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Winning in Las Vegas. What are the odds?

I was indeed more then just a trifle surprised at our success at Texas Holdem. My own skills were mutable at best, and although Gunn could have very much been a virtuoso at the game, we had lost one hand out of ten.

I had suggested quittng while we were ahead, cashing in our chips and enjoying some more mixed beverages while counting our money, but then, of course, the ladies came over and while the possibility was quite enormous that these were money-grabbing harlots, whom I would never associate with, it must have been the liquor talking, because not only was I attracted to one of them, but I had agreed with Charles to stay in for at least a few more hands.

The amount of money in front of us was not a small amount and indeed, this could truly become a lucrative engagement if one put their mind to it, but of course, with evil everywhere, and by everywhere, I meant all over the world, I wouldn't be taking too many excursions to Las Vegas again, anytime soon, unless teleported her again by an evil demon trying to get a slayer and her helpers away from his hellmouth more then halfway across the country.

"Very well," I said to Charles, receiving an approving glance from the rather busted and ever increasingly attractive redhead just to my left.

Two new players with some pockets that were rather deep, anteed up and joined the festivities. I would make sure that we walked away with no less then the thousands that we had already won, let alone tens of thousands, and who knew? It wasn't an abhorrent possibility that we could increase our dowry further.

I studied them, but realized that my menacing poker face was not that of Charles', who seemed to be highly game for these newest festivities.

Feeling, and hating to admit it because of Andrew and the unrelenting voices in my head of his words; like James Bond, I decided to order a vodka martini, and stare at the redhead, as two cards hit my hands.

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Oh yeah. Now this is what I was talkin' about. The big cats get into the game, like they own the table, when it's obvious who had the chips. It was my turn to ante first and I wasn't about to give in to these cats, even with a six and a four of off suits.

I called, getting ready for the whole shabang, yo. Giles, looked at me, and seemed to be focused on the older lady, which was a good thing, but he called too. This was the first time that we had both contested for a hand, but it made me believe that Giles had a big hand and wit the loot that we had, I wasn't about to bow down to mister Japanese sushi guy and the scruffy biker dude that came to the table.

I was a bit hard, thinkin' about the honey's now on my arm, and I wasn't about to let them work their way over to the ugly people, even though, come on, they really wanted my bod anyway.

I mean, lean machine here.

Still, confident that Giles had only called when I did, because he had an unbeatable hand, I folded, not raising when my turn came

The turn card was a four of clubs, which gave me two fours and a potential straight with clubs, but Giles knew what he was doin'.

This was just about me not lettin' the new bad boys take the run over our table.
I don't know why it was that I called. I don't know what possessed me to do such a thing.

t was just, that thus far, we had always had the best hand, one of us and now, I was playing the bluff charade, hoping to use beguiling and a stiff upper lip to make our winnings increase.

Gunn might have had the better hand then me, because with the flip, I was now looking a a two, a four and a six of off suits, but one thing was certain, I wasn't about panic.

I had come face to face with some of the most unspeakable things in my tenure on the hellmouth and a couple of poker sharks weren't about to intimidate me, even if they had the upper hand in this game and had both called, one of them raising.

I showed the poker face, raising when it came around to me, four of us in, the other tree players calling, one of them raising.

This was going to be a substantial pot and I couldn't help but think, what had I done?

Knowing odds the way that I did, calculating, remunierating, I gathered that next second turn would be a face card, leaving me virtually no shot of winning.

It was the bloody woman. She was frying up my brain, making me think with my loins.

It was quite exhilirating, really. The card flipped over, and much to my delight, it was a three of clubs.

I was very much thinking of a cigar at the moment, as I took another sip of scotch. This WAS exhilirating. I raised, throwing caution to the wind.
I didn't know what the hell Giles was thinkin', but he raised and there wasn't a face card.

This hand coulda been so mine and even though I had been bluffin', now, this woulda so been my hand and with the pot bein' raised by anotha of the players, the amount that Giles stood to lose here, but as he asked for a cigarette, I relaxed, especially since he was smilin'.

Besides, I had about twenty-five G's in chips in my corner and it was Giles takin' the hit here, if he lost.

Still, maybe we had both been thrown into th shit with our turn cards, and had both decided that these asses weren't intimadatin' us.

