posty is required.

2) No Drama, have fun and no other rules! Rules are for the conformist and the plot here is a free for all of drama....have at it, but dont get TOO creative....LOL
The Awards

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