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Mondevici....A chance to put my full power to the test.

Interrupted from love-making by human intruders, I immediately thought that Drusilla and I were about to have two meals walk right into her mansion.

A man, Lindsey and a woman, or more aptly, barely more then girl, still, Kennedy, had come into our house, and hadn't done much in the way of helping themselves, until Lindsey had mentioned one name.


I didn't care that Lindsey had mentioned that he was the chief executive officer of Wolfram and Hart, which of course, I was familiar with since they had offices in Rome and I was a friend of Ilona Bianchi's, and I didn't care that this Kennedy had powers and could get even more, if they succeeded in killing one of the two remaining slayers, even if they were asking me to do the slaying of the slayers.

None of this was more then an interruption unwanted, as I didn't have to worry about anything or anyone now that the Necklace of Sarupezza adorned my neck, and the power that it gave me and imperviousness to death, made once possibly important things seem minute.

Everything that Lindsey told us, at least to me was boring until he mentioned the name of....


Now I was interested. Mondevici had taken my Michaela on one occassion without her permission, for she was always faithful to me, only when I tried to confront him then, I didn't have the strength to deal with his fireball and lightning orbing or his teleporting.

Now I did. Now I had the power. Now, I knew where Mondevici was and the necklace and my own abilities could now truly be tested, and Mondevici was one of the only beings that now caused me even an inkling towards trepidation.

Drusilla had seemed to know him as well, and she spoke of him in way that sort of made it seem as though she was impressed by his legendary lovemaking and taking ways, which only made Lindsey's offer more enticing.

He was in Cleveland. We would soon be in Cleveland.

I smiled at Drusilla, looking forward to a trip that when sharing the ncklace, we could make night or day now. "Okay, Mr. McDonald. Merry amounts of cash will be ours on a limited basis if you need us with the slayers or anything else, but Mondevici...I will erase this problem for free. The information had better be accurate, though. I take being toyed with in a most violent manner."

[Open for Drusilla, Kennedy and Lindsey]
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