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Okay, so far, Riley and his story? Not winning any points! He just let her stalk off into night in a car. In a car Hello? Under aged teen! She hardly knows how to drive! Sighing, I looked at him and shook my head. He was trying like really hard to make this a good case for him, but so far I wasn't convinced. So not.

And Oz was still not back. What’s he doing? Is he okay? I will always worry about Oz, no matter how much I loved Riley. Didn't I go through this before with Tara? Oh he better not! If that’s the case I'm so going to zap his-his-him! I will, I can do it now. And uh, actually turn him back after a while. Huh, lemma pause here to wonder if Fred still wanted me to turn Wes into a donkey's ass. I tilted my head to hear if I could hear any voices from the other room. But apparently Wes was much better when it came to convincing his girl not to worry.

Huh. Go figure.

"Riley sweetie. Not really soothing my nerves here," I told him, fiddling with the phone in my lap. I'd have tossed it out like a long time ago, but it gave me something to do. With my hands. Something to do with my hands. Running a hand through my hair, I totally cursed the chair. Cause it wasn't for that stupid thing, I'd so be out of here and looking for Dawn myself. I was just about to tell Riley just that. And-and to stop with the story telling and to get his butt in gear so we could go look for her!

When he kissed me.

Oh. Nice.

I smiled at him when he pulled back, momentarily distracted. "Don't think you can weasel your way out of this with a kiss buster," I joked and then noticed Oz standing by the door. Oz. Oh! Oz! "You okay now?" I asked leaning around Riley to look at Oz.

[Open for Riley and Oz]
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