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This is so cool!

This was so cool! I thought, as I left the hotel with Lorne. Wewere so going to a Karaoke bar and Lorne was going to read people's aura's as they sang and not offer them guidance!

W were so only doing it to get away from this hotel, which was like Iraq or somthing, soldiers with gun's and creepy black uniforms on, coming in, trying to kill everyone, like the dead one that had been here and like the two that were locked up downstairs.

Lorne and I had been talking as we cleaned up the bloody and the bullet casings and the other bodily matter and ruined interior decor, and that was when I found exactly what kind of demon that he was, and it had to be the most uber cool thing that I had ever heard.

I would have sang for him, because it was so comic-bookish and I had a thing about the destiny/future thing of the redemptive, except for the fact that I didn't want to impose and after the the past year, I was also really kinda scared about knowing, because it was probably going to be really, really bad in my case.

Part of me wondered, if he would tell me, if I did start chirping out some kind of tune, maybe a broadway number, or if I did start humming the theme to Batman, but I supposed that it was something that I could decide to do later, if I really wanted to.

For now, I didn't want to anger the big, and totally cool, green empathic demon, because he was like the coolest being that I had ever met, and certainly was since Jonathan had died.

Besides, we were getting out of the hotel, which made me want to just scream out, YAY! at the top of my lungs, only I didn't because, yeah, he would probably read my future and if he saw death or sometin like that, it might ruin my good mood a little.

Out of the hotel and on the mean and busy streets of Los Angeles, I realized that there could be like vampires anywhere, and it prompted me to look at my new best friend.

"I sort of have two questions. The first one is easy. Actually, they are both easy, but one is an easy...nevermind.."

He looked at me, as we walked fast. "Okay, here goes. First, do you know where we are going? I mean, you must know where some of Caritas' former comptitors are and second, since we could like get attcked by vampires at any minute, are you a good fighter?"

{Open for Lorne}
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