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Building my strike force.

I had a little bit of darkness left and while it was there, I felt the need to expand my own private strike force.

Demons weren't notoriously famous for being trustworthy, but I had enemie and couldn't rely on a group of vampires and other assorted demons with no allegiance to me, who were only here for the hellmouth.

I had five girls so far and I could guarantee their allegiance to me with he benefits of both my power and wealth, and with the power of my sex drive.

They weren't as powerful as say, Zenia, but they were loyal to me, despite being vampires without souls and together, we trained an readied for upcoming battles, not only with apocalypse demons who were stupid and bent on ruining beautiful things such as humans on the Earth, but also with the slayer and her new vampire savior who was unknown to me, as well as the other slayer and anyone else that they wanted to bring to the fray.

The training was intense, and was followed up by sex, but five wasn't enough and my home was big enough for fifty vampiresses.

Caitlin and Magdalena were staying behind with Barbie, who was yet to rise, while Milana, Sasha and I went out and recruited at least three more special girls, probably from the downtown area, as well as any girls that wanted to join us, of the attractive variety, that were already vampires.

After a quick jaunt to the hellmouth, where it was relatively empty, the city of Cleveland no doubt under assault, I saw a couple of bentbacks and a couple of vampires and asked them to make sure that the hellmouth was free of any trouble unless it was of the celebratory variety, and they didn't all see it my way.

I roasted one of the bentbacks with an orb of fire and Milana and Sasha took the opportunity to beat and snap the neck of the other one, making the two remaining male vampires quickly agree to hang around and keep things the way that I wanted them.

As we headed away towards downtown, I relished the power that my two sexiest girls had shown, and noticed an enhanced amount of government officials here to check things out.

The F.B.I.

Interestingly enough, the first car that we happened upon just happned to have two tough looking, yet attractive female agents, standing outside of their automobile, a blonde on her CB.

I looked at Milana and then at Sasha and they knew immediately what I wanted, as I reverted to my human visage.
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