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A taste of the orient.

The night had started as a bad one, wit the whole bein' teleported from Cleveland to Las Vegas, although, havin' to admit that out loud would be the only way that I would do it.

Yeah, I was all about fightin' demons, but shit, in Cleveland, we had nearly been killed twice, there were too many demons for even us wit a slayer to fight, and Las Vegas, as usual, didn't disappoint.

Not only did I have a nice buzz goin' right now and not only had both Giles an I won over fifty grand at the poker table, but now, beneath me, for a third go around, Corinne and I were gettin' all jiggy wit it.

I had met her at the tables, which was anotha great thing about Vegas; when you won, you tended to attract a crowd. The crowd for me in this case was in the firm of a taste of the orient, all Americanized. Corinne was gorgeous, like may Chinese girls were, but she was all about bein' the valley girl.

She reminded me a little of Cordy, all sassy and shit, and she had a body that needed some attention from Hef. Except for that right now, she was gettin' the attention of me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

And I couldn't get enough of her. I didn't know if this was one of those girls goin' after the money thing, but I was thinkin' now that even if it started out that way, that I had won her ova wit the deep strokin'. And it was easy wit her, because she definitely knew how to be a lover.

After releasin' for a third time, a couple of hours on the night tickin' away, I found her to be exhausted, as well as I, and when she got up, I thought that it was goin' to be a one night deal, but she gave me her address and number, after I told her that I lived in LA, and low and behold, so did she.

It was in the hills and I hadn't been there much, so when she told me right now, she did live at the Playboy mansion, at least for now, I was like, Damn! I needed to pick up a magazine from time to time.

She told me that I needed to swing by the mansion when I got back to LA, and I was definitely all about it. I was so pumped by it that I didn't even feel like stayin' in bed and when I got up, puttin' her info in my pocket, I heard a knock on the door.

It had to be Giles.

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