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Must read! [25 Aug 2005|11:31pm]

{A must read has been posted in the OOC!}
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[24 Aug 2005|10:55pm]
"His face is going to need some work."

I glanced at Angel as the doctor left Connor's hospital room and sighed. That one sentence just summed up everything. It wasn't right. Nor was it fair. It all started when the stupid PTB's sent me a vision of Connor losing it here in LA.

So Angel and I hightail it to the airport, leaving behind a dead Gwen and Groo, to save Connor before it was too late. And what we were going to save him from? Why himself of course. Stupid Lindsey McDonald made sure of that. Add that to the reasons why I hate Wolfram and Hart.

So we get back here, but not before meeting up with one of Angel .. or rather Angelus' old friends, Rory. Who apparently like every other vampire, has a soul. What's the total number now? God. And yet Angel was the only one I completely loved and trusted my life with.

So racing to find Connor, we do. On a rooftop with a hostage Dawn. Yeah, that's right. Buffy's sister Dawn. So myself, Angel, Rory, and hey, Buffy and Spike surround him. I was completely ready to go glowey on Connor, save him from himself, when Connor launched Dawn at me and Buffy attacked.

Now, Buffy and I were never best of friends. But I never hated her either. Sure when I was evil, I did some rotten things to her, but still. It wasn't me.

Buffy isn't even evil, but one damn punch and here we are. She punched Connor so hard .. with all of her slayer strength and god knows what else that she put him in comaland. Comalands suck, by the way.

She could've just knocked him out. Put him out of commission for a bit. But no. She punches him so hard that he needs facial reconstruction. FACIAL SURGERY. Remind me why I wasn't out there punching her?

Oh. Because Angel and I were supposed to be atoning for what we did to them. It's gonna be hard to do that after what she did to Connor.

Reaching over and taking Angel's balled fist into my own hands, I pulled him closer to me and glanced up at him. There was so much hurt in his eyes and pain and all I wanted to do was to glow and make this situation and Connor and everything normal and better again.

But I couldn't. I hugged Angel.

"I don't know. I just don't know. But Connor's going to get better because he's strong. Because he's your son. And because I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him better. We're going to do whatever it takes. Got me?" I asked, raising my brows.

[My angry Angel]
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Her name is Buffy. [23 Aug 2005|11:12am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I had left the hospital. I felt like a lug, bloody lug, even being there in the first place. Angel and I hadn't exactly seen eye to eye and he was very gung-ho about doing what he had to do at first, to find his son and now that he was injured, he was quite psychotic about making the doctors make him better.

This was how Angelus was, although I rememebered him being sanctimonious and apathetic about anything other then himself in the past, and now, he was quite the opposite way. Now, he cared too deeply, if that was possible, and I found myself wondering that if because that I now had a soul too, if I might not become that way.

It was okay to be uptight and even scared, but Angel was pushing the limits and while it looked like his son, Connor would be going into a coma, or was already in a coma, he was driving everyone insane and had driven me away with his rage.

It's not that I didn't understand where he was coming from, but he had to realize that this was an accident and he had verbally threatened Buffy and that wasn't happening on so many levels.

I didn't think that Cordelia would let him get too out of control with his anger, for a start. I didn't think that Buffy would allow Angel to just go off on her, for another. I didn't think it would actually come to thayt, for a third, and finally, if it did come to that, then there was no way that Angel was getting anywhere near her. I would see to that, and I sort of had the feeling that Spike would be doing the same thing.

After leaving the hospital, I found myself having to go back to the scene of Buffy's vicious punch on Angel's boy, so that I could track both her and Spike's scents, to find out where they had gone when they had left us on the roof.

I left the keys to my friends' car on the table at the hospital and hoped that Cordelia noticed, in case they needed to drive, although for Angel's sake, that better not have been anywhere near Buffy Summers, anywhere near the slayer.

The scent was getting stronger, and while I was now an overgrown border-collie, I found myself feeling an array of feelings for a woman whom I didn't know, whom was trained to kill me. It had to be the soul. Her beauty wouldn't draw me so completely this early on. Would it?

I entered a hotel that had no name and it was obvious that this was the place. There were scents both familiar and unfamiliar, and Buffy, Spike and Dawn were all here, and whimpering downstairs, were two men, I noticed as I stood at the doorway to the cage below.

I passed on by it, heading over towards the upstairs and towards the scents and becoming louder voices of Buffy, her little sister, and William the bloody.

[Open for Buffy, Dawn and Spike]

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Flying Away to a new Place [22 Aug 2005|01:00am]

[ mood | crazy ]

The music is plays games ... dancing and twirling through the air ... like pretty little girls around a Maypole. I can see the notes kissing and caressing each other as we dance. I love dancing. The music dances around me... kissing my skin... licking my lips. Love it like I love dusk, so sweet and beautiful. I keep on dancing, and picking and choosing all kinds of pretty things to take on our trip. The pit of my stomach giggling and tickling me almost to laughter. Somewhere in the distance I can hear voices, Lindsey and the pretty poppet Kennedy, plotting their next move while my price and I get ready to fly like birds in the sky. Leonardo can feel it too. The music is telling us to be wild... like animals in the jungle. It seeps into my veins and soaks into my bones ... it makes my brain do silly things. The music loves us. My prince looks into my eyes and I can see it pouring into his blood... the music and the soft light around the room.

I twirl and dance in front of my prince as he stares at me in my delight ...I begin to sing out loud, swaying this way and that way, and I know the others are listening... thinking... wondering things... but I don't care because I could eat them all up if I wanted. Their blood would fill my tummy up until I could taste the blood no longer, until their thoughts and their dreams flow within my veins locked forever inside my hollow shell.

Leonardo looks so handsome tonight ... his dark curls, his perfectly tailored suit, his dark eyes... his face is hiding behind a mask of serenity that I can't yet read, but I can still see his lovely eyes with all their lovely lashes right thought it, they speak to me... speak to me all of his evil thoughts and evil dreams and wicked desires. Ooooh ... and I'm pretending to be Death tonight. My long black dress gliding around me as I dance... I too hide my face behind a mask... all smiles and laughter, but inside is all red like someone just tore the flesh off of it... my head seeing far in the distance all that's happening.

I close my eyes and see... see daddy's pain in the distance. Poor little brother. Little miss moppet punched the poppet and almost made the little doll's head roll of the shoulders. Made daddy hiss with anger. Made daddy... almost daddy that he was before. But the moment came and went and it was gone all too soon. But everyone is hurting, and a new face amidst the wolves seems to becoming clear. And then another... and they both bring a slight frown to my face. The world had found it self two more demons with a plague, a filthy plague that seemed to be spreading through everyone like cancer through the air. I didn't want it... I didn't want it anywhere near me!

I stopped dancing, the music still flowing, still making everything glow with its rhythm. I didn't like this... I didn’t like this at all. Didn't think my prince would like it either, not in the least. In front of me was a mirror. And I looked at it. I could see right through me. In fact, I wasn't there at all. There was nothing left of me. I was lost. Lost in the woods once more, drifting down stream, the sun coming up, slowly, creeping into the horizon. And then with a blinding force it washed upon me lighting me up in flames.

"It burns! It burns! Make it stop... please... it burns!" I began to cry, and walked backwards away from the mirror until there was no were else for me to go. My skin and my bones turned to ash and then I was no more, until a light filled me and took me into a place that was neither heaven nor hell. And then I was reborn again from my own ashes. Reborn into the night, and carried with me a plague.

Through the blinding fear I found Leonardo's arms holding me tight and I buried my face in him, trying to find solace in his embrace. "He gave them a soul. A filthy soul," I muttered through the tears. "Now there's four, and all carry the same plague. I don't want a soul. I don't want it to spread to me. I don't want to be infected by such a plague... Don't want it in me." I held him tight, and then the moment passed and the fear was gone and all that was left was the faint notion at the pit of my stomach, making me sick and dizzy and than that too was gone.

[[Open to Leonardo... Lindsey and Kennedy]]

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[21 Aug 2005|06:39pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Okay, so far, Riley and his story? Not winning any points! He just let her stalk off into night in a car. In a car Hello? Under aged teen! She hardly knows how to drive! Sighing, I looked at him and shook my head. He was trying like really hard to make this a good case for him, but so far I wasn't convinced. So not.

And Oz was still not back. What’s he doing? Is he okay? I will always worry about Oz, no matter how much I loved Riley. Didn't I go through this before with Tara? Oh he better not! If that’s the case I'm so going to zap his-his-him! I will, I can do it now. And uh, actually turn him back after a while. Huh, lemma pause here to wonder if Fred still wanted me to turn Wes into a donkey's ass. I tilted my head to hear if I could hear any voices from the other room. But apparently Wes was much better when it came to convincing his girl not to worry.

Huh. Go figure.

"Riley sweetie. Not really soothing my nerves here," I told him, fiddling with the phone in my lap. I'd have tossed it out like a long time ago, but it gave me something to do. With my hands. Something to do with my hands. Running a hand through my hair, I totally cursed the chair. Cause it wasn't for that stupid thing, I'd so be out of here and looking for Dawn myself. I was just about to tell Riley just that. And-and to stop with the story telling and to get his butt in gear so we could go look for her!

When he kissed me.

Oh. Nice.

I smiled at him when he pulled back, momentarily distracted. "Don't think you can weasel your way out of this with a kiss buster," I joked and then noticed Oz standing by the door. Oz. Oh! Oz! "You okay now?" I asked leaning around Riley to look at Oz.

[Open for Riley and Oz]

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Building my strike force. [20 Aug 2005|07:48pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I had a little bit of darkness left and while it was there, I felt the need to expand my own private strike force.

Demons weren't notoriously famous for being trustworthy, but I had enemie and couldn't rely on a group of vampires and other assorted demons with no allegiance to me, who were only here for the hellmouth.

I had five girls so far and I could guarantee their allegiance to me with he benefits of both my power and wealth, and with the power of my sex drive.

They weren't as powerful as say, Zenia, but they were loyal to me, despite being vampires without souls and together, we trained an readied for upcoming battles, not only with apocalypse demons who were stupid and bent on ruining beautiful things such as humans on the Earth, but also with the slayer and her new vampire savior who was unknown to me, as well as the other slayer and anyone else that they wanted to bring to the fray.

The training was intense, and was followed up by sex, but five wasn't enough and my home was big enough for fifty vampiresses.

Caitlin and Magdalena were staying behind with Barbie, who was yet to rise, while Milana, Sasha and I went out and recruited at least three more special girls, probably from the downtown area, as well as any girls that wanted to join us, of the attractive variety, that were already vampires.

After a quick jaunt to the hellmouth, where it was relatively empty, the city of Cleveland no doubt under assault, I saw a couple of bentbacks and a couple of vampires and asked them to make sure that the hellmouth was free of any trouble unless it was of the celebratory variety, and they didn't all see it my way.

I roasted one of the bentbacks with an orb of fire and Milana and Sasha took the opportunity to beat and snap the neck of the other one, making the two remaining male vampires quickly agree to hang around and keep things the way that I wanted them.

As we headed away towards downtown, I relished the power that my two sexiest girls had shown, and noticed an enhanced amount of government officials here to check things out.

The F.B.I.

Interestingly enough, the first car that we happened upon just happned to have two tough looking, yet attractive female agents, standing outside of their automobile, a blonde on her CB.

I looked at Milana and then at Sasha and they knew immediately what I wanted, as I reverted to my human visage.

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A taste of the orient. [18 Aug 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | content ]

The night had started as a bad one, wit the whole bein' teleported from Cleveland to Las Vegas, although, havin' to admit that out loud would be the only way that I would do it.

Yeah, I was all about fightin' demons, but shit, in Cleveland, we had nearly been killed twice, there were too many demons for even us wit a slayer to fight, and Las Vegas, as usual, didn't disappoint.

