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"His face is going to need some work."

I glanced at Angel as the doctor left Connor's hospital room and sighed. That one sentence just summed up everything. It wasn't right. Nor was it fair. It all started when the stupid PTB's sent me a vision of Connor losing it here in LA.

So Angel and I hightail it to the airport, leaving behind a dead Gwen and Groo, to save Connor before it was too late. And what we were going to save him from? Why himself of course. Stupid Lindsey McDonald made sure of that. Add that to the reasons why I hate Wolfram and Hart.

So we get back here, but not before meeting up with one of Angel .. or rather Angelus' old friends, Rory. Who apparently like every other vampire, has a soul. What's the total number now? God. And yet Angel was the only one I completely loved and trusted my life with.

So racing to find Connor, we do. On a rooftop with a hostage Dawn. Yeah, that's right. Buffy's sister Dawn. So myself, Angel, Rory, and hey, Buffy and Spike surround him. I was completely ready to go glowey on Connor, save him from himself, when Connor launched Dawn at me and Buffy attacked.

Now, Buffy and I were never best of friends. But I never hated her either. Sure when I was evil, I did some rotten things to her, but still. It wasn't me.

Buffy isn't even evil, but one damn punch and here we are. She punched Connor so hard .. with all of her slayer strength and god knows what else that she put him in comaland. Comalands suck, by the way.

She could've just knocked him out. Put him out of commission for a bit. But no. She punches him so hard that he needs facial reconstruction. FACIAL SURGERY. Remind me why I wasn't out there punching her?

Oh. Because Angel and I were supposed to be atoning for what we did to them. It's gonna be hard to do that after what she did to Connor.

Reaching over and taking Angel's balled fist into my own hands, I pulled him closer to me and glanced up at him. There was so much hurt in his eyes and pain and all I wanted to do was to glow and make this situation and Connor and everything normal and better again.

But I couldn't. I hugged Angel.

"I don't know. I just don't know. But Connor's going to get better because he's strong. Because he's your son. And because I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him better. We're going to do whatever it takes. Got me?" I asked, raising my brows.

[My angry Angel]
rory passive

Her name is Buffy.

I had left the hospital. I felt like a lug, bloody lug, even being there in the first place. Angel and I hadn't exactly seen eye to eye and he was very gung-ho about doing what he had to do at first, to find his son and now that he was injured, he was quite psychotic about making the doctors make him better.

This was how Angelus was, although I rememebered him being sanctimonious and apathetic about anything other then himself in the past, and now, he was quite the opposite way. Now, he cared too deeply, if that was possible, and I found myself wondering that if because that I now had a soul too, if I might not become that way.

It was okay to be uptight and even scared, but Angel was pushing the limits and while it looked like his son, Connor would be going into a coma, or was already in a coma, he was driving everyone insane and had driven me away with his rage.

It's not that I didn't understand where he was coming from, but he had to realize that this was an accident and he had verbally threatened Buffy and that wasn't happening on so many levels.

I didn't think that Cordelia would let him get too out of control with his anger, for a start. I didn't think that Buffy would allow Angel to just go off on her, for another. I didn't think it would actually come to thayt, for a third, and finally, if it did come to that, then there was no way that Angel was getting anywhere near her. I would see to that, and I sort of had the feeling that Spike would be doing the same thing.

After leaving the hospital, I found myself having to go back to the scene of Buffy's vicious punch on Angel's boy, so that I could track both her and Spike's scents, to find out where they had gone when they had left us on the roof.

I left the keys to my friends' car on the table at the hospital and hoped that Cordelia noticed, in case they needed to drive, although for Angel's sake, that better not have been anywhere near Buffy Summers, anywhere near the slayer.

The scent was getting stronger, and while I was now an overgrown border-collie, I found myself feeling an array of feelings for a woman whom I didn't know, whom was trained to kill me. It had to be the soul. Her beauty wouldn't draw me so completely this early on. Would it?

I entered a hotel that had no name and it was obvious that this was the place. There were scents both familiar and unfamiliar, and Buffy, Spike and Dawn were all here, and whimpering downstairs, were two men, I noticed as I stood at the doorway to the cage below.

I passed on by it, heading over towards the upstairs and towards the scents and becoming louder voices of Buffy, her little sister, and William the bloody.

[Open for Buffy, Dawn and Spike]
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My Sanity

Flying Away to a new Place

The music is plays games ... dancing and twirling through the air ... like pretty little girls around a Maypole. I can see the notes kissing and caressing each other as we dance. I love dancing. The music dances around me... kissing my skin... licking my lips. Love it like I love dusk, so sweet and beautiful. I keep on dancing, and picking and choosing all kinds of pretty things to take on our trip. The pit of my stomach giggling and tickling me almost to laughter. Somewhere in the distance I can hear voices, Lindsey and the pretty poppet Kennedy, plotting their next move while my price and I get ready to fly like birds in the sky. Leonardo can feel it too. The music is telling us to be wild... like animals in the jungle. It seeps into my veins and soaks into my bones ... it makes my brain do silly things. The music loves us. My prince looks into my eyes and I can see it pouring into his blood... the music and the soft light around the room.

