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There they are. All three of them.

I had left Willow and Fred back at their room. They hadn't been lying. I would have known if they were and would have pushed some butons to find out what I needed, but I could tell that neither of them had any idea where Dawn was, which led me to believe that she had found Buffy and Spike...that evil piece of trash.

I wasn't really looking forward to intimidating two women who had been through as much as they had, anyway, so it was for the best.

As I made my way out of the hotel, I his as Riley and some other small guy were helping Wesley out of a van. Wesley didn't look very good, but he had survived the spill that I had forced upon him, which was annoying, but I didn't want to kill him, or even Riley.

They weren't evil demons like Spike or my cowardly running father, but if they were to get in my way when it came to Dawn again, I wouldn't show them even a minute of mercy. I had taken it easy on Wesley last time, when I should have pummeled him for hitting me with the butt of a gun and for holding the gun on me in the first place.

They were going to see Willow and Fred, who had to already know that I was back to my real self, the person that I was, and not some stupid nice kid, agreeing with everyone and listening to my murdering father.

I almost wanted to see the reaction at the hotel. It almost made me want to scale the walls and look in on them. I didn't want to hurt Fred or Willow, but come on, it was going to be funny to watch their reactiosn to see their reactions to the bruises on Riley and Wesley's faces.

I wanted to, but I couldn't. I had to find Dawn. She was definitely with Buffy and Spike and getting her away from them was going to be interesting.

I bounded down an alley and found a stake. It was sharp and would be more then effective enough to rid this place of the demon scum that was Spike. I could do it quickly and then only have to deal with little miss super sister. From fighting with Faith, I realized somethings, adjusted and knew what I would need to get by her.

Injuring her without killing her and taking Dawn some place where they would never find us. I eard voices as I turned a corner and I heard the unmistakable English accent of Spike, and all of his bloody and buggering phrases.

Stupid. They were talking about Willow and Fred. They were going to the hotel!

I leapt up to an abutment of a warehouse and then climbed the walls, up to the roof, away from the nostrils of the vampire, seeing all three of them. Seeing Dawn. She was so beautiful. I could get her away without anyone even knowing, if I played my cards right.

{Open for Spike, Buffy and Dawn}
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Bloody walking around in vain.

Had to be an easier way to find Will and the cute Fred girl that Angel had violated.

Tried not to think about that, especially standing next to Buffy, and that one time in the bedroom.

Tortured my soul more then killing either slayer that I did, that. Walked around a corner and I could detect a scent. Kept my eye on Dawn, not that Buffy was going to let her get more then a sodding step or two away.

Bloody big hotel of the swankish variety straight ahead, is that the one, niblet? Saw her nod, and that was a good thing, but what hen?

Had to find Angel's boy before he did something else to somebody that we loved, although the niblet hadn't really gone fully into the bugaboo about what little Connor had put her through.

"Think that Angel's boy would hurt Will or Fred, Dawn? You are the one that saw him?"

As per sodding normal, standing one body away from Buffy, I just wanted her to be able to rest, and me be there next to her, holding her, but couldn't because crazy son's and gunmen and slayers of the bloody potential variety were dying.
I was waiting with anticipation all the way down to the ends of my nerves. All logic and reason were abandoned as I watched closely at Dawn. I knew that Connor would be back for her, and I wasn't going to be letting her out of my sight any time soon, much less arms length.

I was aware that this was Angel's son, and that he was apperantly 'good' but I hadn't had any proof of that yet, and since he chose to hurt my family, AGAIN, then I was pretty convinced that he went just over the edge. I was starting to think that maybe bringing Dawn here wasn't the best of ideas. Stopping him was going to be the easy part, stopping me was a completely different story.

I wasn't listening to what they were conversing about. All I saw was the hotel, and possibly more evidence as to where Connor was. I didn't know what had gotten into him, and at this point, I didn't care. Dawn was so shaken up with what he had done to her, and for the cherry finish, she watched a lot fo her friends get killed.

My pace quickenend toward the door of the hotel.
"I- I don't know Spike," I said, then thought about it a little more. "I don't think so. He was just, he was all about hurting the demons and dusting the vampires, and I don't know he was... its like..." I had told how I always felt left out. Told him how I wanted to learn. But I never thought he would take it that far.

"Don't think he would hurt them, but if you want to find him, I'd suggest you follow the trail of dead demons."

I really hoped Riley was okay, and- and Wesley too. And... and Connor. I really hoped that. I followed close, trying to figure out what had happened. How and why Connor had changed. Maybe it had been something I said to him, or didn't say, or did, or... god I didn't know.

And I wanted him to be okay, just as much as I hoped that everyone else was. I didn't know what to think anymore. My mind was simply filled too much at the moment, it almost felt as if though my senses were going into overload.

I just wished that somehow things... things went back to normal, that somehow things went back to the way they had been. But I didn't know if that could be possible at all. Not after everything that had happened.
I leapt from rooftop to rooftop. This was what I was made for.

If any demons were to come at me now, I could kill the and still know exactly where Dawn and the other two were heading, but I hd different plans, and on rooftops, demons didn't exactly hang around.

The filthy demons, like the peroxided vampire, the disgusting fiend, liked to hang around in alleys.

I jumped down and foundmyself near the hotel, just as Spike, Buffy and my girl entered. They were keeping her away from me and I didn't appreciate it.

I wouldn't hurt Buffy, if I didn't have to. She was a huma, even though she was a pain in the ass to my girl, but Spike, ell, the dirty demon was another matter.

I could actually feel, taste the stake going through his heart.

As they went in, they were careless, and left Dawn to go in last.

For now, I had just had to get away with her. I could kill Spike another time. They were careless, and I took the advantage, grabbing her and hading away from the hotel door, her in my arms, screaming, I went back over to the rooftop and leapt up.
One sodding minute, we were talking, Buffy preoccupied, Dawn telling me about everything, the niblet's heart really broken, and after we entered the bleeding hotel, didn't hear her anymore, until I turned, looked at Buffy and then heard Dawn screaming.

Bloody bastard had taken her and was now heading away, all the while, little niblet was screaming.

Didn't wait as I charged out of the door, sprinting towards them, as Connor, with her in hand, soared up to the roof, but it was nothing that Buffy and I couldn't do and we weren't carrying a girl in our arms.

Couldn't figure out why Connor just wantd her so bad, but wasn't guessing it was to shower her with flowers and chocolates, so had to stop him.

Leapt onto the roof, my anger sodding immense, Buffy following, but even with my vision, the niblet and Angel's soon to be very pummeled son were gone.

"Where the bloody hell did they go?"

Sprinted towards the end to look into the alley on all sides. Where in the bleeding hell were they?
{{Moving to the Rory post.....Rory, Dawn, Connor, Cordy, Angel, Buffy and Spike order}}