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Tense moments.

I could tell that Kennedy was ready to fight. She had been upgraded with a dark power inside of her and although she had killed Kershaw, and disturbingly, had expressed some remorse over that, I could tell that she was now ready to attack Drusilla and Leonardo in front of us in Drusilla's mansion, and that wouldn't end well for the two of us.

If the tactical team in Los Angeles had been able to do their jobs and had taken out either Faith or Buffy, then Kennedy would have slayer power on top of the Wolfram and Hart upgrade, and might have a good chance against Leonardo, who was wearing that necklace that made him impervious to death and as strong as two vampires, and then I could take my chances against Drusilla, but unfortunately, I knew that we would be dead like the strong-looking guy on the floor to me and Kennedy's right and Drusilla and Leonardo's left.

I wasn't CEO for nothing. I knew how to play odds and knw when the scales were tipped against me. I knew how to keep the peace and sugar-coat things if need be.

Leonardo was on a short fuse, ready to blow and Kennedy's fists were balled as if she were ready to fight, and I couldn't allow that, and Drusilla had just threatened Kennedy, and had me really tense.

This had to be played a different way and I knew that I had to coddle Leonardo in this one, even though the thought of not always being in control really pissed me off.

Leonardo still didn't know what I had mant when I had spoke to Drusilla about us being responsible, solely for Connor, along of course, with Angel and Darla getting pelvic, which of course, brought me back to shitty times when Angel had taken my girl away. Darla had mant so much to me, especially after Angel had burned she and the female vampire not three feet away from me.

"Leonardo, what I meant, was that Darla was brought back by Wolfram and Hart, which of course, you re familiar with, which I am the CEO of now, of the Los Angeles branch. Darla was human then, but Drusilla changed that and sired her. Darla and Angel had sex, made a baby, somehow...not sure how that works, but it happened, and that son is Connor, who is now crazed and maniacal, because of something that I had done to him. We share a common enemy and his name is Angel."

I studied him, as the lights went off.

[Open to Leonardo, Kennedy and Drusilla]
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