Not only did I have a nice buzz goin' right now and not only had both Giles an I won over fifty grand at the poker table, but now, beneath me, for a third go around, Corinne and I were gettin' all jiggy wit it.

I had met her at the tables, which was anotha great thing about Vegas; when you won, you tended to attract a crowd. The crowd for me in this case was in the firm of a taste of the orient, all Americanized. Corinne was gorgeous, like may Chinese girls were, but she was all about bein' the valley girl.

She reminded me a little of Cordy, all sassy and shit, and she had a body that needed some attention from Hef. Except for that right now, she was gettin' the attention of me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And I couldn't get enough of her. I didn't know if this was one of those girls goin' after the money thing, but I was thinkin' now that even if it started out that way, that I had won her ova wit the deep strokin'. And it was easy wit her, because she definitely knew how to be a lover.

After releasin' for a third time, a couple of hours on the night tickin' away, I found her to be exhausted, as well as I, and when she got up, I thought that it was goin' to be a one night deal, but she gave me her address and number, after I told her that I lived in LA, and low and behold, so did she.

It was in the hills and I hadn't been there much, so when she told me right now, she did live at the Playboy mansion, at least for now, I was like, Damn! I needed to pick up a magazine from time to time.

She told me that I needed to swing by the mansion when I got back to LA, and I was definitely all about it. I was so pumped by it that I didn't even feel like stayin' in bed and when I got up, puttin' her info in my pocket, I heard a knock on the door.

It had to be Giles.


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[17 Aug 2005|11:33pm]

I really thought I had seen it all, living in Miami. Really. Things were crazy and hey I was a stewardess as well. Nothing topped Miami nightlife except for some of the odd passengers that we had on the plane. But speaking of Miami nightlife and nothing topping it, I could think of one thing.

Bonfire. Beach. Parties.

That's right. And it was going quite well. Wet t-shirt contests, alcohol flowing freely, hot guys and oh yeah, my girls being attacked by vampires. Fabrizio and I decided it would be a wise idea for both of us to get the hell away from alcohol and the party and take a walk on the beach. We both needed to sober up just a little bit.

Okay. Maybe it was just me. I was really drunk and tipsy and I could sorta be like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde when I was like that. It got that bad. So when Fabrizio got the evil little gleam in his eye, I knew I was in trouble.

He picked me up with him and had a running leap. I seriously couldn't believe we jumped that high or that far. Musta been like 20 feet. Or maybe I was seriously tipsy and someone slipped me a roofie or something on top of that. Because this .. this was certainly NOT what I had expected.

Pressing his lips to mine, we hit the water. I was so close to protesting and pulling away, but we were quickly sinking away from the surface and down into the water. I opened my eyes, the salt stinging and almost opened my mouth to yell. But he just pulled me tighter against him and continued to kiss me.

Finally I gave in, after a few seconds and melted into the kiss. Now this was interesting. Like I could really spend the whole freakin night underwater? I have to admit, this was just a little scary to even think about. I closed my eyes again. What did I get myself into?

Not that it was bad or anything. Just .. different. And good. Very good.

[Fabrizio, Immortal, whatever you call yourself, dahling.]
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What has Buffy done? [16 Aug 2005|07:58pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

When Cordy had the vision; when we had left Miami to come back to a place where we had inflicted so much damage, when we had left behing a place where we had been unable to save Gwen or Groo, or do anything to stop Leonardo or Drusilla, or get that necklace, I hadn't envisioned everthing with Connor going this way.

I had no illusions. Cordy hadn't sugar-coated it and had described her vision to it's full, but I had never expected to get here, hitch a ride with a friend of Angelus', in Rory, who also now had a soul, and then get to Connor so quickly.

The vision was right. Connor was out of control with his anger, but it was nothing that we hadn't seen before, except now, he was not only going afterdemons and particularly, vampires, with a vengeance, but it seemed that he had developed some feelings for Dawn, and in his current state of mind, they were a little unhealthy.

Still, when he kissed her, I knew that he cared about her, even if he had then used her as a shield and had put a bit of a chokehold on her, while, Rory, Cordy, myself, Buffy and Spike surrounded him.

There was no way that he was going to get away, he knew it, the rest of us knew it, but still, for some reason, he used Dawn as the shield and I could see the anger building in Buffy.

I had my chance, though and purposely taunted him, knowing that he would let Dawn go, and like clockwork, the rage that he felt for me when he was this way, prompted him to come at me, and I had got what I wanted. He had tried to stake me, but I stopped him and all that I had to endeavor was to get a hold of him, so that Cordy could glow on him, but of course, we both failed, as Connor threw Dawn into Cordy, and I hadn't been able to keep control of him, and all that Buffy needed was a couple of shots.

The last one made ME hurt, all the way through, it was so devastating in it's ferocity, and as she and Spike walked off with Dawn, I wanted to scream out at her, stop her, tell her that sh had overreacted, as I knew that Connor was hurt, but as I looked at him and as he cringed in pain, his face swelling, I knew that it was so much worse.

We leapt off of the roof, me holding Connor, Rory holding Cordy and sped towards Cedar-Sinai, Connor unconscious in my arms. Cordy showed Rory the way and as we pulled up, and I kicked the door open, I vowed what I had been vowing the whole way since we got off of that roof....

If anything happened to Connor, if..I couldn't think it, but with the way that he looked and if it did, then Buffy was going to have to deal with me.

He was my son. She had gone too far.

I slammed through the doors, using my back, Cordy and Rory following, screaming for a doctor.

(Cordy and Rory)

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This is so cool! [15 Aug 2005|06:49am]

[ mood | excited ]

This was so cool! I thought, as I left the hotel with Lorne. Wewere so going to a Karaoke bar and Lorne was going to read people's aura's as they sang and not offer them guidance!

W were so only doing it to get away from this hotel, which was like Iraq or somthing, soldiers with gun's and creepy black uniforms on, coming in, trying to kill everyone, like the dead one that had been here and like the two that were locked up downstairs.

Lorne and I had been talking as we cleaned up the bloody and the bullet casings and the other bodily matter and ruined interior decor, and that was when I found exactly what kind of demon that he was, and it had to be the most uber cool thing that I had ever heard.

I would have sang for him, because it was so comic-bookish and I had a thing about the destiny/future thing of the redemptive, except for the fact that I didn't want to impose and after the the past year, I was also really kinda scared about knowing, because it was probably going to be really, really bad in my case.

Part of me wondered, if he would tell me, if I did start chirping out some kind of tune, maybe a broadway number, or if I did start humming the theme to Batman, but I supposed that it was something that I could decide to do later, if I really wanted to.

For now, I didn't want to anger the big, and totally cool, green empathic demon, because he was like the coolest being that I had ever met, and certainly was since Jonathan had died.

Besides, we were getting out of the hotel, which made me want to just scream out, YAY! at the top of my lungs, only I didn't because, yeah, he would probably read my future and if he saw death or sometin like that, it might ruin my good mood a little.

Out of the hotel and on the mean and busy streets of Los Angeles, I realized that there could be like vampires anywhere, and it prompted me to look at my new best friend.

"I sort of have two questions. The first one is easy. Actually, they are both easy, but one is an easy...nevermind.."

He looked at me, as we walked fast. "Okay, here goes. First, do you know where we are going? I mean, you must know where some of Caritas' former comptitors are and second, since we could like get attcked by vampires at any minute, are you a good fighter?"

{Open for Lorne}

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Leaving with the niblet. [14 Aug 2005|06:22pm]

[ mood | supportive ]

Bloody had been here before. Had been with the niblet and Buffy, last time, going to try to stop Angel's boy and now, as we left the rooftop, we once more were again, only this time, we weren't going to need to worry about the punk of Angel's spunk.

He could.

Buffy had hit the boy harder then I think that she even sodding meant to, with all of her weight behind it, her knees bent, all of the pwer transformed to her fist and into the boy's face.

Dawn, who had been traumitized by the boy, Connor, even cringed when she saw it, and somehow, the boy was still conscious, but I had been beaten by Buffy in a similar position before and beaten badly, but those punches were nowhere near the strength that she had just hit Angel's son with. The kid's head recoiled and just seemed to give and his body seemed to go limp with his eyes open.

Wanted to smash the ponce myself, for taking the niblet from us and trying to sodding flee, and to simply rub something in Angel's face, but not after Buffy had hit him like that and there was no chance that he was getting up.

If it had been a normal human, Buffy's punch would have smashed their face to the point of bleeding cranial damage, and even still was wondering if the boy was going to be okay. Because of that, ignored any conversation with Angel, because he was worrid about the boy, and trying to stop the boy, as well as any conversation with Rory, who's sodding presence was unsettling to me, but again, I'd leave him up to Angel for now, as I wanted, needed to stay with Buffy.

Buffy leapt off of the roop, Dawn in her arms and I followed her down, as she was worried about the niblet, putting her down, and I was worried about both of them.

I took Buffy's right hand, and the slayer, from one, maybe two lethal punches, had bruised knuckles. Didn't ask her about it, because I knew that she just wanted to get Dawn home, home being Angel's hotel. Just walked with my arm around her shoulder, wordless for a moment, as she had Dawn pulled into her shoulder, as we walked.

"Not that this is important, but that was Rory up there on that roof with Angel and company, and his being here would normally be very bad, and by very bad, I mean he has killed as many slayers...as..." I didn't finish the statement, as it made me sorrowed, the soul in me a big part of me now.

"Just wonder why he seemed to be helping Angel and what the bleeding story was there."

And if the boy was going to wake up from the vicious right hand.

[Buffy and Dawn]

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You and me, and Anya makes three [14 Aug 2005|04:19am]

[ mood | horny ]

Everything had been building up to this one moment. I could feel the tension in the room and it only turned me on even more. The spell was working out just like it was supposed to. And even though Xander had been a little leery at first, that didn't mean that I didn't know how to work it to my advantage. The whole idea of going back to the bar because something 'strange' maybe going on there had also worked out quite nicely. The spell had made him hazy on a lot of thing that had happened over the past several weeks, and months even, and if I just played along as if I were affected too in much the same way because I had been to that bar than, it made my job that much more easy.

All three of us, Anyanka, Xander, and myself, stood there, in the middle of the room, contemplating a threesome. The thought of it made me smile, it was about time I had some fun in this, and bring Anyanka with me along for the ride. I knew this would be hard for her, seeing this, doing this, but it was all for her own good. No one said being evil was easy, and she had lost touch of that. She needed to get back to her own roots and forget all that she had done in those few years after she had lost her powers.

And toying with Xander was a good start. He had, after all, hurt her... left her at the altar, and in a way let her die back in Sunnydale. If it hadn't been for him, she would have never tasted death in the first place, the way she should be thinking about this, was like this... payback is a bitch, but a vengeance demon is a bigger bitch than payback. It was our... specialty even, and why shouldn't she be able to get back at him for all of that?

I let him kiss me deeply, and luckily enough I didn't have to pretend to like it, because I really did. I could see why Anyanka liked him so much. For a guy his age, he really did know how to kiss. Funny thing though, as I kissed him, Mondevici came to mind, I wondered what he would do if he could see me now... what his reaction would be. It only made me kiss him harder as I thought about that. Let the boy think I was his... it would be fun. Have my way with him for a while, and make Mondevici jealous. I was still puzzled about that one though, didn't know why I wanted to make him jealous, but didn't have time to dwell on that so I didn't.

"Well, maybe I should take myself out of the equation. You know, make it a little easier. You both look all comfy and cozy, already."

I turned around and looked at Anyanka and smiled at her. Dare I say she was jealous? Well, I wasn't holding that against her, the guy had been with her for a while so I suppose there were lingering... feelings there. Mortal feelings and that was okay. Still, the guy thought he was my boyfriend and for this little experiment of ours it worked quiet nicely. Mess with his head a little, pretend to die or something later, or just, cheat on him... let Anyanka have her way with him and then, break the spell and realize that the hooker that he loved and his bastard child are dead. No sweeter revenge than that.

