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You and me, and Anya makes three

Everything had been building up to this one moment. I could feel the tension in the room and it only turned me on even more. The spell was working out just like it was supposed to. And even though Xander had been a little leery at first, that didn't mean that I didn't know how to work it to my advantage. The whole idea of going back to the bar because something 'strange' maybe going on there had also worked out quite nicely. The spell had made him hazy on a lot of thing that had happened over the past several weeks, and months even, and if I just played along as if I were affected too in much the same way because I had been to that bar than, it made my job that much more easy.

All three of us, Anyanka, Xander, and myself, stood there, in the middle of the room, contemplating a threesome. The thought of it made me smile, it was about time I had some fun in this, and bring Anyanka with me along for the ride. I knew this would be hard for her, seeing this, doing this, but it was all for her own good. No one said being evil was easy, and she had lost touch of that. She needed to get back to her own roots and forget all that she had done in those few years after she had lost her powers.

And toying with Xander was a good start. He had, after all, hurt her... left her at the altar, and in a way let her die back in Sunnydale. If it hadn't been for him, she would have never tasted death in the first place, the way she should be thinking about this, was like this... payback is a bitch, but a vengeance demon is a bigger bitch than payback. It was our... specialty even, and why shouldn't she be able to get back at him for all of that?

I let him kiss me deeply, and luckily enough I didn't have to pretend to like it, because I really did. I could see why Anyanka liked him so much. For a guy his age, he really did know how to kiss. Funny thing though, as I kissed him, Mondevici came to mind, I wondered what he would do if he could see me now... what his reaction would be. It only made me kiss him harder as I thought about that. Let the boy think I was his... it would be fun. Have my way with him for a while, and make Mondevici jealous. I was still puzzled about that one though, didn't know why I wanted to make him jealous, but didn't have time to dwell on that so I didn't.

"Well, maybe I should take myself out of the equation. You know, make it a little easier. You both look all comfy and cozy, already."

I turned around and looked at Anyanka and smiled at her. Dare I say she was jealous? Well, I wasn't holding that against her, the guy had been with her for a while so I suppose there were lingering... feelings there. Mortal feelings and that was okay. Still, the guy thought he was my boyfriend and for this little experiment of ours it worked quiet nicely. Mess with his head a little, pretend to die or something later, or just, cheat on him... let Anyanka have her way with him and then, break the spell and realize that the hooker that he loved and his bastard child are dead. No sweeter revenge than that.

I turned around taking Xander's hands and making him wrap them around me as I pressed my back on to him. I could feel his erection and it only made me hotter. "Anya," I said looking at her, as Xander lightly kissed my neck. "Don't be that way... yeah, Xander is my boyfriend, right?" I said looking up to him, I knew that's what he was thinking, because of our closeness, and because for all the stuff that lay about in the room, might as well keep the façade going and give the boy his fantasy. "Let's have some fun here. You don't have to leave you know. I really, really don't want you to leave. Besides," I put my hand out and pulled her forcefully towards me, planting a passionate kiss on her lips. "You are just as tasty as he is..."

[[Open to Xander and Anya]]
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