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Bruised and confused.

Willow had invited Oz to join us in her room, obviously wanting to give Wes and Fred there time together, and to say it was awkward for me, was an understatement. But, I knew that it had to be worse for her. I mean, it wasn't like I had called her and given her the heads up, 'hey, Willow, Oz is coming back with Wesley and I, and oh yeah, Wesley and I both look like we had just gone fifteen rounds with a heavyweight.'

Fred had mentioned Connor being crazy before we had left them to their privacy, to go to our own, not so privacy, which was a shock, but then again, not so much of a shock, because Connor was so crazy that I wasn't going to put it past him to look everywhere for Dawn, because of this new obsession with her, or for Wes and I, for that matter, to continue with the fistacuffs.

I just hoped that Wes was honest with Fred, because I was planning to be with Willow, although since they both seemed to know about Connor, there really wasn't any reason to lie, or sugarcoat it.

That feeling of mine was only intensified by Oz being here. I had to be open with her, especially when I sensed that Oz was looking for a return to their Sunnydale days together, and I didn't want to come off as the covert, stealth guy, and somebody that she couldn't trust.

As the second Hotel door closed behind me, Oz wheeling Willow in, I resisted the urge to reach over and kiss her, even though I wanted to. I knew how I felt about her, and there was no reason to flaunt it in front of Oz, who was more or less, a friend, and would always be to her.

I was the jealous type, of sorts, but that had more been about a superpower, vampire thing with Buffy, and I had changed a lot since the divorce from Sam. Besides, I wasn't exactly going to be jealous of a man that was a foot shorter then I was.

Then again, in my own way, I was going to fight for her, for what we had, for what had begun between the two of us, but for now, I had to explain why my face looked like it had purple paint on it, and be accepting of past friendships and past history.

I watched the two of them, leery, but not overly so. "So.....I guess that Connor came a calling here as well.." Awkwardness abounds....

[Willow and Oz]
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Yeah, well. This was like not at all awkward was it? Here I am, in the same room as my current boyfriend, starting boyfriend, boyfriend in the making, Riley, whatever. And Oz, the love of my life at one point. Course he wasn't anymore. The love of my life is Tara and always would be. But... she's no longer here.

Oz wheeled me into the other room, so we could give Wes and Fred some privacy. Heh. Privacy, remember what Riley and I did with that while in this room. Where Oz is now. Uh. Eep. Okay Rosenberg, let's get a grip here. Riley has a bruise, and Connor is on the loose. And Connor? So acting all with the weird which is not of the good.

"Uh, Thank, Oz." Giving him an awkward smile, I debate giving Riley a glare. I want to like hit him and yell at him for not calling. A little warning would have been nice! Geeze, way to spring the ex on ya. At a time like this. But, fine. Let's deal with the big problem first. Which would totally be Connor.

"Yeah," I nod at Riley, shrugging a little. "He was acting all weird, wanting to know where Dawn was. You gonna tell me how you got that?" I nodded at his face, raising an eyebrow and putting on my resolve face. You're so not getting out from under that one buster! Don't even think about it.
I was tempted to interlude and say that Connor did it, but far be it from me to be even a little impulsive, and make myself look like I was speaking or Riley.

It wasn't like I knew the full story anyway.

I put my hands in my pocket, remembering how if I had just been honest with Willow about what Veruca was, then we may have never split up.

I knew that she had experimented and probably still liked women, but I was pretty much sure that we were so solid, hat we would have stayed together.

I didn't wish Riley any bad will, or anything remotely close to that, but I was curious about just how honest he would be with her.

I mean, it didn't seem like there was any reason to lie, and Riley seemedlike somebody who was petty direct and honest, but you never knew, and he really should have called.

I mean, I knew that I would. I also wondered if I weren't here, if his story would be different.

I didn't look at him like Willow was, but I eagerly, and silently awaited his response, and Angel having a kid too, I was definitely interested in hearing more about that.
"Oh, this," I said pointing to my eye, not even focusing on my lip, that was slightly fat, "I seemed to run into somebody that is known, the way I understand it, as a male slayer, basically."

I said it humorously, but I knew hr face enough to know that it didn't amuse, and it really wasn't an amusing situation.

"Basically, Wesley and I had to get Dawn away from Connor,and the fact that he came here without her is good. I'm sure that she is safe with Buffy, and I doubt that Connor wants to see a angry Buffy."

It was annoying that this losse cannon was running around the quiet countryside, though and Wes and I hadn't been able to stop him, but I didn't want to act overly macho.

Especially with Oz here, with us, when I just wanted to be alone with her.

I had the temptation to say that we should go after Dawn, make sure that she was safely with Buffy, but I knew what Willow and Fred had been through, and it was now about being there for her.
I rolled my eyes at the dramatic explanation. Couldn't he just like say he ran into Connor? I know he the equivalent of a Slayer. He's also very ga-ga at the moment if you ask me. What with the weird sneaking and the odd question and the...weirdness.

And okay, can we say awkward much? Oz is eying Riley and Riley is eying Oz. It's driving me nuts! And they're being oh so polite. Well, Riley is. Oz is being his usual silent self. I guess some things never change. Huh.

