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Killing someone has it's price...

"But, Kennedy, when you think about it, you really aren't done. The best part is watching him contort and then seeing that look in his eyes when he knows that his last breath is coming."

I rolled my eyes and just looked away, hearing the noises of Kershaw slowly dying. I felt- I felt horrible. I felt this void every time I heard him take in a painful breath. I held onto my arms as my eyes slowly met with his. He looked so afraid- so alone! I almost felt sorry for him but I had to be strong. It was apart of my job! He deserved to die, or did he? I don't know...

"Tell my wife that I died heroically."

I closed my eyes and heard him spit just as Lindsey's phone rang. He was ignoring though, because when I opened my eyes he was still watching. Unlike him, I still had a bit of compassion still. I felt bad that he had to die slowly like this, but it had to be done.

I watched as his last breath left his body and he became still, almost like a doll. I small smile crossed my face, as I realized I did it! I officially did it. Half of me was screaming in weakness but then the other half was smiling. I couldn't hep but smile at the pool of blood around his body- which I caused.

"Ready to go see two very powerful vampires, Kennedy?"

I looked to Lindsey and frowned a bit. It was obvious that I felt bad but the thought of possibly getting to dust some vamps just re-lit my fire!

"Sure as hell!"

"A mansion not far from the beach, male vampire, Leonardo, female vampire, Drusilla, with the body of one dead man on the floor. It should be fun."

"Then let's get going!" I just wanted to get out and away from Kershaw's body. I turned and began to walk towards the door, with Lindsey in tow. We got to the car and drove towards our next objective. We didn't speak during the ride, I saw no reason to. All I could see was Kershaw's face- and how many conflictiong emotions I was feeling at the moment. I just stared out the window until we came to a stop and I looked out the windshield, seeing a huge mansion.

"I guess this is the place?" He gave me a nod as I opened up the car door and stepped out, trying to push back the guilt and focus on the goals. This was one of many that would lead me to being a full fledge Slayer again! That's all that matters.

"So how are we going to do this? Kick down the door or be a lil' bit more sneaky?"

{{Open to Lindsey then Drusilla and Leonardo!}}
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