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In Vegas, but not for long.

I couldn't believe the amount of women circulating this casino.

Part of me wanted to find Faith and the others and clink Faith again and try to recreate what I almost had with her back at my mansion, but it was risky with her strength.

Some planning would have to go into my next move concerning her, but for now, I had a libidonous urge that needed the addressing of a beautiful woman.

Then I saw her. Tall, well built, and brunette, reminiscent of Faith. She was perfect for what I had in mind, and she was perfect for my bed.

I took a hold of her arm and bfore she could turn or make any utterances of fear, I teleported her back to my bedroom, which had been slightly damaged by that vampire getting Faith away from me, but he would be dealt with at some point, as would Faith, and those other two, Giles and Gunn.

I had gotten them away from the hellmouth for now, and there were things that needed to be done on this night, but nothing would be done until I had fulfilled my desires with this squeamish woman, who's name I didn't yet know, but I would find out.

No need for any kind of binding, as her strength was laughable to me, I held her down, slowly peeling her clothes off.

She hit me in the face and clawed at me, but it was just pleasurable to me, so I allowed it, as I examined her breasts and her flat stomach.

"You have nothing to fear, honey. I will not hurt you, I will only please you, but.....I would enjoy knowing your name. I'm Mondevici."

She continued to hit me, but I stopped her. "Just relax honey, and let this happen. It will be the time of your life." I smiled at her.
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