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Worried Faces

After a sinful amount of chocolate and some girl talk with Willow, I really began to feel better. I almost felt normal for once, I felt as if though this great huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I could finally breathe easy since... Still, there were little reminders of what had happened, small things that still made me think about what had happened to me. I still felt sore and- I still had the bruises that constantly reminded me that I had been raped, and not by some stranger, but by the one person I trusted the most. Someone who I cared... for.

Peeling the last piece of chocolate I smiled at Willow. She was really strong and she was really brave. She knew so much about a lot of things and she was really sweet. I was glad that she was here with me. Not only because I really didn't want to be alone, but because she and I had really become close friends. We both shared so much in common... I could almost see myself in her.

Looking at the clock I began to worry a little. It had been a while since Wesley and Riley had left to look for Connor and Dawn. And, they hadn’t called with any news. I had tried not to worry, but it was almost impossible now. It was getting late, and anything could have happened to them.

I felt so helpless, just sitting here doing nothing. I was still in no condition to be out walking around L.A by myself or at all, especially at this time, and Willow, well, she wasn't really going anywhere without a wheelchair. And I wasn't going to let her go off on her own either and I had an idea that she wouldn't let me leave this place either.

Still, I worried. I wished Wesley would call, or Riley. And tell if they had found Connor and Dawn. Something in the pit of my stomach told me that things weren't quite right. And I really hated feeling that way. I looked at the clock again, and I was sure that by this time, with the look of worry in my face, Willow was probably feeling the same way.

I didn't way anything for the longest time because, well... I just didn't want to think about all the different scenarios that could possibly be happening right about now. It was the problem of being such a science nerd... the scenarios, the different possibilities, and the different outcomes of the same problem.

Finally, though, my worries got the best of me and I couldn't hold them in any longer.

"You know... it's been a while since Wesley and Riley left. Do you think they're okay? I mean, they should have called by now, don't you think?" I crossed my arms and leaned up against the bed post before continuing. "Maybe something happened? Or, maybe they didn't take their cell phones? Do you think they’re okay?"

[[Open to Willow and later to Connor... and everyone else that wants to hop in this post]]
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