Hell, I had been fightin' vamps my whole life and next to these two sharks at the table, they were somethin' to be worried about. Angel, especially now, was somethin' to be worried about.

This was just poker.

I wasn't a smoker, but grabbed myself a ciggy, waitin' to see if Giles was gonna be gettin' in the six figure range in chips after this hand, or if he as gonna be around ten G's.

The pot was pretty freakin' high, man. I was guessin' over thirty G's.

I took a sip of my jack and coke ad studied the two deep-pocketed sharks, imaginin' them as vamps or somethin'.
I studied my three remaining foes, daring somebody else to raise, a smileon my face.

Of course, I would be wasting twenty thousand dollars if a five of any suit wasn't turned over, because the likelihood was there that I wouldn't have even a pair.

The river card loomed there and I willed it to be a five as I checked ou th woman, probably in her late thirties, possibly a bit young for me, but certainly interested.

I took another long sip of scotch, crossed my legs and this time, blew smoke towards my compeititors who were obviously here to clean the pockets of men like Gunn and I.

I wasn't giving into their infantile body language and feeble comments.

In fact. I could give it back in kind. The final raises were made and I called, throwing the chips out there as if I didn't have a care in the world.

The delaer flipped the card and when I saw the five, I pumped my fists, with the straight, beating the Japanese gentleman who had two pairs.

The biker-appearing gentleman had a pocket aces an had just lost ten thousand or more dollars.

Lost it to me.
I was shocked.

Even the sharks were gettin' their asses kicked by us.

The biker guy had even left the table. It wasn't clear if he was just goin' to get more chips, but I didn't think so. Some rich Italian guy or some shit had took his spot at the table and he had a lot of chips, so much so that two of the three young girls wit me had left my side and had gone ova to him, but one still remained with me, and she was oriental and smokin'.

Giles and I had probably made between us, over one-hundred and twenty-five G's, and I was so ready to start with little miss Oriental honey and forget about Fred for a night, or Faith in the room wit a vamp.

She introduced herself with a soft hand in mine as Corinne. Didn't know if that was her real name, but after one more hand, I would get to know her a little bit better.

Mr. Euro-trash, all slick and everythin', anteed up and no way in hell was he upping anything on me.

I called, an ace and a king in my hole.
I had already amassed an amount of chips that made me about..about as chipper as I could ever remember being.

It was not quite akin to the feeling of satisfaction that I had felt when Willow had told me that Buffy was alive, but it was a different kind of bliss.

Thinking about Buffy, made me regret what we were doing, but only briefly, for we had not contacted her before going to Cleveland, and it emphasized the certainty that we should have indeed been taxiing down the runway at the Cleveland airport to go fight the fight against Mondevici again.

I let the feelings of regret pass, as the lovely redhead's lips pursed my neck, making the chill bumps rise in my body and prompting me to unleash an indelible smile, as I took another sip of scotch and folded this hand.

My pocket cards weren't very strong, and I had earned, what had to be roughly, forty thousand pounds and probably seventy-five thousand United States dollars.

I leaned back into her, pulling my chips onto my plate, stacking them, counting them for real and in earnest. This was my final hand, regardless of what Gunn wanted to do.

In fact, I didn't even wait for him to finish, or watch the rest of the proceedings, as I gathered my chips, and with the redhead following me to the exchange window, I smiled at her.

"What's your name, dear?"
Giles was so on my page, man, but I was gonna increase my chips to the amount that he had won, before I left this hand, even wit the lovely, and sexy chinese, Corinne, standin' by my side, as opposed to goin' ova to Mr. Euro-trash like the otha girls had.

Giles was all about turnin' in his loot and bringin' the redhead up to his room. I could dig that and learned a little bit about Giles there. It was obvious that he could lossen up and have a good time, even wit all of the shit that still faced us, wit that flight back to Cleveland, or whateva our next step was.

The community cards couldn't be better for me. I had a pair of aces and a potential staright in the mix, as a queen and a jack flipped, and I raised, tryin' to make this sweet as hell, but before we even got to the turn card, the other playa's folded.

They had no balls. They had no ability to grow a pair, to show the poker faces, to bluff, but it was cool wit me. I pulled the chips closer to me, and stood, my erection for Corinne not able to be missed by anyone, includin' her, and she looked wild.