"Ice," I glared at Riley, pointing to the little mini bar. Little mini bar, talk about your oxymoron. Not the point! "You put ice on that right now buster! And then tell me why you are *not* at the Hyperion making sure Dawn's okay. And why you didn't call us? Fred and I were worried sick!'

Okay, calm down here Rosenberg. He's fine, he's safe, he has a black eye and Oz is in the room. Ugh. So not my day. "Oz!" Plastering a big smile on my face, I wheel around to face my ex-...boyfriend. Wonder how he's doing with the wolf. "What uh...what brings you here? Not that I'm not happy to see you. Cause I am. Happy. To see you that is. But... Uh, what brings you Los Angeles. Not here this hotel room cause you obviously came along with Riley and Wesley and someone for the love of hecktate stop me."

Babble much? Yeah, I'm nervous, can you tell?
I watched as Riley listened to her and started to go over and get some ice.

She was babbling and didn't seem any different, again, unlike Xander had said, and I found myself missing that side of her.

I pretty much couldn't do anything but tell her the truth in this case. It's not like a lot of the others hadn't already seen me.

It was just, how did you put something like this into words? It's not as though I had a lot of experience with these kind of things and yeah, words were sometimes hard for me, especially when they were..well...hard.

"I came out with my band, Willow."

I tried to figure out how to phrase this. Hmm? Go with the direct, was my thinking.

After a gig, the other guys anted to prty on the streets of Los Angeles and we were vampires....I had a werewolf inside to protect me, but the others...."
The only thing that I could find was some napkins to put the ice in an I rolled the ice into a couple long sheets of napkin, and put it up to my eye.

I was ready to explain myself, but then Oz started in on this story, that had Willow shocked, as it would anyone, including me.

He hadn't even finished the story, but I didn't need a slide reel and a projector to figure out that he was the only one out of his bandto survive and he had mentioned the werewolf, and I had seen first hand that he could and would turn into one went negatively stimulated.

I walked closer to them, wanting to comfort Willow, but knowing that now was the time that she needed to be here for Oz, even if he seemed more or less as though he had recovered from it.

To Willow, this was new and there were feelings there; there had to be.

I just stood like a goof, trying to look concerned for him and actually being concerned for her, ice basically magnitized to my face.
Okay. Shock much? Way to drop a story Oz. I know he's all with the stoic and that. But I could see the flicker on his face when he told us that tale. Wow, that's so not of the good. And he used the werewolf to protect him? He can like what? Call it up when he's feeling threatened? Wonder if that is actually a good thing, considering I dunno if he's in control of that...thing.

"Oh. I'm so sorry, Oz." Giving him a tremulous smile, I rub a hand over his arm. Was Devon with him? That mean Devon is d-dead now? Oh gosh, I'm afraid to ask. Oz seems pretty much over it though. Could be he's hiding it. Well, he knows where to find me now if he needs to talk.

Giving him another smile, I hesitantly turned toward Riley. "And what's your story? Didn't you and Wes have your cells with you? Fred and I were worried sick!" Yeah, still kinda mad here. Can't help myself. And why are they here and not making sure Dawn is okay?

"You think we should call the hotel to make sure Dawn is really okay?"
Her comfort seemed to mean much more then Julianna's or even Buffy's.

This was Willow.

She was all that I thought about, and had accepted me as a werewolf back in the days. She was the girl that I shared the only sweet lovemaking with ever in my life.

She was the reason when things became so hard, that I had to leave, because she brought so much out in me, that I couldn't control the werewolf in me.

It meant so much for me, just for her to be touching my arm.

It was electric, but then she asked Riley why he hadn't called, and as much as Riley was pretty much a good guy, I couldn't help but like that it seemed that he had dug himself a hole with Willow.

I looked at her for a minute, while she looked at him, before also looking to him for answers to her question.
Yeah, I had felt guilty about the no calling them thing, but I didn't know if Wes had his cell phone on him, and I knew what had happened to mine.

Now Willow, and apparently, Oz, wanted to know.

"Well, we were chasing Connor and when we caught up to him and Dawn, he was a little on the wild side, which explains the bruises on my face, and also explains this..."

Out of my pocket, I pulled out my smashed cell phone.

"Sorry, Willow. Of course we wanted to call you guys, but Connor has some serious strength on his side."

I smiled for her, trying to let her know that everything was okay. "We could try to get a hold of Dawn and Buffy at the hotel, of course, though."


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Huh. Okay, where'd he go? Was it something I said? Is it my hair? It's the wheelchair isn't it? It's gotta be the wheelchair. I mean, that thing annoys me to no end. I was kinda confused when Oz left the room. Frowning, I watched as he walked out and closed the door. Where is he going anyway?

Shrugging, I sighed and wheeled the chair to face Riley. And what's with the look on *that* face. I feel as if I'm like watching a movie and no one bothered to tell me the plot. Geeze, that's just what I need. He's not jealous is he? Cause Oz is my ex-boyfriend? He's got nothing to be jealous about. Unless Tara shows up, but that's so never going to happen.

Kay, and moving away from that subject.

