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Willow, at long last.

Driving back into Los Angeles, and back to Angel's hotel, which was weird, because Angel wasn't there because he had turned into his bad self again and had done some evil things, including to Willow, who had been on my mind since probably Denver, after parting ways with Julianna; I drive down the road and see one guy helping another.

The Los Angeles streets had cost me my friends and my band, so I was immediately sort of tempted to just mozy along. A Sunnydale development made me think that it could be one vampire carrying another, just to get me to stop.

Okay, that had been a random thought, but it was possible, and yet, I couldn't help but slow down and see a familiar face, and then see that cette familiar face was helping somebody else with another familiar face.

It was Riley, who had been rumored to be seeing the woman that I really wanted to see, and of all people, Wesley?

I would have thought that after graduation, that Wesley would be back in England doing......doing whatever they do there, but he was here too.

I stopped, let Riley know that he was safe, and then he realized that it was me, and yeah, awkward because of Willow, but he didn't know that, so he helped Wesley into my van.

In minutes, Wesley had awakened and I learned...what did I learn...oh yeah, that Angel had a son and now he was crazy. It must have ran in the family, or something.

I didn't hold it against Angel, though, even if he had hurt Willow. He had done more then his share of good and I was'nt exactly free and clean of killing somebody in my time.

I probed about Riley and Willow, kinda subtly, kinda not, jealousy wasn't really my thing, so it could have came off bad. Then, they decided that they should go to Willow and somebody named Fred, who I found to be a female, and it made me smile, although not about why they were going there....because Angel's apparently crazy son might be ging to them.

We pulled up to the hotel and I did sort of wonder what we would do if Angel's apparently crazy and really strong son showed up, but it didn't matter to me, as long as we were going to see Willow.

We sort of helped Wesley out of the van, even though he realy didn't want it, and entered the hotel, heading towards the elevator.

[Open to Wesley, Riley, Willow and Fred]
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