Cordelia Chase (parting_gifts) wrote in championsonward,
Cordelia Chase

"His face is going to need some work."

I glanced at Angel as the doctor left Connor's hospital room and sighed. That one sentence just summed up everything. It wasn't right. Nor was it fair. It all started when the stupid PTB's sent me a vision of Connor losing it here in LA.

So Angel and I hightail it to the airport, leaving behind a dead Gwen and Groo, to save Connor before it was too late. And what we were going to save him from? Why himself of course. Stupid Lindsey McDonald made sure of that. Add that to the reasons why I hate Wolfram and Hart.

So we get back here, but not before meeting up with one of Angel .. or rather Angelus' old friends, Rory. Who apparently like every other vampire, has a soul. What's the total number now? God. And yet Angel was the only one I completely loved and trusted my life with.

So racing to find Connor, we do. On a rooftop with a hostage Dawn. Yeah, that's right. Buffy's sister Dawn. So myself, Angel, Rory, and hey, Buffy and Spike surround him. I was completely ready to go glowey on Connor, save him from himself, when Connor launched Dawn at me and Buffy attacked.

Now, Buffy and I were never best of friends. But I never hated her either. Sure when I was evil, I did some rotten things to her, but still. It wasn't me.

Buffy isn't even evil, but one damn punch and here we are. She punched Connor so hard .. with all of her slayer strength and god knows what else that she put him in comaland. Comalands suck, by the way.

She could've just knocked him out. Put him out of commission for a bit. But no. She punches him so hard that he needs facial reconstruction. FACIAL SURGERY. Remind me why I wasn't out there punching her?

Oh. Because Angel and I were supposed to be atoning for what we did to them. It's gonna be hard to do that after what she did to Connor.

Reaching over and taking Angel's balled fist into my own hands, I pulled him closer to me and glanced up at him. There was so much hurt in his eyes and pain and all I wanted to do was to glow and make this situation and Connor and everything normal and better again.

But I couldn't. I hugged Angel.

"I don't know. I just don't know. But Connor's going to get better because he's strong. Because he's your son. And because I'm going to do whatever it takes to get him better. We're going to do whatever it takes. Got me?" I asked, raising my brows.

[My angry Angel]
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