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Her name is Buffy.

I had left the hospital. I felt like a lug, bloody lug, even being there in the first place. Angel and I hadn't exactly seen eye to eye and he was very gung-ho about doing what he had to do at first, to find his son and now that he was injured, he was quite psychotic about making the doctors make him better.

This was how Angelus was, although I rememebered him being sanctimonious and apathetic about anything other then himself in the past, and now, he was quite the opposite way. Now, he cared too deeply, if that was possible, and I found myself wondering that if because that I now had a soul too, if I might not become that way.

It was okay to be uptight and even scared, but Angel was pushing the limits and while it looked like his son, Connor would be going into a coma, or was already in a coma, he was driving everyone insane and had driven me away with his rage.

It's not that I didn't understand where he was coming from, but he had to realize that this was an accident and he had verbally threatened Buffy and that wasn't happening on so many levels.

I didn't think that Cordelia would let him get too out of control with his anger, for a start. I didn't think that Buffy would allow Angel to just go off on her, for another. I didn't think it would actually come to thayt, for a third, and finally, if it did come to that, then there was no way that Angel was getting anywhere near her. I would see to that, and I sort of had the feeling that Spike would be doing the same thing.

After leaving the hospital, I found myself having to go back to the scene of Buffy's vicious punch on Angel's boy, so that I could track both her and Spike's scents, to find out where they had gone when they had left us on the roof.

I left the keys to my friends' car on the table at the hospital and hoped that Cordelia noticed, in case they needed to drive, although for Angel's sake, that better not have been anywhere near Buffy Summers, anywhere near the slayer.

The scent was getting stronger, and while I was now an overgrown border-collie, I found myself feeling an array of feelings for a woman whom I didn't know, whom was trained to kill me. It had to be the soul. Her beauty wouldn't draw me so completely this early on. Would it?

I entered a hotel that had no name and it was obvious that this was the place. There were scents both familiar and unfamiliar, and Buffy, Spike and Dawn were all here, and whimpering downstairs, were two men, I noticed as I stood at the doorway to the cage below.

I passed on by it, heading over towards the upstairs and towards the scents and becoming louder voices of Buffy, her little sister, and William the bloody.

[Open for Buffy, Dawn and Spike]
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