How about an answer to my question then? "Riley? Sweetie?" I ducked my head, trying to catch his eyes. Hello? I'm over here, not going through the door. "What about Dawn? We need to make sure she even made it to the hotel. For all we know she... Oh god, she might be running around Los Angeles. All alone and scared and crying and lonely and... Riley! We need to find her!"
The internal struggle wasn't as easy as I thought, and I could almost feel the bones crackling.

I was still in love with her and years of seperation hadn't made the seeing her process any easier, it had made me want it more and now that I get that opportunity, she's not only with somebody else, but she's with another guy.

I didn't anticipate that. Well, I didn't know how I felt about that, but I guessed that it was easier if it was Tara or that other girl that Xander hd mentioned hr being with.

She was now with a guy, and it wasn't a guy who was anythin like me. I don't know. guess it sorta felt like I was replaced by a guy who was my polar opposite, and it felt like a shot at me for leaving her....leaving her because of this...

I got up, now my bones crackling. "Focus, focus, focus, Oz. Focus"

I told myself this over and over, remembering my meditation, trying to gather my inner chi, to fight back the internal struggle. "Focus. It'll be okay. Focus."
Apparently Willow believed that Oz had completely recovered from his whole ability to turn into a werewolf on nights that weren't inline with the lunar cycle, and I wasn't about to remind her of that; not with everything else that seemd to be on her mind, although, I was keeping it in my mind, because I was thinking that an angry werewolf would be a lot harder to fight off then just Connor.

I looked at her, wanting to try to alleviate some of her fears, and thebest way that I could do that was to not have a worried look on my face and to explain to her why I thought that Dawn was okay.

I took her hands in mine.

"I think that Dawn is with Buffy, Willow. Don't get too mad when I tell you everything that happened, but es and I knew that Buffy nd Spike as at the hotel. When we got her away from Connor, we received these brusies, but we thought that we had knocked him out. Wesley had a shotgun and had him tied up, and this was after I had taken Dawn in his jeep, away from the warehouse that we had found him. Then, I let her drive the short distance back to the hotel, because I had to go back and help Wesley..."

She wanted to kill me. Maybe I should have left ou the whole her driving parts? God, I was bad at the rash decisions. I mean like uber bad, and it was usually my forte.

I guessed not lately.
Blinking down at our hands when he took mine in his, I swallowed. Okay, here we go. Now he's gonna tell me not to worry and all that. And why I shouldn't worry, and why he thought Dawn was safe. I can only hope he'll have a really good story, cause I'm about to panic here.

When he finished his story, I was kinda torn between hitting him over the head with something heavy, or just hugging him. Cause, I couldn't do either like spontaneously while in this stupid chair. Maybe I should turn him into a toad for a few hours.

God! Idiot!

"You let her drive! And Wes had a shotgun! What if he hurt Connor? What if he shot one of you by accident? Can he even use that thing? Why did you leave him in the first place? Why did you come back? You should have taken Dawnie and made sure she was safe. Oh my gosh, Riley. You let her drive?"

Taking a deep breath, I let it out in a huff and press my lips into a thin line. I wanna bash them both over the head. Kinda hard. Don't get mad he says then. Geeze! "And what do you mean 'you think'. I kinda need to know for sure, Riley." Hello? For all we know she can still be driving around, alone, and afraid, and crying and..Oh my gosh! Poor Dawnie!
It took me a couple of minues, but I was able to get control of it.

I felt completely human, and didn't have the whole crackling of bones, sprouting of hair follicles , or the extreme blood sense thing going on.

I stood. taking a deep breath, making sure, making sure that everything was okay.

I wanted to go back into the room, because it had to look stupid, or rude, for me to just walk out, and I was sure that neither one of them was thinking that I had walked out for the actual reason that I had walked out, but I didn't know if it was smart.

I wanted to be able to go in there. I wanted to be able to be around Willow, regardless of situation, without losing my cool, because when you cared about someone, you sorta wanted to be around them.

A lot.

I just didn't want to endanger her, or anyone else right now. I relaxed, trying to control myself. It was almost easier having the wolf in me when I couldn't control it, and when it only showed up on the wolf moon's.
I put my had down, still sort of wondering about Oz, knowing that I was in trouble now.

"I can't speak for Wesley and the gun, Willow. I guess doing what he has been doing here for these years has left him feeling safer with a shotgun. I didn't even know that he had it..."

Okay, that was the part of the story that I could weasel my way out of, but not the Dawn driving parts.

"Believe me, Dawn will always be like a little sister to me, Willow, and it wasn't something that I wantd o do, but I somehow knew that Wes wasn't going to hoot Angel's boy and that it was for show and that he would need me there, because the kid is strong and Dawn only had to drive a couple of blocks..."

Okay, it wasn't the winning argument, so far.

"Dawn is face to face with danger a lot more then other girls her age. I don't see it as a detriment to put some responsibilities.....such as driving for her once in a while."

Judging by her face, maybe this wasn't the winning argument, either and it definitely wasn't going to be to Buffy, either.

I thought of a potential argument winner..not that we were arguing, nor that I wanted to.

I leaned in and gently kissed her, right as the door opened, and Oz came back in.

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