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Winning in Las Vegas. What are the odds?

I was indeed more then just a trifle surprised at our success at Texas Holdem. My own skills were mutable at best, and although Gunn could have very much been a virtuoso at the game, we had lost one hand out of ten.

I had suggested quittng while we were ahead, cashing in our chips and enjoying some more mixed beverages while counting our money, but then, of course, the ladies came over and while the possibility was quite enormous that these were money-grabbing harlots, whom I would never associate with, it must have been the liquor talking, because not only was I attracted to one of them, but I had agreed with Charles to stay in for at least a few more hands.

The amount of money in front of us was not a small amount and indeed, this could truly become a lucrative engagement if one put their mind to it, but of course, with evil everywhere, and by everywhere, I meant all over the world, I wouldn't be taking too many excursions to Las Vegas again, anytime soon, unless teleported her again by an evil demon trying to get a slayer and her helpers away from his hellmouth more then halfway across the country.

"Very well," I said to Charles, receiving an approving glance from the rather busted and ever increasingly attractive redhead just to my left.

Two new players with some pockets that were rather deep, anteed up and joined the festivities. I would make sure that we walked away with no less then the thousands that we had already won, let alone tens of thousands, and who knew? It wasn't an abhorrent possibility that we could increase our dowry further.

I studied them, but realized that my menacing poker face was not that of Charles', who seemed to be highly game for these newest festivities.

Feeling, and hating to admit it because of Andrew and the unrelenting voices in my head of his words; like James Bond, I decided to order a vodka martini, and stare at the redhead, as two cards hit my hands.

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