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An upscale hotel?

Cordy and I had gotten off of the plane, desperate to save Connor and to get a car to speed up the process. We needed to stop Connor and figure out why his anger was so intense again.

In searching for a car, I thought that I needed to stake a vampire along the way, because leting two girls out at the airport, was somebody older hen me and whom I had known for a very long time and as far as scary vampires went, he would be one of the few that I would actually rank.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, he had divulged that he had become ensouled and it was true, I could sense it, but I wasn't sure if I believed his story about how he had gotten his soul; meetings with the one and only God, and the like.

Still, we drove in the car he had, towards the Hyperion, figuirng that it was the best place to start looking for my son. I couldn't get over how surreal this was. My desperation to get to Connor was high, I was heading towards a hotel where the woman that I raped and another woman that I had nearly sired were, and in the backseat, was a vampire who had along with another, Fangdan, wreaked havoc all over England and other parts of Europe for centuries.

The only good thing that I had going for me was the woman to my right, clutching my hand as I took a corner too fast.

Andrew had mentioned that he might go back to Willow and Fred, because he remembered hearing that Dawn had been with them at some upscale hotel. I believed Andrew, but there were dozens of upscale motels and we were basically left looking for Connor on the streets.

"Cordy, what are some of the upscale hotels around here?" I clutched her hand, and smiled for her, having to stop a a light, which pissed me off, but I didn't show it.

We didn't have time for this.

(Cordy and Rory)
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