I turned around taking Xander's hands and making him wrap them around me as I pressed my back on to him. I could feel his erection and it only made me hotter. "Anya," I said looking at her, as Xander lightly kissed my neck. "Don't be that way... yeah, Xander is my boyfriend, right?" I said looking up to him, I knew that's what he was thinking, because of our closeness, and because for all the stuff that lay about in the room, might as well keep the façade going and give the boy his fantasy. "Let's have some fun here. You don't have to leave you know. I really, really don't want you to leave. Besides," I put my hand out and pulled her forcefully towards me, planting a passionate kiss on her lips. "You are just as tasty as he is..."

[[Open to Xander and Anya]]

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Finding reassurance [14 Aug 2005|03:48am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Spending time with Willow had really helped calm my fears, fears I didn't know I had until Wesley and Riley left to find Connor and Dawn. Everything that had happened seemed so real still. It was almost like, if I closed my eyes I could still see it, and feel it... Angel...us holding me down, trying to kiss me, Cordelia laughing, and Willow... Willow trying to help, trying hard not to cry, trying to plead with them to let me go.

I felt, I felt so embarrassed to show my face to the world, as if everything had been my fault. I knew it wasn't, I knew it. But deep down I couldn’t bring my mind to think otherwise. I almost felt... felt dirty, felt used, felt like I wasn't worthy to be with anyone anymore because of what had happened. I mean, how could some one want me after that? Why would they?

Maybe that's why I had been how I had been with Wesley. Subconsciously I was trying to push him away, when all along, what I really wanted to do was just let him in, and take comfort in him. But I was just this mess of mixed signals and he probably didn't know where to being. Still, that was just my assumption. Things were probably not like that at all.

Or at least Willow didn't think that they were.

And she really was right. After Connor had come and gone, everything that I had been feeling before sort of went out the door as I worried about Wesley, and everything else that was happening around me.

As Wesley walked through the door, all my fears came to a halt. Just seeing him, seeing that he was okay and not dead somewhere really made me realize how much I felt for him. On impulse I kissed him. In front of everybody, and it didn't feel weird or anything like that, it felt real. It felt right. For that one small moment, I felt normal, I felt almost as if nothing had ever happened to me. Maybe there was hope for me yet. Maybe.

And just like that moment came, it went. I don't know how long I simply stood there looking at him, seemed like forever, but even forever wasn't long enough. Before I knew it everyone had left us and it was just him and me. Alone.

I explained to him about Connor coming down here, acting as if though everything was alright and then... and then not. I worried about him, worried about Dawn. Things were getting really bad really quick, and in the back of my mind, there was only one person I could blame for all of this... the same person that ruined my whole life. I tried not to hate him, tired to understand that Angel and Angelus were different people, but right now, I couldn't differentiate from the two.

Just as Angelus was guilty of everything that had happened, so was Angel, for running away, for leaving everything just as it was without trying to make things right again, and facing everyone like he should have. Connor... whatever was happening to him wouldn't have happened if he had been here, or if it did, it could have been prevented some how. Now it was up to us to pick up all the pieces and clean up the mess he had left behind.

I wondered if he knew about Connor though, I wondered if he knew and had come back. If that were the case, I didn't know how I would react if I saw him again. Didn't think that I could. I did ask Wesley if he was... just to be sure. Just to... I don't know... be prepared I guess, for whatever comes.

He looked at me and cupped my face with his hand, reassuring me, telling me he wasn't here, and that if he was, he didn't know it. That was good enough for me. He kissed my forehead and I felt a shiver run right through me as he did. I looked up at him and tried to smile, but I felt my eyes glaze, tears threatening to pour over. I closed my eyes and rested my head on his chest, trying to find some comfort, some type of solace of some kind... I truly loved him, of that I was sure now, but I felt ashamed, I felt violated, like something was taken away from me, something that I would never be able to get back and the thought just made me feel bad. Deep down I wondered if he was just being this way with me out of pity, just to be nice, and not cause me any more grief. Maybe I had it all wrong and his own feelings were just as strong as my own. I guess I wouldn't know unless I asked... and I wasn't asking.

[[Open for Wesley]]

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Mondevici....A chance to put my full power to the test. [12 Aug 2005|10:39pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

Interrupted from love-making by human intruders, I immediately thought that Drusilla and I were about to have two meals walk right into her mansion.

A man, Lindsey and a woman, or more aptly, barely more then girl, still, Kennedy, had come into our house, and hadn't done much in the way of helping themselves, until Lindsey had mentioned one name.


I didn't care that Lindsey had mentioned that he was the chief executive officer of Wolfram and Hart, which of course, I was familiar with since they had offices in Rome and I was a friend of Ilona Bianchi's, and I didn't care that this Kennedy had powers and could get even more, if they succeeded in killing one of the two remaining slayers, even if they were asking me to do the slaying of the slayers.

None of this was more then an interruption unwanted, as I didn't have to worry about anything or anyone now that the Necklace of Sarupezza adorned my neck, and the power that it gave me and imperviousness to death, made once possibly important things seem minute.

Everything that Lindsey told us, at least to me was boring until he mentioned the name of....


Now I was interested. Mondevici had taken my Michaela on one occassion without her permission, for she was always faithful to me, only when I tried to confront him then, I didn't have the strength to deal with his fireball and lightning orbing or his teleporting.

Now I did. Now I had the power. Now, I knew where Mondevici was and the necklace and my own abilities could now truly be tested, and Mondevici was one of the only beings that now caused me even an inkling towards trepidation.

Drusilla had seemed to know him as well, and she spoke of him in way that sort of made it seem as though she was impressed by his legendary lovemaking and taking ways, which only made Lindsey's offer more enticing.

He was in Cleveland. We would soon be in Cleveland.

I smiled at Drusilla, looking forward to a trip that when sharing the ncklace, we could make night or day now. "Okay, Mr. McDonald. Merry amounts of cash will be ours on a limited basis if you need us with the slayers or anything else, but Mondevici...I will erase this problem for free. The information had better be accurate, though. I take being toyed with in a most violent manner."

[Open for Drusilla, Kennedy and Lindsey]

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Bruised and confused. [10 Aug 2005|08:18am]

[ mood | calm ]

Willow had invited Oz to join us in her room, obviously wanting to give Wes and Fred there time together, and to say it was awkward for me, was an understatement. But, I knew that it had to be worse for her. I mean, it wasn't like I had called her and given her the heads up, 'hey, Willow, Oz is coming back with Wesley and I, and oh yeah, Wesley and I both look like we had just gone fifteen rounds with a heavyweight.'

Fred had mentioned Connor being crazy before we had left them to their privacy, to go to our own, not so privacy, which was a shock, but then again, not so much of a shock, because Connor was so crazy that I wasn't going to put it past him to look everywhere for Dawn, because of this new obsession with her, or for Wes and I, for that matter, to continue with the fistacuffs.

I just hoped that Wes was honest with Fred, because I was planning to be with Willow, although since they both seemed to know about Connor, there really wasn't any reason to lie, or sugarcoat it.

That feeling of mine was only intensified by Oz being here. I had to be open with her, especially when I sensed that Oz was looking for a return to their Sunnydale days together, and I didn't want to come off as the covert, stealth guy, and somebody that she couldn't trust.

As the second Hotel door closed behind me, Oz wheeling Willow in, I resisted the urge to reach over and kiss her, even though I wanted to. I knew how I felt about her, and there was no reason to flaunt it in front of Oz, who was more or less, a friend, and would always be to her.

I was the jealous type, of sorts, but that had more been about a superpower, vampire thing with Buffy, and I had changed a lot since the divorce from Sam. Besides, I wasn't exactly going to be jealous of a man that was a foot shorter then I was.

Then again, in my own way, I was going to fight for her, for what we had, for what had begun between the two of us, but for now, I had to explain why my face looked like it had purple paint on it, and be accepting of past friendships and past history.

I watched the two of them, leery, but not overly so. "So.....I guess that Connor came a calling here as well.." Awkwardness abounds....

[Willow and Oz]

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The elusive Connor, son of Angel, and a prisoner. [08 Aug 2005|12:28am]

[ mood | awake ]

I was in the middle of trying to get to know more about Sunnydale and the legendary slayer, Buffy Summers, when Angel had given me a half-bloody-hearted answer, that was obviously hidin something, so naturally, I was about to inquire further, when he jerked the wheel and just happened to mention that he saw his son and was now speeding for him.

"Who's the cute, young philly that he has with him?"

Then Angel mentioned that it was somebody named Dawn, who he obviously knew, as well, and my blood started to boil.

I could feel Cordy's tension and that was understandable, because since Angel had just told me not to flip out on his son for the third time, I was guessing that she and this glow power was about to be on display.

I was anxious to see this, but we had to protect this Dawn first, who looked really scared.

Angel was out of the car fast, as the kid could move, but not as fast as I was. Amazingly, his boy, with the girl in hand, soared up onto a rooftop, and I was starting to get the full scope of the kid's power, but at the moment, he was seriously over-matched, with Angel, Cordy in his arms, soaring up into the air and onto the roof, with me, and the boy and his prisoner, Dawn.

I heard somebody screaming Dawn, and turned to see a blonde and William the bloody heading our way.

This was going to be interesting. I wanted to let Angel take the lead, considering that this was his son, and bloody all, but the fear in the girl struck a chord in me, akin to watching my Brandy di in hell.

We surrounded him, and I spoke up first. "Honey, it's going to be okay. Connor, just let her bloody go, and let's settle this like warriors."

I didn't know if I had overstepped my bounds there, but I wasn't about to let him hurt the girl, especially since my new soul was screaming at me like my life, once again, depended on it to save her.

[Open for Dawn, Connor, Cordy, Angel, Buffy and Spike]

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On the bed with Faith. [07 Aug 2005|02:59pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

We had been vanquished to Vegas; all four of us. Gunn and Giles had gone somewhere else and Faith and I, well we were on her hotel bed at the casino, trading stories and it was nice.

This was why I was here. It might not have been the only reason that I was here, and I know that both she and I wanted to go back to Cleveland, but it was becoming more clear to me, as if God had programmd my soul to make things more and more clear to me as time went on.

It occurred to me that I needed to know more about Faith then what she had just told me. I wasn't sure, but as much as of course, my past had been troubled, and littered with murders, I knew that there was a reason that God wanted me by her side.

I wasn't feeling any bad feelings, any burning soul, for being so close to her, so very close and attracted to her, but I had to know her, all about her, and I didn't want to do it in any kind of way that would appear to be overly aggressive, so I would share stories with her, but I just knew that there were things in her past; I could somehow sense it, that would be difficult for her to talk about, even though she seemed refreshingly like somebody who would discuss anything with ease.

I would give if she would and even if she didn't.

First, I had to find out about Spike, and everything in Sunnydale. I knew a little something about dying and coming back, but this Spike had seemingly wore some necklace, if I had her story right, and had helped saved the world and had still come back, and that was something that I aspired to do. That vampire, Spike, had given up the ultimate and whil dying again wasn't on my list of priorities, I respected it and like everything concerning Faith, I had to know what had happened.

"If this Spike pup gave it up to save everyone, to help all of you in Sunnydale, then how is he back? How did he come back?"

I moved just a little bit closer to her, subtly.

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Winning in Las Vegas. What are the odds? [06 Aug 2005|10:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I was indeed more then just a trifle surprised at our success at Texas Holdem. My own skills were mutable at best, and although Gunn could have very much been a virtuoso at the game, we had lost one hand out of ten.

I had suggested quittng while we were ahead, cashing in our chips and enjoying some more mixed beverages while counting our money, but then, of course, the ladies came over and while the possibility was quite enormous that these were money-grabbing harlots, whom I would never associate with, it must have been the liquor talking, because not only was I attracted to one of them, but I had agreed with Charles to stay in for at least a few more hands.