I twirl and dance in front of my prince as he stares at me in my delight ...I begin to sing out loud, swaying this way and that way, and I know the others are listening... thinking... wondering things... but I don't care because I could eat them all up if I wanted. Their blood would fill my tummy up until I could taste the blood no longer, until their thoughts and their dreams flow within my veins locked forever inside my hollow shell.

Leonardo looks so handsome tonight ... his dark curls, his perfectly tailored suit, his dark eyes... his face is hiding behind a mask of serenity that I can't yet read, but I can still see his lovely eyes with all their lovely lashes right thought it, they speak to me... speak to me all of his evil thoughts and evil dreams and wicked desires. Ooooh ... and I'm pretending to be Death tonight. My long black dress gliding around me as I dance... I too hide my face behind a mask... all smiles and laughter, but inside is all red like someone just tore the flesh off of it... my head seeing far in the distance all that's happening.

I close my eyes and see... see daddy's pain in the distance. Poor little brother. Little miss moppet punched the poppet and almost made the little doll's head roll of the shoulders. Made daddy hiss with anger. Made daddy... almost daddy that he was before. But the moment came and went and it was gone all too soon. But everyone is hurting, and a new face amidst the wolves seems to becoming clear. And then another... and they both bring a slight frown to my face. The world had found it self two more demons with a plague, a filthy plague that seemed to be spreading through everyone like cancer through the air. I didn't want it... I didn't want it anywhere near me!

I stopped dancing, the music still flowing, still making everything glow with its rhythm. I didn't like this... I didn’t like this at all. Didn't think my prince would like it either, not in the least. In front of me was a mirror. And I looked at it. I could see right through me. In fact, I wasn't there at all. There was nothing left of me. I was lost. Lost in the woods once more, drifting down stream, the sun coming up, slowly, creeping into the horizon. And then with a blinding force it washed upon me lighting me up in flames.

"It burns! It burns! Make it stop... please... it burns!" I began to cry, and walked backwards away from the mirror until there was no were else for me to go. My skin and my bones turned to ash and then I was no more, until a light filled me and took me into a place that was neither heaven nor hell. And then I was reborn again from my own ashes. Reborn into the night, and carried with me a plague.

Through the blinding fear I found Leonardo's arms holding me tight and I buried my face in him, trying to find solace in his embrace. "He gave them a soul. A filthy soul," I muttered through the tears. "Now there's four, and all carry the same plague. I don't want a soul. I don't want it to spread to me. I don't want to be infected by such a plague... Don't want it in me." I held him tight, and then the moment passed and the fear was gone and all that was left was the faint notion at the pit of my stomach, making me sick and dizzy and than that too was gone.

[[Open to Leonardo... Lindsey and Kennedy]]
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Willow side look

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Okay, so far, Riley and his story? Not winning any points! He just let her stalk off into night in a car. In a car Hello? Under aged teen! She hardly knows how to drive! Sighing, I looked at him and shook my head. He was trying like really hard to make this a good case for him, but so far I wasn't convinced. So not.

And Oz was still not back. What’s he doing? Is he okay? I will always worry about Oz, no matter how much I loved Riley. Didn't I go through this before with Tara? Oh he better not! If that’s the case I'm so going to zap his-his-him! I will, I can do it now. And uh, actually turn him back after a while. Huh, lemma pause here to wonder if Fred still wanted me to turn Wes into a donkey's ass. I tilted my head to hear if I could hear any voices from the other room. But apparently Wes was much better when it came to convincing his girl not to worry.

Huh. Go figure.

"Riley sweetie. Not really soothing my nerves here," I told him, fiddling with the phone in my lap. I'd have tossed it out like a long time ago, but it gave me something to do. With my hands. Something to do with my hands. Running a hand through my hair, I totally cursed the chair. Cause it wasn't for that stupid thing, I'd so be out of here and looking for Dawn myself. I was just about to tell Riley just that. And-and to stop with the story telling and to get his butt in gear so we could go look for her!

When he kissed me.

Oh. Nice.

I smiled at him when he pulled back, momentarily distracted. "Don't think you can weasel your way out of this with a kiss buster," I joked and then noticed Oz standing by the door. Oz. Oh! Oz! "You okay now?" I asked leaning around Riley to look at Oz.

[Open for Riley and Oz]
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Building my strike force.

I had a little bit of darkness left and while it was there, I felt the need to expand my own private strike force.

