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Is this a .....

This was just like so uber cool!

I had this sprouting erection. Well...not really sprouting, at this point. Yeah, it was safe to say that it had already fully spruoted at this point and was now painfully hiding in my jeans, waiting to be released like a dog left in he cage all day while you were out gallavanting.

Oh, god, that was a bad example.

For once, Xander, it's right to think about sex all of the time. I remembered when Buffy could read our thoughts and I tried to not think about sex.

Man, that was hard.

Back to hard. I had Zenia and her friend Anya, here with me, and they were totally smoking hot. One could say that they were hotter then Faith, who sadly, as I sat here in my twenty-third year on Earth, with two beautiful chicks in front of me, was still the only woman that I had had sex with. Yeah, I had smoochies and illicit closet affairs and relations with Cordy and a kissy here, a touchy there with Will, but Faith was the extent of my experience, and even that was a blur.

God, stop thinking about that! Don't think about the whole glass eye thing, either! Focus on the two hot mommas infront of you. Focus on Zenia and Anya. Zenia had been my conquest last night, so I was no longer just a slept with one person guy! That was really cool, come to think of it!

But, I had been with Zenia last night, and considering that she was like Buffy hot, like Cordy hot, and seemed to have a friend that was as hot, who wouldn't have minded doing the threesome thing, I guessed that the Xandman's skills were coming around!

Anya stepped closer to me. Maybe she wasn't into the threesome thing? Oh please, god! Let her be into the threesome thing. Talk about fantasies fulfilled! There was that, and becoming the lead in the next Godzilla movie, but think about the fantasy in front of you.

I put my lips to Zenia's, feeling suddenly aggressive, to see if it sparked a memory of where we might have met last night, or if it sparked a memory of the act itself, but it didn't, although it did feel good. Man, I really REALLY must have had a lot to drink last night. Great googily-moogily. To not remember her.

Something hit me, being all hellmouth, Sunnydale raised and it was threatening to ruin the fantasy, but I wsn't going to be played like some kind of windbag instrument, or whatever they are called.

"I would remember the two of you. IS THIS SOME KIND OF SPELL ON ME?" I asked, not believing that I hadn't thought about it earlier on, and not believing that I just passed up, maybe, on the chance to sleep with two gorgeous chicks becuas ei was worried about a spell.

Like this was some bad spell or something? Pfft. Getting two girls in the sack spells should happen for every guy, but then again, I had already put the question out there, and now, I was studying Zenia, who looked at me crazy, but her friend, Anya, almost seemed a little shocked that I had asked, liked shocked that I had figured it out shocked.

"Is that what this is, Anya"

((Anya and Zenia))
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