The amount of money in front of us was not a small amount and indeed, this could truly become a lucrative engagement if one put their mind to it, but of course, with evil everywhere, and by everywhere, I meant all over the world, I wouldn't be taking too many excursions to Las Vegas again, anytime soon, unless teleported her again by an evil demon trying to get a slayer and her helpers away from his hellmouth more then halfway across the country.

"Very well," I said to Charles, receiving an approving glance from the rather busted and ever increasingly attractive redhead just to my left.

Two new players with some pockets that were rather deep, anteed up and joined the festivities. I would make sure that we walked away with no less then the thousands that we had already won, let alone tens of thousands, and who knew? It wasn't an abhorrent possibility that we could increase our dowry further.

I studied them, but realized that my menacing poker face was not that of Charles', who seemed to be highly game for these newest festivities.

Feeling, and hating to admit it because of Andrew and the unrelenting voices in my head of his words; like James Bond, I decided to order a vodka martini, and stare at the redhead, as two cards hit my hands.


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Tense moments. [05 Aug 2005|12:28pm]

[ mood | intimidated ]

I could tell that Kennedy was ready to fight. She had been upgraded with a dark power inside of her and although she had killed Kershaw, and disturbingly, had expressed some remorse over that, I could tell that she was now ready to attack Drusilla and Leonardo in front of us in Drusilla's mansion, and that wouldn't end well for the two of us.

If the tactical team in Los Angeles had been able to do their jobs and had taken out either Faith or Buffy, then Kennedy would have slayer power on top of the Wolfram and Hart upgrade, and might have a good chance against Leonardo, who was wearing that necklace that made him impervious to death and as strong as two vampires, and then I could take my chances against Drusilla, but unfortunately, I knew that we would be dead like the strong-looking guy on the floor to me and Kennedy's right and Drusilla and Leonardo's left.

I wasn't CEO for nothing. I knew how to play odds and knw when the scales were tipped against me. I knew how to keep the peace and sugar-coat things if need be.

Leonardo was on a short fuse, ready to blow and Kennedy's fists were balled as if she were ready to fight, and I couldn't allow that, and Drusilla had just threatened Kennedy, and had me really tense.

This had to be played a different way and I knew that I had to coddle Leonardo in this one, even though the thought of not always being in control really pissed me off.

Leonardo still didn't know what I had mant when I had spoke to Drusilla about us being responsible, solely for Connor, along of course, with Angel and Darla getting pelvic, which of course, brought me back to shitty times when Angel had taken my girl away. Darla had mant so much to me, especially after Angel had burned she and the female vampire not three feet away from me.

"Leonardo, what I meant, was that Darla was brought back by Wolfram and Hart, which of course, you re familiar with, which I am the CEO of now, of the Los Angeles branch. Darla was human then, but Drusilla changed that and sired her. Darla and Angel had sex, made a baby, somehow...not sure how that works, but it happened, and that son is Connor, who is now crazed and maniacal, because of something that I had done to him. We share a common enemy and his name is Angel."

I studied him, as the lights went off.

[Open to Leonardo, Kennedy and Drusilla]

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There they are. All three of them. [03 Aug 2005|09:59am]

[ mood | predatory ]

I had left Willow and Fred back at their room. They hadn't been lying. I would have known if they were and would have pushed some butons to find out what I needed, but I could tell that neither of them had any idea where Dawn was, which led me to believe that she had found Buffy and Spike...that evil piece of trash.

I wasn't really looking forward to intimidating two women who had been through as much as they had, anyway, so it was for the best.

As I made my way out of the hotel, I his as Riley and some other small guy were helping Wesley out of a van. Wesley didn't look very good, but he had survived the spill that I had forced upon him, which was annoying, but I didn't want to kill him, or even Riley.

They weren't evil demons like Spike or my cowardly running father, but if they were to get in my way when it came to Dawn again, I wouldn't show them even a minute of mercy. I had taken it easy on Wesley last time, when I should have pummeled him for hitting me with the butt of a gun and for holding the gun on me in the first place.

They were going to see Willow and Fred, who had to already know that I was back to my real self, the person that I was, and not some stupid nice kid, agreeing with everyone and listening to my murdering father.

I almost wanted to see the reaction at the hotel. It almost made me want to scale the walls and look in on them. I didn't want to hurt Fred or Willow, but come on, it was going to be funny to watch their reactiosn to see their reactions to the bruises on Riley and Wesley's faces.

I wanted to, but I couldn't. I had to find Dawn. She was definitely with Buffy and Spike and getting her away from them was going to be interesting.

I bounded down an alley and found a stake. It was sharp and would be more then effective enough to rid this place of the demon scum that was Spike. I could do it quickly and then only have to deal with little miss super sister. From fighting with Faith, I realized somethings, adjusted and knew what I would need to get by her.

Injuring her without killing her and taking Dawn some place where they would never find us. I eard voices as I turned a corner and I heard the unmistakable English accent of Spike, and all of his bloody and buggering phrases.

Stupid. They were talking about Willow and Fred. They were going to the hotel!

I leapt up to an abutment of a warehouse and then climbed the walls, up to the roof, away from the nostrils of the vampire, seeing all three of them. Seeing Dawn. She was so beautiful. I could get her away without anyone even knowing, if I played my cards right.

{Open for Spike, Buffy and Dawn}

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Willow, at long last. [02 Aug 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Driving back into Los Angeles, and back to Angel's hotel, which was weird, because Angel wasn't there because he had turned into his bad self again and had done some evil things, including to Willow, who had been on my mind since probably Denver, after parting ways with Julianna; I drive down the road and see one guy helping another.

The Los Angeles streets had cost me my friends and my band, so I was immediately sort of tempted to just mozy along. A Sunnydale development made me think that it could be one vampire carrying another, just to get me to stop.

Okay, that had been a random thought, but it was possible, and yet, I couldn't help but slow down and see a familiar face, and then see that cette familiar face was helping somebody else with another familiar face.

It was Riley, who had been rumored to be seeing the woman that I really wanted to see, and of all people, Wesley?

I would have thought that after graduation, that Wesley would be back in England doing......doing whatever they do there, but he was here too.

I stopped, let Riley know that he was safe, and then he realized that it was me, and yeah, awkward because of Willow, but he didn't know that, so he helped Wesley into my van.

In minutes, Wesley had awakened and I learned...what did I learn...oh yeah, that Angel had a son and now he was crazy. It must have ran in the family, or something.

I didn't hold it against Angel, though, even if he had hurt Willow. He had done more then his share of good and I was'nt exactly free and clean of killing somebody in my time.

I probed about Riley and Willow, kinda subtly, kinda not, jealousy wasn't really my thing, so it could have came off bad. Then, they decided that they should go to Willow and somebody named Fred, who I found to be a female, and it made me smile, although not about why they were going there....because Angel's apparently crazy son might be ging to them.

We pulled up to the hotel and I did sort of wonder what we would do if Angel's apparently crazy and really strong son showed up, but it didn't matter to me, as long as we were going to see Willow.

We sort of helped Wesley out of the van, even though he realy didn't want it, and entered the hotel, heading towards the elevator.

[Open to Wesley, Riley, Willow and Fred]

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Is this a ..... [01 Aug 2005|01:52pm]

[ mood | horny ]

This was just like so uber cool!

I had this sprouting erection. Well...not really sprouting, at this point. Yeah, it was safe to say that it had already fully spruoted at this point and was now painfully hiding in my jeans, waiting to be released like a dog left in he cage all day while you were out gallavanting.

Oh, god, that was a bad example.

For once, Xander, it's right to think about sex all of the time. I remembered when Buffy could read our thoughts and I tried to not think about sex.

Man, that was hard.

Back to hard. I had Zenia and her friend Anya, here with me, and they were totally smoking hot. One could say that they were hotter then Faith, who sadly, as I sat here in my twenty-third year on Earth, with two beautiful chicks in front of me, was still the only woman that I had had sex with. Yeah, I had smoochies and illicit closet affairs and relations with Cordy and a kissy here, a touchy there with Will, but Faith was the extent of my experience, and even that was a blur.

God, stop thinking about that! Don't think about the whole glass eye thing, either! Focus on the two hot mommas infront of you. Focus on Zenia and Anya. Zenia had been my conquest last night, so I was no longer just a slept with one person guy! That was really cool, come to think of it!

But, I had been with Zenia last night, and considering that she was like Buffy hot, like Cordy hot, and seemed to have a friend that was as hot, who wouldn't have minded doing the threesome thing, I guessed that the Xandman's skills were coming around!

Anya stepped closer to me. Maybe she wasn't into the threesome thing? Oh please, god! Let her be into the threesome thing. Talk about fantasies fulfilled! There was that, and becoming the lead in the next Godzilla movie, but think about the fantasy in front of you.

I put my lips to Zenia's, feeling suddenly aggressive, to see if it sparked a memory of where we might have met last night, or if it sparked a memory of the act itself, but it didn't, although it did feel good. Man, I really REALLY must have had a lot to drink last night. Great googily-moogily. To not remember her.

Something hit me, being all hellmouth, Sunnydale raised and it was threatening to ruin the fantasy, but I wsn't going to be played like some kind of windbag instrument, or whatever they are called.

"I would remember the two of you. IS THIS SOME KIND OF SPELL ON ME?" I asked, not believing that I hadn't thought about it earlier on, and not believing that I just passed up, maybe, on the chance to sleep with two gorgeous chicks becuas ei was worried about a spell.

Like this was some bad spell or something? Pfft. Getting two girls in the sack spells should happen for every guy, but then again, I had already put the question out there, and now, I was studying Zenia, who looked at me crazy, but her friend, Anya, almost seemed a little shocked that I had asked, liked shocked that I had figured it out shocked.

"Is that what this is, Anya"

((Anya and Zenia))

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[31 Jul 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | productive ]

I don't think I'd ever seen more bullet holes in one single space than I did in the Hyperion's lobby this afternoon. This place was a disaster area, through and through. While everyone was cursing those gun-toting soldier boys for their 'shoot first and ask questions later' rampage, I was cursing them for the mess they made. This was my home after all. I didn't come into their homes packing heat and firing lead into their furniture, now did I?

Andrew was still with me at this point, and he didn't seem too keen on wanting to help me clean this up. I guess I can't blame him, it was a daunting task. Now that I think of it, I don't even know why I volunteered myself just now to clean it up. After the morning I had, I really should just go upstairs, nurse another bottle of gin, and hope someone else will deal with it.

But it looked to me like everyone else was out doing more important things, and yet again, because good ole' reliable Lorne was put on the back burner, looks like i'll be the only one available to play housemaid. Bugger.

Rolling up the sleeves of my shirt, I looked over at Andrew, whose mind seemed to be in another dimension currently... Probably the one with lightsabres and Ewoks. I frowned slightly. "Well, I don't know about you, tough guy," I told him, "But I'm going to start cleaning this mess up. Feel free to jump in and help me out instead of standing there."

I walked towards the janitor's closet to fetch a mop, a broom, a scrub brush, various cleaning agents, and a tub of plaster. Guess I had my work cut out for me.


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In Vegas, but not for long. [31 Jul 2005|12:56pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I couldn't believe the amount of women circulating this casino.

Part of me wanted to find Faith and the others and clink Faith again and try to recreate what I almost had with her back at my mansion, but it was risky with her strength.

Some planning would have to go into my next move concerning her, but for now, I had a libidonous urge that needed the addressing of a beautiful woman.

Then I saw her. Tall, well built, and brunette, reminiscent of Faith. She was perfect for what I had in mind, and she was perfect for my bed.

I took a hold of her arm and bfore she could turn or make any utterances of fear, I teleported her back to my bedroom, which had been slightly damaged by that vampire getting Faith away from me, but he would be dealt with at some point, as would Faith, and those other two, Giles and Gunn.

I had gotten them away from the hellmouth for now, and there were things that needed to be done on this night, but nothing would be done until I had fulfilled my desires with this squeamish woman, who's name I didn't yet know, but I would find out.

