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I really thought I had seen it all, living in Miami. Really. Things were crazy and hey I was a stewardess as well. Nothing topped Miami nightlife except for some of the odd passengers that we had on the plane. But speaking of Miami nightlife and nothing topping it, I could think of one thing.

Bonfire. Beach. Parties.

That's right. And it was going quite well. Wet t-shirt contests, alcohol flowing freely, hot guys and oh yeah, my girls being attacked by vampires. Fabrizio and I decided it would be a wise idea for both of us to get the hell away from alcohol and the party and take a walk on the beach. We both needed to sober up just a little bit.

Okay. Maybe it was just me. I was really drunk and tipsy and I could sorta be like Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde when I was like that. It got that bad. So when Fabrizio got the evil little gleam in his eye, I knew I was in trouble.

He picked me up with him and had a running leap. I seriously couldn't believe we jumped that high or that far. Musta been like 20 feet. Or maybe I was seriously tipsy and someone slipped me a roofie or something on top of that. Because this .. this was certainly NOT what I had expected.

Pressing his lips to mine, we hit the water. I was so close to protesting and pulling away, but we were quickly sinking away from the surface and down into the water. I opened my eyes, the salt stinging and almost opened my mouth to yell. But he just pulled me tighter against him and continued to kiss me.

Finally I gave in, after a few seconds and melted into the kiss. Now this was interesting. Like I could really spend the whole freakin night underwater? I have to admit, this was just a little scary to even think about. I closed my eyes again. What did I get myself into?

Not that it was bad or anything. Just .. different. And good. Very good.

[Fabrizio, Immortal, whatever you call yourself, dahling.]
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