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There they are. All three of them.

I had left Willow and Fred back at their room. They hadn't been lying. I would have known if they were and would have pushed some butons to find out what I needed, but I could tell that neither of them had any idea where Dawn was, which led me to believe that she had found Buffy and Spike...that evil piece of trash.

I wasn't really looking forward to intimidating two women who had been through as much as they had, anyway, so it was for the best.

As I made my way out of the hotel, I his as Riley and some other small guy were helping Wesley out of a van. Wesley didn't look very good, but he had survived the spill that I had forced upon him, which was annoying, but I didn't want to kill him, or even Riley.

They weren't evil demons like Spike or my cowardly running father, but if they were to get in my way when it came to Dawn again, I wouldn't show them even a minute of mercy. I had taken it easy on Wesley last time, when I should have pummeled him for hitting me with the butt of a gun and for holding the gun on me in the first place.

They were going to see Willow and Fred, who had to already know that I was back to my real self, the person that I was, and not some stupid nice kid, agreeing with everyone and listening to my murdering father.

I almost wanted to see the reaction at the hotel. It almost made me want to scale the walls and look in on them. I didn't want to hurt Fred or Willow, but come on, it was going to be funny to watch their reactiosn to see their reactions to the bruises on Riley and Wesley's faces.

I wanted to, but I couldn't. I had to find Dawn. She was definitely with Buffy and Spike and getting her away from them was going to be interesting.

I bounded down an alley and found a stake. It was sharp and would be more then effective enough to rid this place of the demon scum that was Spike. I could do it quickly and then only have to deal with little miss super sister. From fighting with Faith, I realized somethings, adjusted and knew what I would need to get by her.

Injuring her without killing her and taking Dawn some place where they would never find us. I eard voices as I turned a corner and I heard the unmistakable English accent of Spike, and all of his bloody and buggering phrases.

Stupid. They were talking about Willow and Fred. They were going to the hotel!

I leapt up to an abutment of a warehouse and then climbed the walls, up to the roof, away from the nostrils of the vampire, seeing all three of them. Seeing Dawn. She was so beautiful. I could get her away without anyone even knowing, if I played my cards right.

{Open for Spike, Buffy and Dawn}
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