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What has Buffy done?

When Cordy had the vision; when we had left Miami to come back to a place where we had inflicted so much damage, when we had left behing a place where we had been unable to save Gwen or Groo, or do anything to stop Leonardo or Drusilla, or get that necklace, I hadn't envisioned everthing with Connor going this way.

I had no illusions. Cordy hadn't sugar-coated it and had described her vision to it's full, but I had never expected to get here, hitch a ride with a friend of Angelus', in Rory, who also now had a soul, and then get to Connor so quickly.

The vision was right. Connor was out of control with his anger, but it was nothing that we hadn't seen before, except now, he was not only going afterdemons and particularly, vampires, with a vengeance, but it seemed that he had developed some feelings for Dawn, and in his current state of mind, they were a little unhealthy.

Still, when he kissed her, I knew that he cared about her, even if he had then used her as a shield and had put a bit of a chokehold on her, while, Rory, Cordy, myself, Buffy and Spike surrounded him.

There was no way that he was going to get away, he knew it, the rest of us knew it, but still, for some reason, he used Dawn as the shield and I could see the anger building in Buffy.

I had my chance, though and purposely taunted him, knowing that he would let Dawn go, and like clockwork, the rage that he felt for me when he was this way, prompted him to come at me, and I had got what I wanted. He had tried to stake me, but I stopped him and all that I had to endeavor was to get a hold of him, so that Cordy could glow on him, but of course, we both failed, as Connor threw Dawn into Cordy, and I hadn't been able to keep control of him, and all that Buffy needed was a couple of shots.

The last one made ME hurt, all the way through, it was so devastating in it's ferocity, and as she and Spike walked off with Dawn, I wanted to scream out at her, stop her, tell her that sh had overreacted, as I knew that Connor was hurt, but as I looked at him and as he cringed in pain, his face swelling, I knew that it was so much worse.

We leapt off of the roof, me holding Connor, Rory holding Cordy and sped towards Cedar-Sinai, Connor unconscious in my arms. Cordy showed Rory the way and as we pulled up, and I kicked the door open, I vowed what I had been vowing the whole way since we got off of that roof....

If anything happened to Connor, if..I couldn't think it, but with the way that he looked and if it did, then Buffy was going to have to deal with me.

He was my son. She had gone too far.

I slammed through the doors, using my back, Cordy and Rory following, screaming for a doctor.

(Cordy and Rory)
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