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Bruised and confused.

Willow had invited Oz to join us in her room, obviously wanting to give Wes and Fred there time together, and to say it was awkward for me, was an understatement. But, I knew that it had to be worse for her. I mean, it wasn't like I had called her and given her the heads up, 'hey, Willow, Oz is coming back with Wesley and I, and oh yeah, Wesley and I both look like we had just gone fifteen rounds with a heavyweight.'

Fred had mentioned Connor being crazy before we had left them to their privacy, to go to our own, not so privacy, which was a shock, but then again, not so much of a shock, because Connor was so crazy that I wasn't going to put it past him to look everywhere for Dawn, because of this new obsession with her, or for Wes and I, for that matter, to continue with the fistacuffs.

I just hoped that Wes was honest with Fred, because I was planning to be with Willow, although since they both seemed to know about Connor, there really wasn't any reason to lie, or sugarcoat it.

That feeling of mine was only intensified by Oz being here. I had to be open with her, especially when I sensed that Oz was looking for a return to their Sunnydale days together, and I didn't want to come off as the covert, stealth guy, and somebody that she couldn't trust.

As the second Hotel door closed behind me, Oz wheeling Willow in, I resisted the urge to reach over and kiss her, even though I wanted to. I knew how I felt about her, and there was no reason to flaunt it in front of Oz, who was more or less, a friend, and would always be to her.

I was the jealous type, of sorts, but that had more been about a superpower, vampire thing with Buffy, and I had changed a lot since the divorce from Sam. Besides, I wasn't exactly going to be jealous of a man that was a foot shorter then I was.

Then again, in my own way, I was going to fight for her, for what we had, for what had begun between the two of us, but for now, I had to explain why my face looked like it had purple paint on it, and be accepting of past friendships and past history.

I watched the two of them, leery, but not overly so. "So.....I guess that Connor came a calling here as well.." Awkwardness abounds....

[Willow and Oz]
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