No need for any kind of binding, as her strength was laughable to me, I held her down, slowly peeling her clothes off.

She hit me in the face and clawed at me, but it was just pleasurable to me, so I allowed it, as I examined her breasts and her flat stomach.

"You have nothing to fear, honey. I will not hurt you, I will only please you, but.....I would enjoy knowing your name. I'm Mondevici."

She continued to hit me, but I stopped her. "Just relax honey, and let this happen. It will be the time of your life." I smiled at her.

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Real gamblin' Vegas style. [30 Jul 2005|10:07pm]

[ mood | weird ]

That Mondevici demon was more formidable then we thought. When we had first met him, he just seemed like some muscled pretty boy who could handle himself when he took out those demons at the hellmouth.

Then, he teleports us and leaves us here in Vegas and come to find that he had tried to rape Faith.

I couldn't dig that shit, even though his powers were a nice one to have. We were about to kick his ass, and then he sends us like three-quarters of the way across the country, and all five of us, too. Me, Giles, faith, this other, new souled vamp, Justin and himself, and then, of course, he goes back home, or whereva he went.

Now, we had to fly back to Cleveland, which was gonna make me kill him even harder, because flyin' not for me, man.

What was good about it, was that now we were in Vegas and all of us, wit the exception of the new souled vamp, of course, were tired and Faith was gonna go to bad, while Giles and I both thought that some drinks and gamblin'were good things until we went back to Cleveland, which when it happened, I was gettin' knocked out, or somethin', because the last flight, wow, almost killed me, man.

How the hell anyone can deal with turbulence, is a big mystery to me.

Giles and I strolled into the casino, or in his case, especially, limped. We had been through some serious shit, an I was givin' Giles one drink tops, before he passed out, but not me.

I was tired, beaten, and didn't really feel like stakin' any vamps on the streets, especially, but gamblin' and drinkin' for four hours, I could do.

Oh yeah, and I had the feelin' that I had to check on Faith, who's room turned out to be right next to the vamps, and souled vamps and slaya's...just weird, man.

I might get my ass kicked for tryin', but hell, somethin' bothered me about that. Faith was kind of hot.

Giles gathered some chips right after I did, and he called the waiter over and not me. "Poker table, Giles?"

I was down for some serious Texas holdem.

[Open to Giles]

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Love at first bite? [29 Jul 2005|12:00am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Giles walked up to the counter and completely ignored me holding my card. I glared at him as he requested the rooms, which were pretty much completely seperated from eachother except for two! Or maybe I was mistaken? I was too busy glaring at him. So Giles gave us all our keys and then he and Gunn quickly made their way towards the casino or wherever they were going. I didn't really care. Gunn was being uber protective-boy for some odd reason, which somewhat annoyed me. It's not like I haven't staked a vampire in my life. This boy gets out of hand, I'll put him to rest real fast.

"So, to our rooms or somewhere else?" I asked as I pressed the elevator door button and watched the flickering numbers above the elevator shaft doors. As the door opened, I stepped in and waited to see if he'd follow after or if he'd like to go patrol. But thankfully for me, he decided to hop in and I pressed our floor.

"Thank god I don't have to patrol, I think I'd die out there. I mean, I'm battered to hell!" Really battered and a bit shaken, but that's alright. At least Mond-cocky didn't get that far with me, which made me feel pretty good. I was thankful that I had someone save me, just in time.

The elevator door opened and we walked to our rooms, which were right against eachother. I smiled as I watched him walk to his door, still with a huge erection, and just stare at me. It was a nice feeling when you caught someone looking at you like that, even though he wasn't trying to hide it.

{{Open to Justin! (Make it naughty baby! Rofl.)}}

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Sounding too much like a demon. [28 Jul 2005|11:53am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I had saved Brandi, Heather's friends life, from a vampire attack on the beach, and staked the evil vampire, and then checked things out at the beach party to make sure that there would be no more attacks.

The coast was clear, there, but it wasn't with Heather. Brandi had left, driving drunk, against my pleadings, probably because she had seen what I was too, and I had the impression that it didn't make Heather happy.

She was drunk, of course, and I was working my way there, now, with a bottle of Stoli in hand, but she had seemed very stand-offish, and that bothered me intensely.

Then, as I tried to explain to her that vampires existed and that I wasone, but that I wasn't evil like virtually all of the others of my kind and that I would never be, she said the sweetst thing to me and I realized that she was right.

She had said that I had saved her friend and that she thought that I was sweet and not evil and that I was focusing more on the fact that I was a vampire then she was.

And, it was true. I wanted her so badly, I had changed because of one girl and I wanted her to know that so badly, that I had been making up excuses for me being what I was and I had no control over that. Like every other vampire, almost, I was made a demon against my will, by a female vampire that wanted me for sex and still, three hundred years later, I was trying to justify my existence to this splendid girl before me, when all that I had to do was be myself.

I knew what I was. I knew that I was a soulless demon who didn't feed on his own volition, off of humans and it took her pointing it out to me, in her kitchen, to make me realize it again.

"You're right, Heather. I am focusing on it more then you. I just want you to like me and not fear me and I wanted to be honest with you, because if my heart did beat, you would own it..."

Being embarrassed wasn't like me either, but my pale skin did turn a little red at the moment, as I looked to the floor, and then back up at her.

"Thank you for being you, Heather."

((Heather, dahling))

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An upscale hotel? [26 Jul 2005|11:04pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Cordy and I had gotten off of the plane, desperate to save Connor and to get a car to speed up the process. We needed to stop Connor and figure out why his anger was so intense again.

In searching for a car, I thought that I needed to stake a vampire along the way, because leting two girls out at the airport, was somebody older hen me and whom I had known for a very long time and as far as scary vampires went, he would be one of the few that I would actually rank.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he had divulged that he had become ensouled and it was true, I could sense it, but I wasn't sure if I believed his story about how he had gotten his soul; meetings with the one and only God, and the like.

Still, we drove in the car he had, towards the Hyperion, figuirng that it was the best place to start looking for my son. I couldn't get over how surreal this was. My desperation to get to Connor was high, I was heading towards a hotel where the woman that I raped and another woman that I had nearly sired were, and in the backseat, was a vampire who had along with another, Fangdan, wreaked havoc all over England and other parts of Europe for centuries.

The only good thing that I had going for me was the woman to my right, clutching my hand as I took a corner too fast.

Andrew had mentioned that he might go back to Willow and Fred, because he remembered hearing that Dawn had been with them at some upscale hotel. I believed Andrew, but there were dozens of upscale motels and we were basically left looking for Connor on the streets.

"Cordy, what are some of the upscale hotels around here?" I clutched her hand, and smiled for her, having to stop a a light, which pissed me off, but I didn't show it.

We didn't have time for this.

(Cordy and Rory)

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Worried Faces [25 Jul 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | worried ]

After a sinful amount of chocolate and some girl talk with Willow, I really began to feel better. I almost felt normal for once, I felt as if though this great huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could finally breathe easy since... Still, there were little reminders of what had happened, small things that still made me think about what had happened to me. I still felt sore and- I still had the bruises that constantly reminded me that I had been raped, and not by some stranger, but by the one person I trusted the most. Someone who I cared... for.

Peeling the last piece of chocolate I smiled at Willow. She was really strong and she was really brave. She knew so much about a lot of things and she was really sweet. I was glad that she was here with me. Not only because I really didn't want to be alone, but because she and I had really become close friends. We both shared so much in common... I could almost see myself in her.

Looking at the clock I began to worry a little. It had been a while since Wesley and Riley had left to look for Connor and Dawn. And, they hadn’t called with any news. I had tried not to worry, but it was almost impossible now. It was getting late, and anything could have happened to them.

I felt so helpless, just sitting here doing nothing. I was still in no condition to be out walking around L.A by myself or at all, especially at this time, and Willow, well, she wasn't really going anywhere without a wheelchair. And I wasn't going to let her go off on her own either and I had an idea that she wouldn't let me leave this place either.

Still, I worried. I wished Wesley would call, or Riley. And tell if they had found Connor and Dawn. Something in the pit of my stomach told me that things weren't quite right. And I really hated feeling that way. I looked at the clock again, and I was sure that by this time, with the look of worry in my face, Willow was probably feeling the same way.

I didn't way anything for the longest time because, well... I just didn't want to think about all the different scenarios that could possibly be happening right about now. It was the problem of being such a science nerd... the scenarios, the different possibilities, and the different outcomes of the same problem.

Finally, though, my worries got the best of me and I couldn't hold them in any longer.

"You know... it's been a while since Wesley and Riley left. Do you think they're okay? I mean, they should have called by now, don't you think?" I crossed my arms and leaned up against the bed post before continuing. "Maybe something happened? Or, maybe they didn't take their cell phones? Do you think they’re okay?"

[[Open to Willow and later to Connor... and everyone else that wants to hop in this post]]

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Killing someone has it's price... [24 Jul 2005|06:33pm]

[ mood | cold ]

"But, Kennedy, when you think about it, you really aren't done. The best part is watching him contort and then seeing that look in his eyes when he knows that his last breath is coming."

I rolled my eyes and just looked away, hearing the noises of Kershaw slowly dying. I felt- I felt horrible. I felt this void every time I heard him take in a painful breath. I held onto my arms as my eyes slowly met with his. He looked so afraid- so alone! I almost felt sorry for him but I had to be strong. It was apart of my job! He deserved to die, or did he? I don't know...

"Tell my wife that I died heroically."

I closed my eyes and heard him spit just as Lindsey's phone rang. He was ignoring though, because when I opened my eyes he was still watching. Unlike him, I still had a bit of compassion still. I felt bad that he had to die slowly like this, but it had to be done.

I watched as his last breath left his body and he became still, almost like a doll. I small smile crossed my face, as I realized I did it! I officially did it. Half of me was screaming in weakness but then the other half was smiling. I couldn't hep but smile at the pool of blood around his body- which I caused.

"Ready to go see two very powerful vampires, Kennedy?"

I looked to Lindsey and frowned a bit. It was obvious that I felt bad but the thought of possibly getting to dust some vamps just re-lit my fire!

"Sure as hell!"

"A mansion not far from the beach, male vampire, Leonardo, female vampire, Drusilla, with the body of one dead man on the floor. It should be fun."

"Then let's get going!" I just wanted to get out and away from Kershaw's body. I turned and began to walk towards the door, with Lindsey in tow. We got to the car and drove towards our next objective. We didn't speak during the ride, I saw no reason to. All I could see was Kershaw's face- and how many conflictiong emotions I was feeling at the moment. I just stared out the window until we came to a stop and I looked out the windshield, seeing a huge mansion.

"I guess this is the place?" He gave me a nod as I opened up the car door and stepped out, trying to push back the guilt and focus on the goals. This was one of many that would lead me to being a full fledge Slayer again! That's all that matters.

"So how are we going to do this? Kick down the door or be a lil' bit more sneaky?"

{{Open to Lindsey then Drusilla and Leonardo!}}

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Hyperion meeting, number three. [24 Jul 2005|02:02am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I had been driving for two days, and it seemed like six months.

The first night there had been tough, because it was a wolf moon, and considering that the night before that, I had been turned into the demon part of me because vampoires had attacked and killed the other three members of my band.

This ride had just consisted of me, without Julianna, driving as fast as the van and the law would allow me to, cranking up some obscure funk bands that I had caught at different points and got some discs of along the way.

I was now in Los Angeles city proper, an the memories were not good. This was where we had been dicovered by Trent Reznor and on the same night, all of my dreams and the rest of the band's lives had been taken away.

Still, I had to come back. Xander might have been crazy right now, but what he did mention to me in our...sightly less then pleasant encounter, was that Willow's magicks had gotten the best of her at one point and that she had lost Tara and I had to see her, and be around my friends right now.

Julianna might have wanted to go back home to Oklahoma and abandon her potential duties in life and her friends, and I might have taken her there, but I couldn't abandon my friends again.

