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Sounding too much like a demon.

I had saved Brandi, Heather's friends life, from a vampire attack on the beach, and staked the evil vampire, and then checked things out at the beach party to make sure that there would be no more attacks.

The coast was clear, there, but it wasn't with Heather. Brandi had left, driving drunk, against my pleadings, probably because she had seen what I was too, and I had the impression that it didn't make Heather happy.

She was drunk, of course, and I was working my way there, now, with a bottle of Stoli in hand, but she had seemed very stand-offish, and that bothered me intensely.

Then, as I tried to explain to her that vampires existed and that I wasone, but that I wasn't evil like virtually all of the others of my kind and that I would never be, she said the sweetst thing to me and I realized that she was right.

She had said that I had saved her friend and that she thought that I was sweet and not evil and that I was focusing more on the fact that I was a vampire then she was.

And, it was true. I wanted her so badly, I had changed because of one girl and I wanted her to know that so badly, that I had been making up excuses for me being what I was and I had no control over that. Like every other vampire, almost, I was made a demon against my will, by a female vampire that wanted me for sex and still, three hundred years later, I was trying to justify my existence to this splendid girl before me, when all that I had to do was be myself.

I knew what I was. I knew that I was a soulless demon who didn't feed on his own volition, off of humans and it took her pointing it out to me, in her kitchen, to make me realize it again.

"You're right, Heather. I am focusing on it more then you. I just want you to like me and not fear me and I wanted to be honest with you, because if my heart did beat, you would own it..."

Being embarrassed wasn't like me either, but my pale skin did turn a little red at the moment, as I looked to the floor, and then back up at her.

"Thank you for being you, Heather."

((Heather, dahling))
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