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The elusive Connor, son of Angel, and a prisoner.

I was in the middle of trying to get to know more about Sunnydale and the legendary slayer, Buffy Summers, when Angel had given me a half-bloody-hearted answer, that was obviously hidin something, so naturally, I was about to inquire further, when he jerked the wheel and just happened to mention that he saw his son and was now speeding for him.

"Who's the cute, young philly that he has with him?"

Then Angel mentioned that it was somebody named Dawn, who he obviously knew, as well, and my blood started to boil.

I could feel Cordy's tension and that was understandable, because since Angel had just told me not to flip out on his son for the third time, I was guessing that she and this glow power was about to be on display.

I was anxious to see this, but we had to protect this Dawn first, who looked really scared.

Angel was out of the car fast, as the kid could move, but not as fast as I was. Amazingly, his boy, with the girl in hand, soared up onto a rooftop, and I was starting to get the full scope of the kid's power, but at the moment, he was seriously over-matched, with Angel, Cordy in his arms, soaring up into the air and onto the roof, with me, and the boy and his prisoner, Dawn.

I heard somebody screaming Dawn, and turned to see a blonde and William the bloody heading our way.

This was going to be interesting. I wanted to let Angel take the lead, considering that this was his son, and bloody all, but the fear in the girl struck a chord in me, akin to watching my Brandy di in hell.

We surrounded him, and I spoke up first. "Honey, it's going to be okay. Connor, just let her bloody go, and let's settle this like warriors."

I didn't know if I had overstepped my bounds there, but I wasn't about to let him hurt the girl, especially since my new soul was screaming at me like my life, once again, depended on it to save her.

[Open for Dawn, Connor, Cordy, Angel, Buffy and Spike]
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