As I drove the streets, getting closer to Angel's hotel, still not really clear on the him going evil, becomin good again and then leaving for Miami thing, I saw somebody carrying somebody else down the street and as I slowed to nearly a crawl as I passed them, I was shocked to see who it was.

It was the person that Julianna had hinted at now having Willow's affections, and somebody else that I hadn't seen in over three years.....Riley, carrying Wesley, who seemed to be knocked out.

I stopped. "Riley?"

He turned and looked at me as I opened the sliding door. "What happened to Wesley?"

((Riley and when you awaken, Wesley))

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Hyperion meeting number two. Grr. [23 Jul 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

I had left Wesley on the ground, unconscious. It should have been a lot worse for him.

He had left me in the arms of Holtz and while I owed him that favor, the favor of not letting me be raised by the likes of that murderous vampire; my real, disgusting father, he had still altered things for me, had made it so Holtz couldn't take me to Utah to raise me, as opposed to Quortoth.

It was a favor, and it was the reason that I didn't kill him in that alley. Also rushing back into that alley after thinking that he and Wes had knocked me out, was that Riley guy, who was owed a beating for even standing up to me, and it would be repaid, because he had enabled Dawn, who was MY GIRL, to get away from me, but I knew where she was going and had to get to her.

Giving Riley a beating that he wouldn't wake up from could come later, but now, I had to get to MY GIRL, and I knew exactly where she was going. She was rushing off to see her older sister slayer, who never let her do anything, like fight demons, which I had given her the opportunity to do tonight, before we were interrupted by the two meddlers.

THAT blonde pain in the ass vampire, almost on the level of my father, would also be there, and both he and Buffy had beaten me up in that alley a few days ago and I hadn't forgotten that either, even if we were on the same side then.

Spike was getting dusted, Buffy was getting hurt and Dawn WAS coming with me! I leapt from rooftop to rooftop and I could smell her as she had just recently been into the filthy vampire hotel.

I leapt down to the ground, and rushed over to the front door, seeing that filthy demon Lorne and somebody else coming up the stairs in the basement, where my vile father had been caged.

I rushed over to them. "Where is she?! And where is the filthy vampire?!"

I looked at the kid, probably not muc older then me, and he looked like he was trembling in his boots, so I grabbed him by the collar, because it beat looking at the filthy demon, Lorne.

"You are going to tell me what I want to know NOW, boy!" I lifted him into the air and slammed him into the wall, hearing Lorne's protests. "Shut up! Filthy demon, this doesn't concern you."

[Andrew and Lorne]

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Hyperion meeting number one. [23 Jul 2005|05:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

While Buffy, Lorne, the supergeek and I discussed what we were going to do with our little gun-toting prisoners, it came to the point where I believed that this Lindsey sod was pulling a kill the slayers mission in order for Kennedy to get her powers and while I knew that Buffy would be against the idea, I also knew that if Kennedy was eliminated, then there would be no need for this Lindsey to try to kill Buffy or Faith and that was what mattered to me.

Bloody well knew and guessed right that Buffy would be opposed to the idea, and Andrew wasn't saying much of anything, but merely bloody cringing at the thought of Kennedy getting killed.

Made sense. He had been stuck in the Summer's residence with all of those noisy little birds and had seen a different side of Kennedy, but one thing I knew was evil, and Kennedy had stepped knee deep into it and wasn't coming out until she was a slayer.

Or until she was dead.

Lorne seemed to agree, in sight, with Buffy, when she had told me no. "Buffy, love, you don't have to do it. I'll do it. You honestly sodding think that there is any hope for her now?"

Before Buffy could answer, or before Andrew could chime in, heard loud and bloody clear from upstairs the door flying open, and for a moment, thought there would be more boys with guns for us to face, until I heard the distinct voice of Dawn coming in, crying.

"Buffy, it's the niblet and she doesn't sound too good."

Buffy would have been the first to bolt up the stairs, if it wasn't for me being way ahead of her. Something had gone wrong and I was going to find out what it was, as I followed her up the stairs.

"DAWN!" I called, and she stopped at the top of the stairs, looked at both of us and kept going.

Looked at Buffy for a moment, but she paid me no mind and lunged up the stairs three at a time, with me following.

Dawn climbed another set of stairs and Buffy followed, catching up to her on the third floor, with me right behind, looking at the niblet, concerned, wondering what else could have happened to have cause the tears. Her tears were poignant, but had the feeling that Buffy wasn't going to just coddle her, since Dawn had decided to leave without telling Buffy earlier.

[Buffy and Dawn]

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What to do? [21 Jul 2005|09:11am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I had Faith just where I wanted her. The power of a slayer legendary, but I had never felt it, but I wasn't looking to trade blows with her.

Well...I was hoping that she might be doing some blowing, but my constant need, like a heat-seeking ballistic missile to have a woman underneath me, to have my member inside of her, was about to be quelled in the what had to be the most amazing of ways, with a slayer, until that unusually strong vampire came in and crashed my party, then along with Faith and the two annoying humans, who should have been blown up pieces of innards all over that Cleveland street, Gunn and her watcher, Giles, also came to calling and once more, they had escaped my fury, and joined with Faith and the annoying vampire.

I had other worries, but had commanded a group of vampires to kill the three men and to bring Faith to me beaten, but not dead.

I had another cache of vampires slated to keep anyone from entering the hellmouth while I battled the Vakrahl, whom I was familair with.

The battle with the Vakrahl, apocalyse demons, looking to bring hell to Earth, hadn't been abusively taxing. They were stomp and crush types and against me, that was about as effective as staking a vampire with a stake made of paper.

I had extinguished them into smoldering ash, because I didn't want hell on Earth. Hell on Earth, in my definition, had been achieved already, with vampires and non-apocalypse demons coming a calling to the hellmouth, only increasing my powers, but not the full blown, demons all over the Earth and the end of the human race variety.

I was too big of a fan of human women to kill off the Earth, but yet, while I was evil, and still....chose to, in a form, save the Earth, even though my opening of the hellmouth had killed thousands in greater Cleveland, I was still hunted by Faith and that other vampire and Gunn and the watcher.

I had contemplated teleporting the three men, well two men and one male undead demon who so obviously had a soul, to Los Angeles, but I knew that my chance with Faith was temporarily gone, and I needed them away from me in order to focus on 'the order' of things here in Cleveland. So, I teleported behind them and then, touching the vampire and Faith, who had been on the ends, I teleported all of them away, and after a remark, left again, knowing that they would be away from Cleveland for a good while now..or at the very least, a plane ride away.

Now, back in my home, I examined the very bed that I could have had Faith on, looking at it with yearning. I needed a powerful conquest for the night and possibly two. It would have to be a vampire, although I tended to enjoy human women much more....this was a special circumstance. I felt the need to be rough.

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Retreating, not of our own choosing [20 Jul 2005|06:02am]

[ mood | determined ]

I had managed to get to Faith before Mondevici had been able to do anything violent to her in any way, and we had ended up in the backyard of the red demon's yard, fighting what had to bhe close to fifty vampires, all within a hundred yards of the hellmouth.

Her friends had come by. An older man named Giles, and a black guy named Gunn who didn't seem to like the fact that I had called him bro, but it was just slang from my days in Brooklyn, which was only a little over twenty years ago and was common place there.

Together, the four of us had fought off all of the vampires, myself in particular, motivated by my need, my desire to protect Faith, in spite of all of the questions that everyone had for me, a vampire, fighting other demons and helping them as they fought demons.

I didn't feel self-conscious about it, partially because I never really felt self-conscious and partially because the Lord, before he had sent me here and Rory to wherever he had sent him, had told Rory that there were already two souled vampires on the planet and I was sure that the slayer knew that.

Strange enough, there bcame a silence and as we got near the hellmouth, all of the vampires had retreated like they were preventing us from getting into the crypt with the hellmouth; like they were preventing us from getting to Mondevici.

Giles seemed to think that we should retreat; that we shouldn't fight so many vampires, but Faith wanted at Mondevici, and so did I.

"I think we can take them," I said with a sneer, donning my fangs ready to rip out some vampire throats, "I want at Mondevici too."

Before I knew what hit me, I felt the four of us whooshing through something, that was kind of becoming a regular experience for me.

I turned, as did the other three to see Mondevici. "Can the four of you teleport?" He asked, as he was gone, before we could do anything to him.

"What a coward!" I looked at the other three and then at the surroundings. He had teleported us to a city of some kind, but somehow I had the feeling that it wasn't in Cleveland.

"Umm, does anybody know where we are, just by looking at a skyline?"

[Faith, Giles and Gunn]

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A showdown. [19 Jul 2005|02:11am]

[ mood | predatory ]

The fact that I had gotten Dawn away from Connor, even if I didn't stay with her all of the way to the hotel, where she was definitely going to go to Buffy and Spike, had obviously made Wes cranky with me, although I really wasn't sure as to why.

Maybe it was because he was angry because of the situation, watching Connor just transform, for no apparent reason, from a nice kid, to a psycho killing machine with the 'powers basically similar to that of a male slayer' as Wes had told me earlier? Or maybe it was just because of the stress of the situation?

Whatever the reason, I wouldn't have left Dawn in danger and I wasn't about to leave Wes in danger, especially since Dawn was probably already telling Buffy about Connor right now and she and Spike would be on the way immediately, if I thought that she couldn't handle driving the jeep for a few blocks, even if Wes did have a gun.

Connor was crazy, but all that we had to do was hold him off, and Wes didn't know this, but I could handle myself and had spent hours and hours sparring with an actual slayer.

Connor had kicked me and Wes had questioned him, and I did notice that he wasn't attacking Wes as readily as he was attacking me. That was a good thing, although Connor's talk about this rage being Wes' fault struck me as crazy, although I wasn't exactly equipped with all of the facts here, and it seemed like the ramblings of someone who was so obviously crazy, in Connor.

Wesley pulled Connor's attention away from me by blasting him for thinking that all of this was his fault, and Wes' anger at my coming back was about to be paid back with a showing of why I had come back.

To stall for time and to make sure that Connor wasn't going to hurt anyone here.

While Connor faced Wes, I pulled myself away from the wall that I had just hit, took a couple of cautious steps, and then propelled myself on top of him, landing on top of him, planning on making sure that Connor didn't get back up, until we had him locked in a cage.

I had fought with his father and lived to tell the tale, and I would here. My skills would not be put in any doubt.

I hit him repeatedly as I had him down.

[Connor and Wesley]

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Back to Los Angeles. [18 Jul 2005|10:23am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Julianna and I had taken the trip back to Los Angeles, which by the way, is not a short journey, and we had visited some places and played some guitar, but mostly, what we had done was talk about her feelings towards what was going on in Los Angles and how she really didn't want to be a part of her destiny-line, and how she wasn't cut out to be the type of person that fought demons for a living.

I tried to tell her that it was a worthy cause, but the more that I talked to her, rather stoically about it, the more I realized that she didn't want to go back, and I did.

My friends were there and it was where I belonged. The cops would be curious as to why I had left if they did do a checkup, so I figured that I should head back to the hotel.

There was a bit of hollow in all of this. Yeah, more like a chasm, pretty much, because Julianna and I had potential. We had chemistry, or I thought that we did, and maybe we would again, if she decided to come back to Los Angeles, but that was gone, as were my dreams, but two things were certain to me, and were keeping me going, along with this twenty ounce coke in my hand.

I knew that there were probably a lot of musicians that were looking for a semi-decent guitarist, and even if they weren't like 'Porridge' had been, nearly signed to a record deal by Trent Reznor, on the way to that, they were bound to have dreams and ideas and that was part of the fun of being in a band, other then really really liking music, especially since one no longer had plump polish sausages attached to their fingers while they were playing their instruments.

I also knew that being around Willow and Buffy and even Xander, no matter how crazy he was right now, was where I belonged and it was a big part of my life that had been missing for a long time.

Julianna had given me the address to the place where Willow and some other girl, I believe her name was Fred, where staying at.

