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Real gamblin' Vegas style.

That Mondevici demon was more formidable then we thought. When we had first met him, he just seemed like some muscled pretty boy who could handle himself when he took out those demons at the hellmouth.

Then, he teleports us and leaves us here in Vegas and come to find that he had tried to rape Faith.

I couldn't dig that shit, even though his powers were a nice one to have. We were about to kick his ass, and then he sends us like three-quarters of the way across the country, and all five of us, too. Me, Giles, faith, this other, new souled vamp, Justin and himself, and then, of course, he goes back home, or whereva he went.

Now, we had to fly back to Cleveland, which was gonna make me kill him even harder, because flyin' not for me, man.

What was good about it, was that now we were in Vegas and all of us, wit the exception of the new souled vamp, of course, were tired and Faith was gonna go to bad, while Giles and I both thought that some drinks and gamblin'were good things until we went back to Cleveland, which when it happened, I was gettin' knocked out, or somethin', because the last flight, wow, almost killed me, man.

How the hell anyone can deal with turbulence, is a big mystery to me.

Giles and I strolled into the casino, or in his case, especially, limped. We had been through some serious shit, an I was givin' Giles one drink tops, before he passed out, but not me.

I was tired, beaten, and didn't really feel like stakin' any vamps on the streets, especially, but gamblin' and drinkin' for four hours, I could do.

Oh yeah, and I had the feelin' that I had to check on Faith, who's room turned out to be right next to the vamps, and souled vamps and slaya's...just weird, man.

I might get my ass kicked for tryin', but hell, somethin' bothered me about that. Faith was kind of hot.

Giles gathered some chips right after I did, and he called the waiter over and not me. "Poker table, Giles?"

I was down for some serious Texas holdem.

[Open to Giles]
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