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I don't think I'd ever seen more bullet holes in one single space than I did in the Hyperion's lobby this afternoon. This place was a disaster area, through and through. While everyone was cursing those gun-toting soldier boys for their 'shoot first and ask questions later' rampage, I was cursing them for the mess they made. This was my home after all. I didn't come into their homes packing heat and firing lead into their furniture, now did I?

Andrew was still with me at this point, and he didn't seem too keen on wanting to help me clean this up. I guess I can't blame him, it was a daunting task. Now that I think of it, I don't even know why I volunteered myself just now to clean it up. After the morning I had, I really should just go upstairs, nurse another bottle of gin, and hope someone else will deal with it.

But it looked to me like everyone else was out doing more important things, and yet again, because good ole' reliable Lorne was put on the back burner, looks like i'll be the only one available to play housemaid. Bugger.

Rolling up the sleeves of my shirt, I looked over at Andrew, whose mind seemed to be in another dimension currently... Probably the one with lightsabres and Ewoks. I frowned slightly. "Well, I don't know about you, tough guy," I told him, "But I'm going to start cleaning this mess up. Feel free to jump in and help me out instead of standing there."

I walked towards the janitor's closet to fetch a mop, a broom, a scrub brush, various cleaning agents, and a tub of plaster. Guess I had my work cut out for me.

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