This was goin' to be fun. And I wasn't referrin' to makin a cool fifty G's in a matter of an hour.
I felt rather dapper, as a check was cut for me in the amount of seventy seven thousand dollars.

I put the check inside of my tweed jacket, wondering, indeed, if this was the point where I was supposed to furnish the wallet and slide her a few notes out of respect for her appreciation and enthusiasm over my efforts.

I rather hoped not. I had a nice package to give her that had absolutely nothing to do with money, and she didn't exactly seem to be shying away from such measures.

It had indeed been a while since I had shared the pleasure of a female's sexual company, and every now and again, I couldn't help but think of Jenny when I was like this, but I was confident that I would not disappoint.

She walked with me, calling herslef Linda Terwilliger and low and behold, not only was she a quite fetching redhead, but she had the cutest British accent, and seemed to fully enjoy that were were to speak.

We reached my room and rather unabashedly, she removed her silk top, exposing a sultry dress and the wonderful curves of a woman in her late-thrities, that could easily pass for her late-twenties.

I just hoped that..that my body, defied it's own age in her eyes, to her standards.

I mixed us a couple of drinks in the room, and eyed her with a smile, as I handed her the drink.

Yeah, it wasn't like I had been livin' in poverty since I started workin' for Angel and everythin', but that last hand had put me up up to sixty G's, yo and I had beva seen that kind of money before.

I got myself the check and hd me a buzz and yeah, I was feelin' a little guilty about it all because there was a alot of evil in Cleveland, but hell, we had been there already and had fought them, and we would go back too.

What was one night?

Besides, I had this beautiful Chinese American, Corinne, on my arm, and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should give her som cash fo bein' my good luck charm or somethin'? Because, that's what you saw in the movies in Vegas, but I didn't want her to be no ho.

We started walkin' back to my room, and yeah, a little guilt was there ova Fred, because she had ben raped and her reaction of bein' afraid of me, shouldn't have been unexpected, but still, Corinne was so hot. She wasn't beautiful, she was hot.

What happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas.

We gt to my door and could hear Giles as we passed his room, talkin' to the redhead.

I laughed as I opened my door, because she was also British.
She was nothing that I had expected her to be and as we finished our drinks and eyed each other with smiles, the temptation was certainly there for me to ask her, because, because, indeed of the way that we had met, if it was customary for her to prey the casino's, looking for the men that had the most money.

I would have felt extremely guilty, had I asked, and I wasn't abou to ruin a potentially beautiful moment with such a probatory question, but it did seem to be the case to me.

Before my eyes, she added to that theory, by peeling out of her dress, and to say that she was built, would be an understatement.

There was no opportunity for me to appear to be indecorous, as she, naked, made her way towards me, and removed my glasses, set them down and then started unbuttoning my oxford.

I wondered if she would have questions about some of the injuries on my body.
Any thoughts of Fred quickly escaped my mind when Corinne's just slammin' body was coverin' mine.

Normally, I was one to take control, but she was easily able to handle my length and girth and easily as the best lovemaker that I had eva been with.

She was tall for an asian. She was probably like 5'7, and also, unlike an asian, she was busty, probably c's and they were firm.

I had the impression that they were enhanced, but what wasn't was the calvs, the quads and the ass, because, DAMN! They were tight, and after more then an hour of action, I was asleep in her arms, revelin' in winnin' cash, revelin' in the woman that I had just been wit, not thinkin' about Faith bein' in that room wit a vamp, or even Fred, and most importantly, I was comfortable in not stakin' any vamps or fightin' any demons.
I didn't go about our lovemaking with a lot of agression, but my British friend, Linda, certainly did.

When it was over, I felt as though I had run a half-marathon, and when combined with all of the violence and scrambling that we had been through made me a trifle sleepy.

I was awake, however to watch her dressing, and also, to give her five hundred dollars.

It appeared that my British friend was an escort, but I didn't take it too seriously.

After all, we had used condoms and I hadn't expected her to be the love of my life.

As the door closed, my mind cleared of everything. It had been unmistakably exactly what it was that I needed.

I shut my eyes and quickly drifted to sleep, and it was much needed, peaceful and recuperative.