That might be a good place to start, before going back to Angel's big hotel? Yeah. I smiled, liking that idea, as I made my way alone, along the wide open highway back west.

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LAX [17 Jul 2005|06:00pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Cordy had done her part to relax me on the flight and it just made me feel so much closer to her.

Yeah, Connor was my son and he was apparently very crazy again, and would want to kill me, and like we had discussed, Wes, Gunn, Buffy, Willow and especially Fred, hell.....everyone was going to hate me for what I had done a a mere week ago, but they weren't exactly going to be welcoming her with open arms either, but yet, here she was, calming me, comforting me.

We had never really discussed the reactions that others would have with her, and she didn't seem concerned about it, or I should say....she was probably one-twenty-fifth as concerned about it as I was.

She had killed a man, but she wasn't affected by it the way that I thought that it was and it warmed me all over knowing that it had to do with her care and concern for me.

She brought up different subjects when she knew that my mind was drifting into bad places, such as how the Lakers were going to look in the coming season and she did it without thought of her own concerns.

Stand by your man was a very bad song, but a very beautiful feeling and she was my anchor here on this descending plane, as things were only about to get more troubling for me.

She gave me no choice but to think positively and made it clear to me that I would always have her and everthing else would fall how it fell, but that her feelings for me wouldn't change, and that was really enough to face what we were about to face.

As the plane touched down, I held her hand in mine and pulled her closer to me, glad that it was night and that she was with me, but not really happy about anything else, but I knew without preamble that she would knock me into shape if shehad to and her power to do that was strongerthen her ability to glow, or her visions.

The plane taxied down and readied to stop, and without saying a word, I slid her to me, pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

"Thank you, for being you," I said to her, saliva lingering after our kiss, my nose touching hers.

I opened the cargo door, this time with the plane stopped, unlike last time when I thought she was going to smack me when I had done it airborne to find out where we were.

"Let's go."

I knew that things weren't going to be easy here and that was an understatement. They were going to be brutal, but with her with me, we would solve things, one by one, or we wouldn't, but my love for her and her love for me was enough; more then enough to get me through it, and hopefully everything would be the way that it used to for her.

(Cordy, eventually Rory)

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My first vampire attack, yay! [16 Jul 2005|11:33pm]

So okay. Fabrizio comes back to my amazing bon fire beach party that is THE party to come too when in Miami. Everyone around here knows it, which is why it's always such a hit. But that's another story. So he comes back and of course, I'm tipsy. Hell, I'm always tipsy at a party.

I was feeling pretty posessive too and when he told me Groo had died, it kinda went over my head. I was like, oh okay. Whatever. Then some guy started feeling gropey, or something. I don't really remember. Hey! I was drunk! Still am. But Fabrizio kinda showed off his vampire-y strength and all.

Which is practically leading me to my point. I decided that I had to create a distraction after he threw the guy across the beach. Hey, especially when you're drunk you remember something like that. So two of my very good friends, Brandi and Jenna who I was in a sorority with decided we'd have a uhm wet t-shirt contest. It wasn't that bad actually. Lot of fun. I kinda miss the college days.

So I left the contest and so did Brandi. Apparently with some guy who was, well a vampire. Which was my point! Oh god. She was gonna get eaten and well, it wasn't going to be a pleasant one either. I grabbed his hand as he started heading off following them.

He stopped and looked at me and I shrugged. "I may be drunk or whatever, but that girl out there is a really good friend of mine. And I don't have that many really good friends of mine. So if you're going to save her, which I really hope you are, then I'm coming with."

I don't know if I mentioned to him that when I wanted to do something and I set my mind to it, there really was no backing down. I was really stubborn like that. I guess that came with being a true blonde from Miami, huh?

I just don't know what the hell I was getting myself into. We started following after Brandi and her vampire friend. This could get ugly soon which is why I'm glad it was taking place away from the party.

[Immortal, dahhhling.]
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Looking for help [16 Jul 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Everything that happened-- happened in a blink of an eye. The evening had gone from one extreme to the other and I didn't even know when the change had occurred. It had been as if though one minute Connor was okay and the next... well, the next minute there was nothing left but the rage and the anger that seemed to fill him up and swallow him whole. I didn't understand. I didn't even have the words to describe the way that I felt.

I drove fast, trying hard not to think about all that had happened, but failing miserably at it. I didn't even know how it was that I was driving, how I was keeping control of the wheel, how I automatically stopped when I saw the red lights up a head and then stepped on the gas to go on green. It was all sort of mechanical.

Maybe I was just too much in shock still. Too much in shock of everything. Thinking about everything, trying to make heads or tales of the situation. Leaving that warehouse had been one of the hardest things I had ever had to do, and one of the things that had brought me so much relief. There was just so much there. For one, I didn't really wanted to leave Connor side, I wanted... or, I had wished that some how, miraculously, I could have gotten through to him. But it just... I... I- hadn't been strong enough to do so. Or maybe I was never supposed to.

I didn't know what to think of, I mean, he was my... boyfriend-- wasn't he? We had talked about these things, hadn't we? I was sure we had. Maybe it had been something that I did, something that I said that set him off, that made him change. Still... how could he have done what he did?

It all reminded me too much of Angelus, and all the hurtful things he said to me.

I took a deep breath and then turned the corner. I was so close now, so close. I didn't want to go back to the Hyperion, I had wanted to stay with Connor, and Willow and Fred, but... but now, and I had to go back... I had to find Buffy. She would be the only one that would understand, and- and she had to help right? I mean, she was my sister, of course she would help.

Wiping the tears in my eyes I blazed through the streets. My mind racing with all these questions. A few minutes later, the Hyperion came into view. I still wondered how I had made it there in one piece. I didn't quite remember and my mind didn't really give me a chance to notice anything else.

I parked the car and didn't even bother to close the door behind me. I simply ran towards the entrance. I stopped and I neared the door, afraid to step in, but I knew I had to- had to find Buffy. I had to tell her what happened. She had to help Riley and Wesley. Connor was unstable, and a danger to anyone that crossed his path.

Finally, taking one last breath, I stepped in, and walked into the lobby. "Buffy! Buffy! Are you here? Buffy, I need your help!"

[[Open to Buffy, Spike, Andrew, Lorne, and anyone else in the Hyperion. -for whenever you guys are done with your other thread-]]

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Holy jugubee! [14 Jul 2005|06:49am]

[ mood | freaked ]

After my conversation with the really tall green mojo demon guy, I had to leave this strange place.

Too much was going on and since I din't have my videocamera, I didn't want to see any of it.

No, seriously, it was way way too much. I hadn't signed up for any of this. I had been forced to stay by Buffy and Xander and the former darth Rosenberg, forced to try to achieve redemption for killing my best friends and being an evil mastermind, and it was a challenge that I relished, because I found everything that they had to go through to be so difficult, that it was inspiring to be around those kind of people, really it was.

Plus, after a while, a lot of cute girls showed up and since other then with the occassional conversation with Xander, I hadn't had any comic books to read, Star wars, trek or James Bond movies to watch and no best friends to turn to anymore.

Yeah, Spike had tried to bite my entire head off, and those no-eyed harbinger guys were...were just really scary, but the journey to defeating the great first evil, had been quite the ride, but then that final day came along, and my developing closeness with Anya had been robbed and she had been killed.

Then we had been given no rest, no time to reflect, to make ourselves better.
No, we had been tossed into another fire and all of those girls, all of them, except for Kennedy and Rona had been killed.

I found that out and left, and while things weren't exactly safe in Los Angeles, they felt safer then they did around here.

More death was more harsh, a lot more then some smelly homeless people and the occassional snarling demon that I ran away from.

After awhile, though I missed the camaraderie that had developed, even if all of them and even Dawn, looked down on me. Plus, that green demon had been really sweet.

But, when I walked through the door, I realized that maybe I really didn't want to. Holy force be with me! there were two dead bodies on the floor in the lobby and the place smelled like gunfire.

Feling like I was going to be shot next, I ran upstairs and found that nobody was there. I looked all over, hoping to see Xander or Dawn, but nobody was there. Cautiously, I came back down the stairs and heard voices.

I heard the unmistakable voice of Spike downstairs! And Buffy was there too and it sounded lile Lorne, the mojo guy!

I rushed down the stairs to see all three of them and two men locked up in a cage. "Holy Godzilla versus King Kong in Tokyo, what happened upstairs?" I asked to Spike and Buffy, looking at them and then the guys in masks in chairs. "Are they more bringers? Is the first mountng another offensive like the Jedi?"

I folded my arms.

((Open to Spike, Buffy and Lorne))

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Drinking with college students. [13 Jul 2005|12:33pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

I was profoundly sure that God hadn't put me back on Earth to drink wih four college students at their off campus apartment, but he wasn't exactly intervening and taking me back or sending me to hell or anything, and getting snockered was far better then the alternative, which of course, would have been feeling the pain of all of those that I had killed and reliving the pain of watching Brandy die again.

After all, I did get Mark, Jared, Shelly and Connie, which were their names, out of that demon bar before anything happened to them, and I did beat the living hell out of a couple of demons. I hadn't yet asked them why they were hanging out in a demon bar, but I soon would.

It was onbvious to me almost immediately, that these four were just friends and unless I was getting my signals wrong, the women were definitely leaning towards the bi-sexual tendencies. Or, maybe they just put their hands all over each other when they were drinking?

Either way, I found it bloody cute and wasn't going to complain about it, or the fact that they seemed to adore my accent, and probably my looks.

Getting into their apartment wasn't easy, but after playing them just the right way, Mark, who was stumbling, managed to say, Rory, come on in, and of course, I did, Connie, a cute, little blonde pulled me in and I just gave in as I nearly fell on her as she pulled me.

I wasn't that drunk and I was having some serious bloodlust, but I fought it off, because there were questions to be asked.

Mark had another beer and then passed out on the couch, his neck dangling one way, and I had to focus on the attractive nature of the two girls instead of focusing on my need for blood. I was sure that if I drank, then God would do something, or my soul would ache when the liquor faded, so I focused on trying to have a semi-serious bloody conversation with the remaining three.

Jared too, seemed to be drifting, but there were things that I wanted to know, and I supposed that there were ways that I could find out from Connie and Shelly, a bleached blonde, who seemed to spend as much time in the sun as I spent in the shadows.

"So, do any of you want to tell me why it is that you were drinking in a demon bar?"

They looked at me and Jared disappered, saying that he had to go to the bathroom, leaving me alone with Shelly and Connie, which is the only way that I wanted it anyway.

I glared at them, as if trying to pry an answer from them, but they seemed more interested in just fawning over me, and that was fine, as long as they were honest with me. "Come on, ladies. Why go to a bar where there is so much danger, and more to the point, how did you come to find out about demons?"

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Uh, why is a vamp helping us? [12 Jul 2005|12:18am]

[ mood | busy ]

Giles and I had frantically sought Faith, and knew, for some reason, that we had to come back to the hellmouth, after she had disappeared from us. Well, really, Giles was the one that seemed to think it was the most 'logical' as he put it, because I would neva use that word.

It did make sense, though, because she wasn't dead around us and she wasn't weak, so somethin' with power had to be involved with her bein' gone, hence, hellmouth.

First, though, we had to narrowly escape the car that we had rented, explodin' on us, and then fight off a shitload of demons and some weird demons that Giles knew the name of, that apparently, were goin' to try to open up the hellmouth for real, which he described to me as bein' hell comin' to Earth, and I knew that wasn't a good thing.

We crashed through some vamps in the truck that Giles and not me, had hotwired, and found our way to the back of that Malcolm guy's mansion.

There were tons of vamps and for the second damned time today, we had nearly had ourselves blown up, as well as the car that we were in, did get blown up.

I barely hopped out on time, and Giles did on the other side and now it was vamps galore, but the good thing was, that Faith was fightin' vamps back here too.