Demons weren't notoriously famous for being trustworthy, but I had enemie and couldn't rely on a group of vampires and other assorted demons with no allegiance to me, who were only here for the hellmouth.

I had five girls so far and I could guarantee their allegiance to me with he benefits of both my power and wealth, and with the power of my sex drive.

They weren't as powerful as say, Zenia, but they were loyal to me, despite being vampires without souls and together, we trained an readied for upcoming battles, not only with apocalypse demons who were stupid and bent on ruining beautiful things such as humans on the Earth, but also with the slayer and her new vampire savior who was unknown to me, as well as the other slayer and anyone else that they wanted to bring to the fray.

The training was intense, and was followed up by sex, but five wasn't enough and my home was big enough for fifty vampiresses.

Caitlin and Magdalena were staying behind with Barbie, who was yet to rise, while Milana, Sasha and I went out and recruited at least three more special girls, probably from the downtown area, as well as any girls that wanted to join us, of the attractive variety, that were already vampires.

After a quick jaunt to the hellmouth, where it was relatively empty, the city of Cleveland no doubt under assault, I saw a couple of bentbacks and a couple of vampires and asked them to make sure that the hellmouth was free of any trouble unless it was of the celebratory variety, and they didn't all see it my way.

I roasted one of the bentbacks with an orb of fire and Milana and Sasha took the opportunity to beat and snap the neck of the other one, making the two remaining male vampires quickly agree to hang around and keep things the way that I wanted them.

As we headed away towards downtown, I relished the power that my two sexiest girls had shown, and noticed an enhanced amount of government officials here to check things out.

The F.B.I.

Interestingly enough, the first car that we happened upon just happned to have two tough looking, yet attractive female agents, standing outside of their automobile, a blonde on her CB.

I looked at Milana and then at Sasha and they knew immediately what I wanted, as I reverted to my human visage.
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A taste of the orient.

The night had started as a bad one, wit the whole bein' teleported from Cleveland to Las Vegas, although, havin' to admit that out loud would be the only way that I would do it.

Yeah, I was all about fightin' demons, but shit, in Cleveland, we had nearly been killed twice, there were too many demons for even us wit a slayer to fight, and Las Vegas, as usual, didn't disappoint.

Not only did I have a nice buzz goin' right now and not only had both Giles an I won over fifty grand at the poker table, but now, beneath me, for a third go around, Corinne and I were gettin' all jiggy wit it.

I had met her at the tables, which was anotha great thing about Vegas; when you won, you tended to attract a crowd. The crowd for me in this case was in the firm of a taste of the orient, all Americanized. Corinne was gorgeous, like may Chinese girls were, but she was all about bein' the valley girl.

She reminded me a little of Cordy, all sassy and shit, and she had a body that needed some attention from Hef. Except for that right now, she was gettin' the attention of me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And I couldn't get enough of her. I didn't know if this was one of those girls goin' after the money thing, but I was thinkin' now that even if it started out that way, that I had won her ova wit the deep strokin'. And it was easy wit her, because she definitely knew how to be a lover.

After releasin' for a third time, a couple of hours on the night tickin' away, I found her to be exhausted, as well as I, and when she got up, I thought that it was goin' to be a one night deal, but she gave me her address and number, after I told her that I lived in LA, and low and behold, so did she.

It was in the hills and I hadn't been there much, so when she told me right now, she did live at the Playboy mansion, at least for now, I was like, Damn! I needed to pick up a magazine from time to time.

She told me that I needed to swing by the mansion when I got back to LA, and I was definitely all about it. I was so pumped by it that I didn't even feel like stayin' in bed and when I got up, puttin' her info in my pocket, I heard a knock on the door.

It had to be Giles.

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I really thought I had seen it all, living in Miami. Really. Things were crazy and hey I was a stewardess as well. Nothing topped Miami nightlife except for some of the odd passengers that we had on the plane. But speaking of Miami nightlife and nothing topping it, I could think of one thing.

Bonfire. Beach. Parties.

That's right. And it was going quite well. Wet t-shirt contests, alcohol flowing freely, hot guys and oh yeah, my girls being attacked by vampires. Fabrizio and I decided it would be a wise idea for both of us to get the hell away from alcohol and the party and take a walk on the beach. We both needed to sober up just a little bit.

Okay. Maybe it was just me. I was really drunk and tipsy and I could sorta be like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde when I was like that. It got that bad. So when Fabrizio got the evil little gleam in his eye, I knew I was in trouble.

He picked me up with him and had a running leap. I seriously couldn't believe we jumped that high or that far. Musta been like 20 feet. Or maybe I was seriously tipsy and someone slipped me a roofie or something on top of that. Because this .. this was certainly NOT what I had expected.

