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Love at first bite?

Giles walked up to the counter and completely ignored me holding my card. I glared at him as he requested the rooms, which were pretty much completely seperated from eachother except for two! Or maybe I was mistaken? I was too busy glaring at him. So Giles gave us all our keys and then he and Gunn quickly made their way towards the casino or wherever they were going. I didn't really care. Gunn was being uber protective-boy for some odd reason, which somewhat annoyed me. It's not like I haven't staked a vampire in my life. This boy gets out of hand, I'll put him to rest real fast.

"So, to our rooms or somewhere else?" I asked as I pressed the elevator door button and watched the flickering numbers above the elevator shaft doors. As the door opened, I stepped in and waited to see if he'd follow after or if he'd like to go patrol. But thankfully for me, he decided to hop in and I pressed our floor.

"Thank god I don't have to patrol, I think I'd die out there. I mean, I'm battered to hell!" Really battered and a bit shaken, but that's alright. At least Mond-cocky didn't get that far with me, which made me feel pretty good. I was thankful that I had someone save me, just in time.

The elevator door opened and we walked to our rooms, which were right against eachother. I smiled as I watched him walk to his door, still with a huge erection, and just stare at me. It was a nice feeling when you caught someone looking at you like that, even though he wasn't trying to hide it.

{{Open to Justin! (Make it naughty baby! Rofl.)}}
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