All of a sudden, here we were, and this somethin' or other that turned out to be a vamp, with a ton of power, because the guy soared twenty feet in the air, and then was just standin' with us.

Then, after a moment of hesitation, he killed another vamp and had me thinkin', what's this, another vamp that likes to kill demons?

Still, it seemed to be the case as he led us over to Faith and where at least fifteen vampires were now gathered around us. "Okay, at least we know you are alright, Faith, and we seem to be fightin' wit another vamp on our side....After this fight, you might want to let us know how you know him, or what the sitch is here."

I got ready, sword at the ready, still a little leery of this new vamp.

{Faith, Giles and Justin}

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Things are becoming clear. [11 Jul 2005|09:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I had awakened smelling of sex, not sure of where I was.

I knew that I was in a hotel room. I knew that I had done some things to both Spike and Angel that were unforgivable, and that Buffy and I had experienced a falling out over it.

I knew that I had seen Oz and Julianna, although parts of that were fuzzy and that it hadn't gone well, but for some reason, I couldn't remember why there had been tension there.

I remembered drinking, a lot, after I had burned Spike and Buffy had hit me, but then, everything was sort of a blur.

I could feel, as I woke up, other then just a general, 'oh god, what have I done?' fear, that I had definitely had a few drinks last night, but my hangover wasn't so bad that I shouldn't have remembered what had happened, but I had.

Maybe that was a bad thing? I was getting such a tolrance for liquor or beer that I was blacking out with no recollection of the night before and yet, my hangover was barely noticeable.

All that I knew and it was more then slightly wow-worthy, was that I had awakened and knew that I had sex. There things that you knew in the morning, and this was one of those things, but I had been alone when I awoke.

I would have thought that it was nothing, except that there were bags with a females' clothes in them, and I was pretty sure that I hadn't resorted to cross-dressing.

I showered quickly and then changed, expecting that it was possible that she could come back, but also knowing that maybe she had been a one night stand type of girl.

I had just finished changing and was ready to inspect her bags when she walked in and she wasn't alone and SWEET FANCY MOSES, she was gorgeous, like Buffy gorgeous, and she was with another stunning woman, who she had described as her worried friend.

But, I couldn't remember her name. Even seeing her, and with her kissing me, I couldn't remember her name. She had told me that her friends name was Ahn, and she looked familiar, but I didn't know her, and I still didn't know her name.

"Nice to meet you, Ahn," I said, my face red, my jeans pressed outward, oh I don't know, because of the way that she kissed me and how stunning that she was, but I still didn't know her name.

How did I ask this?

"I now know that Ahn is with me, and I know her name, and I know we had a great time last night, but your name is....?"

I waved my hands around, as if I were trying to come up with it, my face redder then a beet, taking my gaze off of this partner from last night and putting it to her friend, Ahn, who's name I knew.

((Anya and Zenia))

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[10 Jul 2005|03:23pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Riley and I had been on a wild goose chase most of the night. But once we'd doubled back, we hit the mark. So to speak. We found a trail which led us to Connor. And Dawn. The look in the boys eyes was both familiar and frightening. I shared a look with Riley before we both entered the building carefully. Neither of us wanted to startle the boy into an action he'd regret. Which was the reason I lowered the gun to the floor instead of aiming it at Connor.

Noticing Connor had not yet noticed us, I took my chances and leaned over to Riley. "I'll try to distract him while you get Dawn out of here at the first available opportunity." I glanced over at Dawn, noticing the girl looked very afraid. Which was saying something if one considers we're talking to the sister of a Vampire Slayer here. She's seen a lot of things girls her age should never see. Just as Connor has gone through a lot of things he shouldn't have gone trough.

Which had been my fault.

He very much reminded me of the Connor who had come back from Quor-Toth. Confused, and full of hate. Anger he couldn't place or work out. In the end he had managed though. He'd turned into a nice, stable boy, if not incredibly stubborn. A very normal teen-ager in other words. Why he had reverted to this angry, confused and very dangerous version of himself. I did not know. But I was determined to find out once we got Dawn into safety.

Taking a few steps away from Riley so the boy would concentrate on me and not the others in the building, I narrowed my eyes. It was disconcerting not to know if he'd noticed us by now. One couldn't tell from his reactions. Best make certain of it, and not take any chances. Though, I felt out of my depth as how to handle this boy. I didn't want to hurt him. I've hurt him more then enough for several life times.

"Connor? I saw some demons outside. Someone killed them. Was that your doing?"

[Open to Connor, Dawn and Riley]

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Love and shock. [09 Jul 2005|06:39pm]

[ mood | interested ]

Drusilla and I, yes, we were going to master the art of lovemaking and bring it to whole new and undefined levels.

The room, to me, was filled with only her, lavish, inside of the Miami mansion that she had somehow acquired, despite the fact that the young boy, Christopher, was unconscious in the room with us, me having to knock him out becaus of his tiresome screaming at watching me kill the Groosalugg in front of the Immortal.

Still, the waves of pleasure that were filling me, and she, were incomprehensible, as yet undefined, until now, in a life that had extended for nearly three centuries.

I was in the middle of a stroke when her body tensed up and she started to glow from something else that was not my penis, or the way that it felt inside of her under my weight.

Her glow wasn't literal like that of the seer, but it was truly obvious that she was having another vision and what she had said, caught me by surprise.

She mentioned that little brother was very cross and I had no idea about who that was, none at all, but I was very curious. VERY CURIOUS, to find out.

"What do you mean, bella, little brother is so lost? Who the hell is your little brother?"

I lingered within her, as she looked at me, another surprised look on her face, as if she were seeing something else.

I put my hands on the sides of her face, gently caressing her, desperate for answers, but letting her do things and tell me at the pace that she wanted to.


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Turbulence sucks in the cargo part. [08 Jul 2005|10:07pm]
We were on a plane, in a cargo hold. Why? Good question. I really didn't know. Okay, so I knew what we were doing. We were going back to LA to stop Connor. Simple enough right? Glow on the kid, make things better. Presto chango, we're miracle makers. Except, we still had the problem of Gwen AND Groo's death on our conscience. Oh and the fact that none of our friends wanted ANYTHING to do with us.

I wonder why.

He was brooding aloud and I .. well I was kinda just sitting there silently brooding. His remarks were repeating themselves over and over in my ears. 'I guess we'll see what happens when the plane lands.' No no no. How about we skip this all and just stay in Miami?

I knew we couldn't. Then Angel opened the hatch. I glanced over while I scrambled to grab his leg and pull him back in. He came back in and all he could say was we're somewhere near Denver. We're somewhere near freakin Denver?! Are you kidding me!? I wanted to slap him I really did.

"Are you kidding me!? You open the freaking cargo hold which most likely alerted the pilot to us being on board and all you could say was 'We're somewhere over Denver, there's only 3/4 of the way down?!"

I wanted to slap him. I really did. All I could do was let go of his leg and lean back against my new favorite piece of luggage. The Luis Vuitton bag. I crossed my arms over my chest and pulled my knees up under me. Classic brooding pose.

I glanced back up at him, hoping he was feeling guilty about opening that hatch. "Are you trying to give me a freakin heart attack?" I asked him. Okay, so I shouldn't get so pissy about it, but still. A girl is more then entitled to get worried about her love jumping out of a plane while she's holed up in a dark cargo space AND about to meet her friends who so obviously hate her.

Of course none of that was outloud. I sighed.

[Angel-love. Even if you're in the doghouse ... ]
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Kennedy vs. Kershaw [07 Jul 2005|09:05am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The men were gathered outside on both sides of the warehouse that they had trapped Kershaw in.

Part of me wondered, knowing the coward the way that I did, if he had already saved us the sweat of killing him, by taking his own life, because according to Hunt, he had not even attempted to leave and he was definitely still within the building, but they had not heard from him since very early on in their guarding of the 'prisoner'.

His crime was incompetence. He had let Gwen get away from his surveil and she had wound up dead as a result, with no backup, and plans to get our hands on the necklace of Sarupezza gone.

Kennedy and I strode towards the door, exuding business, after taking out a traitor, Davison, and all of his demon guards at his office building. Kennedy hadn't been surging with strength, which led me to believe that my men had failed in their siege on the Hyperion.

I wondered if they were all fatal casualties, or if some of them had gotten away to feel my ire at a later point.

Or more to the point, Kennedy's ire, for watching her work, and watching her strength given through one of Wolfram and Hart's many expensive upgrades, was a pleasure.

She kicked the door open, probably a little upset that she hadn't gotten the slayer upgrades in strength and I followed, immediately watching, waiting for Kershaw to pop out with a weapon. Kennedy was able to get the strength upgrade only because inherent within her was the potential to become a slayer and with the slayer powers, plus the upgrades, would be the strongest person, demon or anything in the world.

I looked around, taking cover, deciding to play this another way as we found cover. I pulled Kennedy along side of me beside a stack of pallets behind a wall.

"Kershaw, there is no need for this fear that you have right now. Come out, and we will handle your termination from Wolfram and Hart with a conversation and then you can go on your merry way."

I looked at Kennedy, wondering if the lie would work, feeling devilish, regardless.

[Kennedy] ((CHRISSY!))

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Pleasure of the utmost robbed from me! [05 Jul 2005|07:04am]

[ mood | Ecstasy to Anger ]

The moment was right. The mood was set and most importantly, Faith, the slayer, was chained down, wriggling beneath me and was fighting me with everything that she had.

I knew that she had powerful legs and that they were free, but they were about to be parted and if she wanted to try to squeeze me to death with them, then that was her choice, because she was about to be parted elsewhere and I didn't believe that she would have it in her to do anything but moan and feel the pleasure, that so many before her had not complained about.

She screamed at me and tried to rip her arms free as my mouth made it's way from her her neck to her cest, and then to her screaming mouth, as my hands made my way down to her shirt, and made quick work of it, and she was bra-less, exposing the firm, round and enticing breasts beneath.

She tried to bite my tongue, so I backed my mouth away, and started working the clasp on her leather pants, needing to be inside of her.

I was, we were both on the brink of ecstasy, when I heard a creaking on the stairs and turned to see if one of my demons had come to get me for some unknown reason, probably having to do with the hellmouth.

I put my hands on her breasts and cupped them, screaming. "I AM NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT. IT WOULD BE WISE OF YOU TO GET OUT OF MY HOME NOW!"

There was a moment of silence, and I was satisfied that I had got through to whoever it was, but then footstepsmade there way into my room, and I orbed a fireball in their direction, watching as the attractive vampire, Melanie exploded to dust and another appeared before me.

I hadn't seen him before, but his fangs were donned. I prepared to let loose another shot, and did.....

(Justin and Faith)

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A change of venues. [04 Jul 2005|02:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

After meeting with Xander and his prostitute and pregnant girlfriend, Julianna and I went to the police so that I could lie about Roger, Todd and Dean's disappearances.

I had watched them die, or the wolf in me had, but I couldn't tell the police that vampires were responsible, so I simply told them that we were supposed to meet and that they had not showed up.

Julianna and I returned to the hotel, to do a jam session and wait for the police to call.

The hotel was empty, although gun powder was around, in the air, and as I looked downsstairs, I saw Spike, Buffy and a very tall green demon holding some people hostage, but I decided to stay away and Julianna didn't seem to be opposed to that.

We went up to my room, and we took turns playing one of my guitars, and she quickly told me that she wanted o go back home, and I had already told her that I would be happy to go back to Oklahoma with her.

The phone rang, barely audible over the guitars and the police told me thatthey had found the bodies of my friends and that we needed, or I needed to go to the morgue and identify the bodies.

We packed, deciding to go from the police station to the open road. The bodies, of course were those of my former bandmates, and I played the grieving man as best as I could, asking who could have done this.

After being given the clinical and technical answer from the medical examiner, as the cops watched on, I gathered up the things that had been found on them, and we left and as we drove out of Los Angeles, I wondered if we would ever be coming back.

I was glad that we had left a note for Buffy.

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