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On the bed with Faith.

We had been vanquished to Vegas; all four of us. Gunn and Giles had gone somewhere else and Faith and I, well we were on her hotel bed at the casino, trading stories and it was nice.

This was why I was here. It might not have been the only reason that I was here, and I know that both she and I wanted to go back to Cleveland, but it was becoming more clear to me, as if God had programmd my soul to make things more and more clear to me as time went on.

It occurred to me that I needed to know more about Faith then what she had just told me. I wasn't sure, but as much as of course, my past had been troubled, and littered with murders, I knew that there was a reason that God wanted me by her side.

I wasn't feeling any bad feelings, any burning soul, for being so close to her, so very close and attracted to her, but I had to know her, all about her, and I didn't want to do it in any kind of way that would appear to be overly aggressive, so I would share stories with her, but I just knew that there were things in her past; I could somehow sense it, that would be difficult for her to talk about, even though she seemed refreshingly like somebody who would discuss anything with ease.

I would give if she would and even if she didn't.

First, I had to find out about Spike, and everything in Sunnydale. I knew a little something about dying and coming back, but this Spike had seemingly wore some necklace, if I had her story right, and had helped saved the world and had still come back, and that was something that I aspired to do. That vampire, Spike, had given up the ultimate and whil dying again wasn't on my list of priorities, I respected it and like everything concerning Faith, I had to know what had happened.

"If this Spike pup gave it up to save everyone, to help all of you in Sunnydale, then how is he back? How did he come back?"

I moved just a little bit closer to her, subtly.
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