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Leaving with the niblet.

Bloody had been here before. Had been with the niblet and Buffy, last time, going to try to stop Angel's boy and now, as we left the rooftop, we once more were again, only this time, we weren't going to need to worry about the punk of Angel's spunk.

He could.

Buffy had hit the boy harder then I think that she even sodding meant to, with all of her weight behind it, her knees bent, all of the pwer transformed to her fist and into the boy's face.

Dawn, who had been traumitized by the boy, Connor, even cringed when she saw it, and somehow, the boy was still conscious, but I had been beaten by Buffy in a similar position before and beaten badly, but those punches were nowhere near the strength that she had just hit Angel's son with. The kid's head recoiled and just seemed to give and his body seemed to go limp with his eyes open.

Wanted to smash the ponce myself, for taking the niblet from us and trying to sodding flee, and to simply rub something in Angel's face, but not after Buffy had hit him like that and there was no chance that he was getting up.

If it had been a normal human, Buffy's punch would have smashed their face to the point of bleeding cranial damage, and even still was wondering if the boy was going to be okay. Because of that, ignored any conversation with Angel, because he was worrid about the boy, and trying to stop the boy, as well as any conversation with Rory, who's sodding presence was unsettling to me, but again, I'd leave him up to Angel for now, as I wanted, needed to stay with Buffy.

Buffy leapt off of the roop, Dawn in her arms and I followed her down, as she was worried about the niblet, putting her down, and I was worried about both of them.

I took Buffy's right hand, and the slayer, from one, maybe two lethal punches, had bruised knuckles. Didn't ask her about it, because I knew that she just wanted to get Dawn home, home being Angel's hotel. Just walked with my arm around her shoulder, wordless for a moment, as she had Dawn pulled into her shoulder, as we walked.

"Not that this is important, but that was Rory up there on that roof with Angel and company, and his being here would normally be very bad, and by very bad, I mean he has killed as many slayers...as..." I didn't finish the statement, as it made me sorrowed, the soul in me a big part of me now.

"Just wonder why he seemed to be helping Angel and what the bleeding story was there."

And if the boy was going to wake up from the vicious right hand.

[Buffy and Dawn]
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