Pressing his lips to mine, we hit the water. I was so close to protesting and pulling away, but we were quickly sinking away from the surface and down into the water. I opened my eyes, the salt stinging and almost opened my mouth to yell. But he just pulled me tighter against him and continued to kiss me.

Finally I gave in, after a few seconds and melted into the kiss. Now this was interesting. Like I could really spend the whole freakin night underwater? I have to admit, this was just a little scary to even think about. I closed my eyes again. What did I get myself into?

Not that it was bad or anything. Just .. different. And good. Very good.

[Fabrizio, Immortal, whatever you call yourself, dahling.]
Angel stare A tan background

What has Buffy done?

When Cordy had the vision; when we had left Miami to come back to a place where we had inflicted so much damage, when we had left behing a place where we had been unable to save Gwen or Groo, or do anything to stop Leonardo or Drusilla, or get that necklace, I hadn't envisioned everthing with Connor going this way.

I had no illusions. Cordy hadn't sugar-coated it and had described her vision to it's full, but I had never expected to get here, hitch a ride with a friend of Angelus', in Rory, who also now had a soul, and then get to Connor so quickly.

The vision was right. Connor was out of control with his anger, but it was nothing that we hadn't seen before, except now, he was not only going afterdemons and particularly, vampires, with a vengeance, but it seemed that he had developed some feelings for Dawn, and in his current state of mind, they were a little unhealthy.

Still, when he kissed her, I knew that he cared about her, even if he had then used her as a shield and had put a bit of a chokehold on her, while, Rory, Cordy, myself, Buffy and Spike surrounded him.

There was no way that he was going to get away, he knew it, the rest of us knew it, but still, for some reason, he used Dawn as the shield and I could see the anger building in Buffy.

I had my chance, though and purposely taunted him, knowing that he would let Dawn go, and like clockwork, the rage that he felt for me when he was this way, prompted him to come at me, and I had got what I wanted. He had tried to stake me, but I stopped him and all that I had to endeavor was to get a hold of him, so that Cordy could glow on him, but of course, we both failed, as Connor threw Dawn into Cordy, and I hadn't been able to keep control of him, and all that Buffy needed was a couple of shots.

The last one made ME hurt, all the way through, it was so devastating in it's ferocity, and as she and Spike walked off with Dawn, I wanted to scream out at her, stop her, tell her that sh had overreacted, as I knew that Connor was hurt, but as I looked at him and as he cringed in pain, his face swelling, I knew that it was so much worse.

We leapt off of the roof, me holding Connor, Rory holding Cordy and sped towards Cedar-Sinai, Connor unconscious in my arms. Cordy showed Rory the way and as we pulled up, and I kicked the door open, I vowed what I had been vowing the whole way since we got off of that roof....

If anything happened to Connor, if..I couldn't think it, but with the way that he looked and if it did, then Buffy was going to have to deal with me.

He was my son. She had gone too far.

I slammed through the doors, using my back, Cordy and Rory following, screaming for a doctor.

(Cordy and Rory)
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This is so cool!

This was so cool! I thought, as I left the hotel with Lorne. Wewere so going to a Karaoke bar and Lorne was going to read people's aura's as they sang and not offer them guidance!

W were so only doing it to get away from this hotel, which was like Iraq or somthing, soldiers with gun's and creepy black uniforms on, coming in, trying to kill everyone, like the dead one that had been here and like the two that were locked up downstairs.

Lorne and I had been talking as we cleaned up the bloody and the bullet casings and the other bodily matter and ruined interior decor, and that was when I found exactly what kind of demon that he was, and it had to be the most uber cool thing that I had ever heard.

I would have sang for him, because it was so comic-bookish and I had a thing about the destiny/future thing of the redemptive, except for the fact that I didn't want to impose and after the the past year, I was also really kinda scared about knowing, because it was probably going to be really, really bad in my case.

Part of me wondered, if he would tell me, if I did start chirping out some kind of tune, maybe a broadway number, or if I did start humming the theme to Batman, but I supposed that it was something that I could decide to do later, if I really wanted to.

For now, I didn't want to anger the big, and totally cool, green empathic demon, because he was like the coolest being that I had ever met, and certainly was since Jonathan had died.

Besides, we were getting out of the hotel, which made me want to just scream out, YAY! at the top of my lungs, only I didn't because, yeah, he would probably read my future and if he saw death or sometin like that, it might ruin my good mood a little.

Out of the hotel and on the mean and busy streets of Los Angeles, I realized that there could be like vampires anywhere, and it prompted me to look at my new best friend.

"I sort of have two questions. The first one is easy. Actually, they are both easy, but one is an easy...nevermind.."

He looked at me, as we walked fast. "Okay, here goes. First, do you know where we are going? I mean, you must know where some of Caritas' former comptitors are and second, since we could like get attcked by vampires at any minute, are you a good fighter?"

{Open for Lorne}
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