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Flying Away to a new Place

The music is plays games ... dancing and twirling through the air ... like pretty little girls around a Maypole. I can see the notes kissing and caressing each other as we dance. I love dancing. The music dances around me... kissing my skin... licking my lips. Love it like I love dusk, so sweet and beautiful. I keep on dancing, and picking and choosing all kinds of pretty things to take on our trip. The pit of my stomach giggling and tickling me almost to laughter. Somewhere in the distance I can hear voices, Lindsey and the pretty poppet Kennedy, plotting their next move while my price and I get ready to fly like birds in the sky. Leonardo can feel it too. The music is telling us to be wild... like animals in the jungle. It seeps into my veins and soaks into my bones ... it makes my brain do silly things. The music loves us. My prince looks into my eyes and I can see it pouring into his blood... the music and the soft light around the room.

I twirl and dance in front of my prince as he stares at me in my delight ...I begin to sing out loud, swaying this way and that way, and I know the others are listening... thinking... wondering things... but I don't care because I could eat them all up if I wanted. Their blood would fill my tummy up until I could taste the blood no longer, until their thoughts and their dreams flow within my veins locked forever inside my hollow shell.

Leonardo looks so handsome tonight ... his dark curls, his perfectly tailored suit, his dark eyes... his face is hiding behind a mask of serenity that I can't yet read, but I can still see his lovely eyes with all their lovely lashes right thought it, they speak to me... speak to me all of his evil thoughts and evil dreams and wicked desires. Ooooh ... and I'm pretending to be Death tonight. My long black dress gliding around me as I dance... I too hide my face behind a mask... all smiles and laughter, but inside is all red like someone just tore the flesh off of it... my head seeing far in the distance all that's happening.

I close my eyes and see... see daddy's pain in the distance. Poor little brother. Little miss moppet punched the poppet and almost made the little doll's head roll of the shoulders. Made daddy hiss with anger. Made daddy... almost daddy that he was before. But the moment came and went and it was gone all too soon. But everyone is hurting, and a new face amidst the wolves seems to becoming clear. And then another... and they both bring a slight frown to my face. The world had found it self two more demons with a plague, a filthy plague that seemed to be spreading through everyone like cancer through the air. I didn't want it... I didn't want it anywhere near me!

I stopped dancing, the music still flowing, still making everything glow with its rhythm. I didn't like this... I didn’t like this at all. Didn't think my prince would like it either, not in the least. In front of me was a mirror. And I looked at it. I could see right through me. In fact, I wasn't there at all. There was nothing left of me. I was lost. Lost in the woods once more, drifting down stream, the sun coming up, slowly, creeping into the horizon. And then with a blinding force it washed upon me lighting me up in flames.

"It burns! It burns! Make it stop... please... it burns!" I began to cry, and walked backwards away from the mirror until there was no were else for me to go. My skin and my bones turned to ash and then I was no more, until a light filled me and took me into a place that was neither heaven nor hell. And then I was reborn again from my own ashes. Reborn into the night, and carried with me a plague.

Through the blinding fear I found Leonardo's arms holding me tight and I buried my face in him, trying to find solace in his embrace. "He gave them a soul. A filthy soul," I muttered through the tears. "Now there's four, and all carry the same plague. I don't want a soul. I don't want it to spread to me. I don't want to be infected by such a plague... Don't want it in me." I held him tight, and then the moment passed and the fear was gone and all that was left was the faint notion at the pit of my stomach, making me sick and dizzy and than that too was gone.

[[Open to Leonardo... Lindsey and Kennedy]]
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